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In The World—October 18, 2015

By Melissa Wuske Young Believers’ Stance on the Same-Sex Marriage Decision Christian communities continue to grapple with the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage—what it means for their faith and the way they interact with their communities. This struggle is particularly pronounced in Christians under age 40, according to a Barna Research Group study. Of […]

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In the World — November 24, 2013

By Christy Barritt   Americans’ View on Same-Sex Marriage Shifts  In 2006, sociologists at Rice University polled 1,300 adults randomly, asking them, “The only legal marriage should be between one man and one woman. Do you agree, neither agree nor disagree, or disagree?” Six years later, researchers conducted the same poll among a similar group […]

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In the World — November 17, 2013

By Christy Barritt   Permits for Baptisms? This summer, the National Park Service began enforcing a policy in Missouri that required churches to obtain special use permits in order to baptize in public waters. They also mandated that churches give the NPS 48 hours advance notice of pending baptisms. The NPS informed churches in the […]

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In the World — August 12, 2012

By Christy Barritt   Americans Overworked A new study by the nonprofit Families and Work Institute showed that one in three American employees is chronically overworked. When the study was taken, 54 percent of American employees had felt overwhelmed at some point in the previous month by the amount of work they had to complete. […]

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In the World — August 5, 2012

By Christy Barritt   Pro-Choice Americans at Record Low According to a new Gallup poll, half of all Americans identify themselves as “pro-life” on abortion.  Only 41 percent consider themselves “pro-choice,” a record low since Gallup began the poll. When Gallup first asked the question in 1995, 56 percent of Americans identified themselves as pro-choice […]