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The Gospel of Adoption

By Tyler Edwards When I got frustrated with my sister when we were growing up, I would tell her she was adopted. At the time, I thought it was insult. I was telling her that she wasn’t really one of us. It’s funny how things change. As I have grown in my relationship with God […]


The Gift of Christmas

By Tyler Edwards Have you ever wanted something so badly it was all you could think about? You couldn’t sleep; you couldn’t eat; you couldn’t really do anything; you were just obsessed? There are things in life that captivate our attention and draw us so completely that we forget about everything else. We act like […]

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By Tyler Edwards Jesus was a man with a mission. The single most important mission in the history of the world. With such an important task on his shoulders, it would have been totally reasonable for him to focus on nothing but the completion of his ultimate mission. He had every right to ignore the […]

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Church v. Hollywood

By Tyler Edwards Oil and water—that’s Christianity and Hollywood. The two just do not appear to mix. Hollywood shapes culture. The church is supposed to transform culture. It seems like a match made in California. However, the potential opportunities for a partnership between church and Hollywood are actually endless.  Bible Movie Trend Last year something […]

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Disciple-Making Disciples

By Tyler Edwards   All living things grow. It is a natural part of life. Think of a plant. When it grows to a point of maturity, it produces seeds, which spread out and grow into new plants. God’s natural design for growth is through the process of replication. When Jesus walked the earth, he […]