Many Ways to the Manger

By Nicole R. Pramik The story of Christ’s birth has a rather diverse cast, from his earthly parents, to a host of angels, to some simple shepherds, and a group of Magi. Yet while we casually mention them in song, the shepherds and the Magi are actually pivotal figures as some of the first persons […]


Confessions of an Impulsive Shopper

By Nicole R. Pramik Shopping has evolved into a pastime. Can you relate? Impulsive shopping involves making a purchase based on a deep-seated feeling that you simply must have it, resulting in a sense of euphoria that comes from making the purchase. But when the newness wears off, the cycle continues. Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic observed […]

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Beyond the Looking Glass

By Nicole R. Pramik “In me she has drowned a young girl, and in me an old woman rises toward her day after day,” Sylvia Plath once mused in her poem “Mirror,” as she describes the power of the looking glass. But mirrors are not the only things that can manipulate our perception of physical […]

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Listening with Open Ears

By Nicole R. Pramik While Christians are called to be different from the world, we have to be familiar with the culture we live in if we want to make an impact for Christ. We should strive to be as aware of our culture as we are of Scripture so we can communicate Christ’s truth […]