The Lesson and Life — February 12, 2012

By Shane Lockard  A little boy prayed, “How Father, who does art in Heaven, Harold is his name.” Sometimes people get mixed up about who God really is. Thankfully, God never misunderstands who we are. If we’ve committed our lives to him, the Bible says we are God’s children. Paul said, “You are no longer […]

The Lesson and Life–February 5, 2012

By Shane Lockard    “Father Abraham had many sons; and many sons had Father Abraham.” I always enjoy watching the kids at church sing this popular song, adding in the various movements of the arms, legs, and head. But it’s more than just a cute children’s song. It’s a truth Paul mentions in Galatians 3. […]

The Lesson and Life — January 29, 2012

By Shane Lockard   Rule keeping. We’re conditioned to think that to gain anything in life, you must give. To get a paycheck, you must work your 40 hours. To enjoy a retirement fund later, you must put something in now. To receive a trophy, an athlete must compete. This thinking even creeps into the […]