The Lesson and Life — for August 26

By Tom Warner   Madelyn, our newest granddaughter, is just 6 months old. She’s beautiful, adorable, sweet, cute, precious, and more. Yet, she is pitifully helpless, requiring constant attention, needing someone with her, or at least nearby, every minute. Fortunately for her, everyone in her life loves giving her all that attention. But if she […]

The Lesson and Life — for August 19

By Tom Warner   In his classic book, A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23 (Zondervan, 2007), Phillip Keller recounts an occasion when he stumbled upon three of his neighbor’s sheep lying helpless under a tree, near death. Being a shepherd himself he did what any other true shepherd would have done. Hoping to save them, […]

The Lesson and Life — for August 12

By Tom Warner   Listening to a few minutes of the Huckabee Show on Sirius radio recently, I heard a discussion about why thousands of Christians in America don’t vote in the presidential election. Huckabee’s guest, Andy Andrews, said he thinks it’s because they don’t like either candidate so they don’t vote for anyone. He […]

The Lesson and Life — for August 5, 2012

By Tom Warner    “Are you kidding me? Where’s the justice in this world?” “What is this world coming to?” “Wow, not guilty? I’m shocked!” “The judicial system is a disgrace!” Such were the reactions to the long awaited verdict after hours of cross-examinations and legal proceedings related to the Casey Anthony trial last year. […]