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A New Season

By Steve Yeaton The son is ready—the father, not so much. The son eagerly anticipates what’s coming—the father is resigned to it. The son’s head is full of dreams—the father’s is full of memories. The son wonders what’s taking so long—the father wonders how it’s gone so fast. As much as the father may want […]

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Being the Church—Together

By Steve Yeaton He didn’t like the change made in the way our church serves communion. Since the beginning of the church’s ministry, the servers had always taken their communion up front before distributing it to the congregation. But a change had been made and no longer do they take it in view of the […]

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Four Ways to Encourage Your Preacher

By Steve Yeaton   Yes, the title of this article is a blatant rip-off of a popular recurring column in Reader’s Digest. For example, in “13+ Things TV Chefs Won’t Tell You,” we’re told that garnish makes anything look better. Really? I think melted cheese does the trick. Anyway, I’m fairly certain Reader’s Digest has […]

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America Needs Christianity

By Steve Yeaton   On Thursday night, February 28, 2013, Jeff Bush of Seffner, Florida was lying in his bed when he and his bedroom suddenly disappeared into a sinkhole that had formed beneath the home. Attempts to recover his body proved unsuccessful. While sinkholes, as a geological reality, may be mostly limited to Florida, […]