A Gentleman with Agreeable Answers

By Nancy Hoag My husband is both a gentleman and a gentle man who puts the needs of others before his own. But his calming kindness with me and with our children—as well as with our friends and neighbors—does not mean Scotty suffers from a weakness. Nor does it suggest he’s at a disadvantage when […]

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Joy at Grandma’s House

By Nancy Hoag Some say childhood disappears quickly and never returns, but I call mine back when I remember Grandma. I’m playing in her big yard, setting her drop-leaf table, reading Laplander tales, or listening to Bible stories. Come suppertime, Grandma even trusted me to go down into Grandpa’s cellar for cherry preserves and watermelon […]

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For This Family, We Give Thanks

By Nancy Hoag My husband and I had been longing for a holiday around the table with our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and siblings, but this would be yet another Thanksgiving with none of our family within driving distance. More than once, even the joy of being surrounded by neighbors and colleagues had sufficed, but […]

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Only the Stepfather

By Nancy Hoag I was a single mother waiting tables, delivering newspapers, raising my little girl, and attending college when I met a bachelor cowboy who, within days, was taking me and my 10-year-old fishing and horseback riding. Not long after we met, he also voluntarily drove my daughter to school when my schedule made […]

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When I Stopped Saying Yes

By Nancy Hoag   Setting boundaries may sound simple enough on paper, but what if it’s a family member insisting on more of your time than you can part with? Something has to give. For me, both my emotional and physical health became endangered. I ended up in the emergency room where I overheard the […]