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Confront or Don’t Confront?

By Sandi Brown   In the days my husband and I were in Bible college, I imagined what the life of a minister’s family would be like. I had grandiose expectations of how we would interact with our congregation. I was sure that the people would look up to us and would naturally take the […]

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To Work or Not to Work?

By Sandi Brown   When I was a little girl, I pictured myself being the type of mom who would homeschool her kids. I thought I would be the mom who would have warm, fresh-baked cookies ready for them when they came inside from playing. I imagined that I would play all day with them […]

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Protecting Your Marriage from Divorce

By Sandi Brown   The word divorce may seem foreign to most happily married couples. But it can stir up feelings of fear and apprehension in some marriages. It’s a word that speaks of change—often unwanted change. Couples don’t marry expecting to get divorced. Further, divorce shouldn’t be a couple’s focus, especially if they want […]

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Making Sense of Mother’s Day

By Sandi Brown   Mother’s Day. The mere thought of the day approaching sent me into a deep state of depression. Mother’s Day meant going to church and seeing the flurry of activity as mothers were dressed in their best outfits for the day that honored them. They would gush over the gifts their children […]