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That’s the Holy Spirit, Son

By Tom Cash “Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit” (Galatians 5:25). When the world was simpler, when I was a rather innocent 9-year-old, I gave my life to Jesus Christ. Our minister, M. M. Scott, met me as I walked up the center aisle at the end […]


The Lesson and Life — for December 29, 2013

By Tom Cash   While preaching my first sermon about stewardship in a small country church, the former church treasurer keeled over in the pew. No pulse, no breathing. Fortunately on that particular Sunday, four nurses, a surgeon, and an anesthesiologist were worshipping with us. We called 911 and the children were dismissed to Sunday […]


The Lesson and Life — for December 22, 2014

By Tom Cash   Can I brag on our grandchildren for a moment? While ministering in Indiana, we lived 75 miles from our son’s family. On a busy December Sunday afternoon, we traveled south to attend our grandkids’ Christmas program. Because of extra obligations that day, we walked through their church doors five minutes after […]


The Lesson and Life — for December 8, 2013

By Tom Cash   On November 16, 2007 my wife and I attended the National Missionary Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. Yoon Kwon Chae from the Korean Christian Gospel Mission was preaching. He shared a personal story about the horrors of war.  Chae’s father was a minister imprisoned by the Communists at the beginning of the […]