The Lesson and Life — for October 28, 2012

By Sheila S. Hudson   Roy Weese, campus minister at the University of Missouri–Columbia, was one of the godliest men I’ve ever known. Roy possessed a knack for converting any conversation or situation into an opportunity to share the gospel. Whether he received too much change from a cashier or picked up a hitchhiker, Roy […]

The Lesson and Life — for October 21, 2012

By Sheila S. Hudson     My husband, Tim, is an expert on the occult. People who once practiced the black arts (witchcraft, Satanism, and the like) confessed that the major attraction is attaining prosperity, prestige, and power. When these souls are converted, they realize no amount of money, fame, or control will grant peace, […]

The Lesson and Life — for October 14, 2012

By Sheila S. Hudson   Forty-four years ago, I uttered “until death we do part.” I had no idea what that vow meant. I didn’t anticipate the saints God would bring into my life to help me navigate through the waters of matrimony and ministry. What they would teach me is that people don’t change, […]

The Lesson and Life — for October 7

By Sheila S. Hudson   Sports enthusiasts are familiar with the phrase, “The best defense is a good offense.” Jack Dempsey, a famous pugilist, recoined the quote to mean, “Take your opponent out before he takes you out.” Mr. Dempsey made it a practice to study and know his opponent.   Know Your Audience Often […]