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Honesty, Integrity, and Sweat!

By Michael P. Murphy There was a reason why Jesus, weary from the day’s journey, chose to sit and rest beside Jacob’s well while his disciples ran errands in a Gentile community—he wanted to connect with those who had yet to hear the good news. That same purpose is a big reason why there is […]


The Marginalized Among Us

By Michael P. Murphy Imagine you live in a 1,200-square-foot home with more than 20 family members. Bad things happen here—rape, incest, alcoholism, drug abuse. Life expectancy is only around 45-50 years. The young may very well be part of a gang, and we’re talking Crips and Bloods. Add the hopelessness of endless poverty, and […]

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The Art of Senior Fellowship

By Michael P. Murphy It’s called the Saguaro Club, an active Christian fellowship of seniors at Chaparral Christian Church in Scottsdale, Arizona. Make that very active. When this group was formed in 1983, five married couples had the youth and vision to lead it. Neil and Marilyn Litzenberger were invited to participate as sponsors, but […]