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In The World—February 12, 2017

By Melissa Wuske Returning Home to Iraq Residents of the Christian town of Keramlis, Iraq have begun to return home for the first time since ISIS took over their village two years ago, forcing people to flee rather than face “rape and murder of women and children, slaughter of the elderly,” and more, according to […]

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In The World—February 5, 2017

By Melissa Wuske Unexpected Star Under the Friday Night Lights Noah Kennedy has struggled with severe health problems his whole life. “When I was younger, my mom was told that I wouldn’t make it past my second birthday. Then she was told that I wouldn’t live past 4, then 8, then 13, and then 16. […]

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In The World—January 29, 2017

By Melissa Wuske Fighting Malnutrition The World Food Programme (WFP) is struggling to meet the needs of the food crisis in Yemen. The lack of food is caused by the economic impact of conflict within the nation. “Hunger is increasing every day, and people have exhausted all their survival strategies. Millions of people cannot survive […]


In The World—January 22, 2017

By Melissa Wuske Christian Beliefs and Body Image Does what the Bible says change the way Christians view their bodies or how they respond to cultural messages about body images? Researchers at Biola University wanted to find out. Through surveys with evangelical and mainline Protestants ages 18-80, the study concluded: “The belief that one’s body […]


In The World—January 15, 2017

By Melissa Wuske World Relief Resettles a Record Number of Refugees World Relief, along with 1,180 churches, provided assistance to nearly 10,000 refugees in 2016, which was its largest caseload since 1999. According to the 1980 Refugee Act, the President sets an annual goal for refugee resettlement, and President Obama’s plan for 2017, set last […]