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I Know Who Holds the Future

By Patricia Ennis A new year is rapidly approaching and with it the opportunity to deepen your relationship with your heavenly Father by trusting your future to him. Are you viewing 2015 through the binoculars of the media or the Word of God? The media reports that, among other things, family values are crumbling, lawlessness […]

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Combat Cuisine

By Patricia Ennis   I once had a minister who consistently stated, “No Bible, no breakfast!” As a certified Family and Consumer Scientist, I knew that breakfast was the most important meal of the day—failing to start the day without the proper nutrients was a sure way to set myself up for reduced productivity.  I […]

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Run to the Roar

By Patricia Ennis   If you walk into a room and the conversation stops, what is your assumption? Would your response be concern that they were talking about you? Would your reflex reaction be fear of rejection? Or would you trust in your heavenly Father who loves you unconditionally and promises to give you peace […]