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The Reality and Relevance of the Holy Spirit

By Victor Knowles Noted author and speaker W. Carl Ketcherside recalled talking far into the night with a professor of philosophy in a state university. The learned man had been raised by Christian parents, but his academic career had eroded his faith. Ketcherside observed, “This left deep furrows in his intellectual life where the rich […]

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Men of God in a Changing Culture

By Victor Knowles It’s not your grandfather’s times anymore. Ravi Zacharias recently observed, “These days it’s not just that the line between right and wrong has been made unclear, today Christians are being asked by our culture to erase the lines and move the fences, and if that were not bad enough, we are being […]


Thankfulness in Terrible Times

By Victor Knowles He was a prisoner of war, far from home in a foreign country that did not recognize the sovereignty of Almighty God. In fact, a new law had just been passed that if anyone prayed to any god or man other than the imperial king, he would be summarily executed. What was […]

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What About Hell?

By Victor Knowles Hell is firmly fixed in the volatile vocabulary of the world. You hear the word used nearly every day. Yet Hell is not so firmly fixed in the religious beliefs of Americans. A 2013 Harris Poll revealed that only 58 percent of Americans believe in Hell. That’s down from 62 percent in […]

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Disputable Matters

By Victor Knowles Opinions. We all have them. What is the best translation of the Bible? Ancient hymns or contemporary praise choruses? Should congregational prayer be led by one person or by all people praying at the same time? Narrative or expository sermons? Offering plates passed or a collection box? Who may serve communion? Who […]