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Restore the Wonder of John 3:16

By Rebecca Landry Most people reading this live in a place with easy access to Scripture and Christian fellowship. In addition, many may have been raised in a Christian home or have known Jesus and God’s Word for years. This is a good thing. Spiritual depth and constancy are beautiful. But there is also danger […]

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How Do You Feel About Your Body?

By Rebecca Landry She glanced at the photo we had taken and critiqued her own “saggy arms” and “wrinkled face.” She quickly added, “I promise I’m not vain; I can’t even stand to look in the mirror!” Rather than convince me that she was not pridefully obsessed with herself, her comment served to convince me […]

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A Message for My Would-Be Grandparents

By Rebecca Landry Last summer I spent five weeks in Spain. Within a couple weeks of returning to U.S. soil, I was at my grandfather’s funeral. My whole family stood in a single file receiving line, filling half of the aisle of the beautiful church and saying “hello” and “thank you” to everyone who came […]

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The Glory of Insignificance

By Rebecca Landry Kids have a way of saying things that requires something of you. They state things in such a way that seems simple; but when we listen, there’s such truth hidden in their words, and that truth is begging to be discovered. Just to See You My job involves a lot of things […]