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Forgiven and Free

By Robin Stanley “If I’m not perfect, what am I?” I repeated the question she wanted me to ask myself—and with hesitation responded, “Imperfect?” The counselor nodded, her head cocked to one side, her eyebrows raised. Her body language coached me to keep trying in an “OK, and . . .” kind of way. Suddenly […]


The Lesson and Life for September 27, 2015

By Robin Stanley “Stephen, a man full of God’s grace and power, did great wonders and miraculous signs among the people” (Acts 6:8). And opposition arose. Of course it did. Stephen was engaged in a dangerous battle. He’s not alone. Dangerous Territory Mark and Tania Rich had no idea they were living in such danger. […]


The Lesson and Life for September 20, 2015

By Robin Stanley Standing up for something you believe in is never easy. It requires more than you might believe of yourself. But, as we see through the testimony of the apostles and others, a single voice willing to amplify God’s voice, no matter the cost, empowers the weak and strengthens the community. Open Your […]

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The Lesson and Life for September 13, 2015

By Robin Stanley Have you ever been the recipient of a gracious, unearned gift simply because you had need? I have, many times over. One of the most memorable came from a stranger, the owner of a moving company. Nothing You Have Is Yours “Miss Stanley, I’m sending four men instructed to finish packing, wrapping, […]

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The Lesson and Life for September 6, 2015

By Robin Stanley Are you ready to respond as Peter did to the needs around you? Don’t think you can? feeling afraid? leaving that to someone else? Been there.  Gather for Worship & Prayer From the time we arrived in Lagos, Nigeria, our team encountered the effects of deep cultural differences and the strongholds of […]