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Ready or Not, Here He Comes

By Monica Cane Five years before we ever conceived our son, I began praying for him. Not only did I pray for his safe arrival, but I prayed for every aspect of his life spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. My prayers included things such as his first step, his manner of speech, peace and wisdom during […]


Using Our Ears for God’s Good

By Monica Cane I knew I was officially grown up when my aunt Gladys from New York called to say she was planning a visit to California with her friend Roseanne and wanted to know if they could spend a few nights with me and my family. For years, Aunt Gladys would travel across country […]

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Serving God in the Ring

By Monica Cane When Richard Perez was in his early 30s, he sensed a message from God, telling him that he needed to change the harmful direction of his life or he would find his kids were no longer a part of his life. This shook Richard, yet he found it difficult to comply. He […]