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Protect Kids from the Occult

By Ruth O’Neil   Not everyone agrees with me on what I allowed or did not allow my children to watch, hear, or read over the years. Not everyone will agree with you either. We make decisions to protect our kids and also to help them be wise about making their own choices.  Unfortunately many […]

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Sacrificial Lambs

 Ruth O’Neil   When you read through the Bible, you probably notice new things you never saw before with each trip through the Scriptures. Reading through different versions of the Bible can also help open your eyes to new things. You might be surprised at what jumps out at you, depending on your own circumstances […]

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Forgiving the Unrepentant

By Ruth O’Neil   Many families have at least one member who seems to be a thorn in everyone’s flesh. Kyle’s family had one: his older brother.  When Kyle was very young, his brother taught him several inappropriate words. When Kyle repeated them, his brother told their father so that Kyle would be punished. When […]