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It May Be an Idol if . . .

By Sandy Quandt   Some people make idols, but they are worth nothing. People treasure them, but they are useless (Isaiah 44:9, New Century Version).   God made it perfectly clear how he feels about anything we place before him in our lives. When he gave Moses the first commandment on Mount Sinai (Exodus 20), […]


A Pit of Despair

By Sandy Quandt   The next time you are tempted to tell your spouse, relative, or friend to “snap out of it” when you believe he’s a bit too moody or melancholy, stop a moment. The behaviors you notice may be more than a case of the blahs. He may be battling depression. Though some […]


The Privilege of Prayer

By Sandy Quandt Prayer is a privilege. We should not take it lightly, nor should we neglect it. Prayer is a tool. It is used to take our praises, requests, thanksgiving, and repentance before the throne of God. Prayer is a lifestyle. It should become as natural to us as breathing. Prayer Is a Privilege […]