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Five Values for Maturity

By Terry Magee Both skills and character values are important to help our children or grandchildren mature. Skills are beneficial for everyday living, from tying shoes to managing a checkbook. We can also train our children in academic and intellectual areas to supplement their schooling and help them prepare for a vocation. Also God instituted […]

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Plan Now for a Fruitful Future

By Terry Magee Those of us in middle age can feel sandwiched between caring for aging parents and continuing to give attention to our children. These responsibilities are piled atop our current demands emanating from work, church, and other regular commitments. Our workload now can make us lose sight of what we will be doing […]


Threefold Peace

By Terry Magee Peace. Everyone claims they are seeking it, yet it remains elusive. We pray for peace in our country as we hear more stories of violence. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem, even as the region remains embroiled in conflict and steadily heightened tensions. World leaders claim to be working for peace […]

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The Olympic Spirit Under Attack

By Terry Magee How would you respond if you thought you had won a contest, only to have victory taken from you and given to the opponent? This challenge faced the 1972 U.S. men’s basketball team at the Olympics. The United States had won every gold medal, usually quite handily, ever since basketball became an […]

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When Jesus Prayed for Us

By Terry Magee Jesus prayed on many occasions, including when feeding the five thousand, before selecting his disciples, and at Gethsemane before his crucifixion. Jesus also taught on praying, both in the Sermon on the Mount and in parable form. But we received a blessing of his ongoing love when Jesus chose to pray for […]