Week 01 Character | Living a Life of Integrity
“Seven-year-old Zachary sat in the straight-back chair in his guidance counselor’s office. Pushing round glasses ...”
Week 01 Mission | The Uncompromising Life
“Compromise is woven throughout our lives, whether in politics, workplaces, churches, marriages, or families. We ...”
Week 01 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Fill in the blank: ...”
Week 01 Application | Living With Resolve
“In a New Year’s article called “Resolve to Stop Making Resolutions,” the humorist Dave Barry ...”
Week 01 Study | A Sincere Faith
“I keep looking for a little dirt on Daniel, but I find nothing. At some ...”
Week 01 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Matthew 1:1-17 Acts 1:1-11 Psalm 1 Genesis 1–2 Acts 1:1-11 ...”
Strong to the End
“I grew up in a small town in the Midwest and there’s a lot I ...”
Faith That Perseveres
“The Christian leaders I admire most are those who serve for decades without much encouragement. ...”
Week 02 Character | When Faith Isn’t Fashionable
“Have you ever suffered for your faith? More to the point, are you prepared to ...”
Week 02 Mission | Emerging Victoriously
“Just before I traveled to Poland last September, I came across a timely quote by ...”
Week 02 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Name a person or ...”
Week 02 Application | Even if He Does Not
“Prayers come in many forms, and so do God’s answers.  David won an impossible-looking victory over ...”
Week 02 Study | A Bold Faith
“The prophet Daniel took center stage in last week’s lesson. In this week’s lesson his ...”
Week 02 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Matthew 4:1-11 Acts 4:23-37 Psalm 7 Genesis 18–20 Genesis 18–20 Lot and his family lived ...”
Week 03 Character | What’s Holding You Back?
“Three Chinese students attend our school. They sit in classes spoken in a language they ...”
Week 03 Mission | Praying with Faith
“I think most people would pray more if it worked better for them. Shocking statement? ...”
Week 03 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Think back on a ...”
Week 03 Application | We’re Sorry
“If confession is good for the soul, why is it so hard to pray, “God, ...”
Week 03 Study | A Prayer for an Obedient Faith
“Daniel 9 contains one of the most stunning prayers in all of the Bible. It ...”
Week 03 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Matthew 5:33-48 Acts 8:1-25 Psalm 13 Genesis 31 Psalm 13 We struggle to notice the ...”
2018 Bible Reading Plan
“The 2018 Bible Reading Plan is finally here! Follow along with us week-by-week online or ...”
Week 04 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Matthew 8:1-13 Acts 11:1-18 Psalm 18:25-50 Genesis 41 Genesis 41 “I have heard it said ...”
Week 04 Character | Trust and Obey
“Jeff Loftin was active in church when he was young, but wandered from his faith ...”
Week 04 Mission | Make Disciples . . . Me?
“Its history is far reaching. Some call it a “primordial condiment,” available to humankind from ...”
Week 04 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. List some occult practices ...”
Week 04 Application | Overwhelmed, but Not Overmatched
“In chapter six of his book Daniel looks like a hero. Do you think he ...”
Week 04 Study | A Strong Faith
“Reading Daniel 7-12 is somewhat like reading Jonah 3, 4. We rarely do it. These ...”
Week 05 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Matthew 10:1-20 Acts 15:1-21 Psalm 23 Genesis 50 Genesis 50 Joseph had good reason to ...”
Week 05 Character | Words to Grow By
“Much of my adult life has been spent employed in some form of Christian ministry: ...”
Week 05 Mission | A Holy Calling
“The movie Chariots of Fire tells the story of Eric Liddel who ran for Great ...”
Week 05 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Imagine that you were ...”
Week 05 Application | Practice, Practice, Practice
“I took a lot of piano lessons when I was young, so I should be ...”
Week 05 Study | Faith Without Works Is Dead
“We conclude our three-month study of faith this month. Two lessons come from the “blue ...”
Week 06 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Matthew 12:22-37 Acts 17:16-34 Psalm 28 Exodus 13–15 Matthew 12:22-37 What does your speech say about ...”
Power Phrases of Faith
“The Bible talks a lot about faith. It defines faith: “Now faith is confidence in ...”
Achieving Our Potential
““Be all you can be.” The U.S. Army introduced this popular recruitment slogan in 1980 ...”
Week 06 Character | The Greatest of These
“Thousands if not millions of couples stand together and listen to a minister read 1 ...”
Week 06 Mission | Seasoned with Salt
“Be wise in the way you act towards outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. ...”
Week 06 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Nineteenth century American poet ...”
Week 06 Application | Those Pesky Slips of the Tongue
“According to an article in Psychology Today, most of us make between seven and 22 ...”
Week 06 Study | A Disciplined Faith
“A disciplined faith encompasses a subject that is in everyone’s mouth: the tongue. J. Wallace ...”
Week 07 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Matthew 14:22-36 Acts 20:13-38 Psalm 34 Exodus 30–31 Matthew 14:22-36 Peter was the only disciple who ...”
Week 07 Character | The Path to Greatness
“One of my favorite Christian comedians was coming to a concert hall near me. As ...”
Week 07 Mission | Where Do I Fit?
“My wife and I recently returned from a trip visiting our son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren ...”
Week 07 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Are you familiar with ...”
Week 07 Application | God’s Gazelles
“Gazelles are members of the antelope family known for their large, lustrous eyes and graceful ...”
Week 07 Study | Faithful Disciples
“Mother Teresa was known for saying, “God did not call me to be successful but ...”
Week 08 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Matthew 17:14-27 Acts 24 Psalm 39 Leviticus 5–7 Psalm 39 We all know life is short. We ...”
Week 08 Character | Train Yourself to Be Godly
“But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you ...”
Week 08 Mission | Leading Well
““What is your primary leadership role?” I ask this question at the beginning of every ...”
Week 08 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. List some of the ...”
Week 08 Application | Want to Pick a Fight?
““Fight” sounds like a strange command for Christians. Didn’t Jesus say, “Blessed are the peacemakers” ...”
Week 08 Study | The Good Fight of Faith
“The Apostle Paul used several metaphors to describe the rigor of the Christian life. He ...”
Week 09 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Matthew 20:17-34 Acts 27:27-44 Psalm 45 Leviticus 21–23 Matthew 20:17-34 When the mother of James and ...”
Week 09 Character | In Pursuit of Peace
“As I write this article the daily news is filled with updates on the fires ...”
Week 09 Mission | How to Overcome the World
“God has never asked anyone else to make the kind of sacrifice he asked of ...”
Week 09 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Take a moment to ...”
Week 09 Application | Are You Satisfied?
“Recently I heard writer-humorist Dick Wolfsie give a light-hearted talk about Jewish humor. His ethnic ...”
Week 09 Study | The Lord Will Provide
“First there was Knowing God by J. I. Packer (1993). Then there was Experiencing God ...”
Issuu Test
“ ”
From the Publisher
“Like many preachers, I have a process I go through before I step up to ...”
Week 10 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Matthew 22:1-14 Romans 2 Psalm 50 Number 5–6 Romans 2 In Romans 2:24, Paul rebuked the ...”
Obedience: A Manifestation of Love, Faith, and Worship
“What is it in my life that seems unfair or is hard, or that I ...”
Week 10 Character | Knowing God
“Religious people can fail to know God. The Jewish leaders knew the Scriptures and followed ...”
Week 10 Mission | Witnessing to Family
“At a recent Saturday morning men’s fellowship meeting, we were discussing ways to share our ...”
Week 10 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Written near the end ...”
Week 10 Application | He Looks at Everything
“The Lord gives different gifts to different people, but he bypassed me in the art ...”
Week 10 Study | There Is No God Like You
“This lesson could be brought to you by the letter “P.” The text is a ...”
Week 11 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Matthew 24:1-14 Romans 6:15-23 Psalm 56 Numbers 21–22 Numbers 21–22 In John 3:14, Jesus talked ...”
Week 11 Character | Living Gratefully
““We’re hungry,” they cried, and awoke to find bread on the ground, food they did ...”
Week 11 Mission | Jesus, a Relational Messiah
“If God came down to earth for a few years, what would he spend most ...”
Week 11 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Imagine that you have ...”
Week 11 Application | Who Will Applaud First?
“Clapping hands is a nearly universal way to express approval, honor, and celebration. Kids sing, ...”
Week 11 Study | The People Gave Thanks to God
“Giving thanks makes for a busy life. The busiest travel days in the United States ...”
Week 12 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Matthew 26:1-16 Romans 9:19-33 Psalm 62 Deuteronomy 1–3 Psalm 62 We sometimes look for rest ...”
Week 12 Character | Trying Patience
“We want our food fast—and our downloads faster. We want new smart phones and new ...”
Week 12 Mission | Unlikely Prospects
“I stood next to him in the baptistery and listened to him make his confession ...”
Week 12 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Recall a time when ...”
Week 12 Application | Navigating Through the Heavy Traffic
“My wife and I traveled to Israel 18 years ago, and during our return visit ...”
Week 12 Study | Keep My Statutes and Ordinances
“Praise should not be divorced from obedience. To praise God and then not obey God ...”
Week 13 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Matthew 27:27-44 Romans 13 Psalm 68 Deuteronomy 22–26 Psalm 68 God wants to bear our burdens ...”
Week 13 Character | Forgiveness: A Path to Greatness
“One day, Jesus walked into a conversation his 12 followers were having about who would ...”
Week 13 Mission | Easter Every Day
“Fourteen years have passed since a teenager in a Suburban sent me and my Sonoma crashing ...”
Week 13 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Easter and April Fool’s ...”
Week 13 Application | The Lord’s Surprising Presence
“Have you ever been the last to hear some big news? Maybe you took a ...”
Week 13 Study | He Has Risen
“Some historians trace the origin of April Fool’s Day to between the fourteenth and the ...”
Week 14 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Mark 1:1-8 1 Corinthians 1:1-17 Psalm 72 Joshua 1–2 Joshua 1–2 The Lord told Joshua to meditate ...”
Week 14 Character | Compassionate Christians
“The Birth of a Journey It started with a visit to the headmaster of the ...”
Week 14 Mission | A Life on Loan
“November 2002 brought many changes to my life. Following a series of weekly visits to ...”
Week 14 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. What do you think ...”
Week 14 Application | The Postscript
“It would seem natural if the Gospel of John ended with chapter 20. Couldn’t John ...”
Week 14 Study | The Risen Lord Appears
“Jesus not only had risen from the dead; he had also appeared alive many times ...”
Changed by the Resurrection
“Mary Magdalene was a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ. The Lord had cast seven demons ...”
He Is Worthy
“In the book of Revelation, John describes a vision of worship in Heaven. The angels ...”
Week 15 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Mark 2:18-28 1 Corinthians 6:1-11 Psalm 78:1-39 Joshua 15–17 Psalm 78:1-39 Older generation, are you telling ...”
Week 15 Character | Restoring a Lost Discipline
““The unexamined life is not worth living.” (Socrates) The morning meeting would be huge. A corporate ...”
Week 15 Mission | Helping Kids Grow as Disciples
“From the first moment we see our children, we’re hooked. Our hearts swell with emotions ...”
Week 15 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Think of the last ...”
Week 15 Application | No Exaggeration
“Most of us exaggerate now and then, using expressions that would be outrageous if taken ...”
Week 15 Study | Follow Me
“Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, “To follow Christ is to obey Christ.” The apostles had the privilege ...”
Week 16 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Mark 5:21-43 1 Corinthians 9:13-27 Psalm 83 Judges 4–5 1 Corinthians 9:13-27 Do you know someone who is ...”
Week 16 Character | The Purity Priority
“When I hear the word purity, I picture a teenage girl wearing a ring to ...”
Week 16 Mission | The Heart of Worship
“How do you describe the heart of a person who truly worships our Father in ...”
Week 16 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. What are some things ...”
Week 16 Application | Lay Down Your Crown
“The New Testament uses two different Greek words translated “crown.” The jeweled royal head-covering of ...”
Week 16 Study | The Lord God Almighty
“Randy Harris teaches at Abilene Christian University. In his freshman Bible class he gives students ...”
Week 17 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Mark 7:24-37 1 Corinthians 12:14-31 Psalm 89:1-18 Judges 16 1 Corinthians 12:14-31 Do you ever wish ...”
Week 17 Character | Everyday Submission
“In an age of permissiveness, submission sounds like an antiquated idea that even many Christians ...”
Week 17 Mission | My Lord and My God
“John wrote in his Gospel that after the resurrection, Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdalene ...”
Week 17 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. If you were to ...”
Week 17 Application | When Heaven Breaks Loose
“A friend of mine who owns a thriving business faced an unexpected crisis when a ...”
Week 17 Study | Blessing, Glory, Honor Forever
“In this month of lessons, we have learned that God is “acknowledged” by the resurrection ...”
A Foundation for Personal Growth
“Good things have been happening in the church over the last several decades. We’ve seen ...”
And Down the Stretch They Come!
“Elliott Walden is a successful thoroughbred racehorse trainer. He’s the president and CEO of racing ...”
Week 18 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Mark 9:1-13 1 Corinthians 15:29-58 Psalm 93 Ruth 2–3 Ruth 2–3 When we are consistently kind, hard ...”
Week 18 Character | Overflowing Generosity
“Jesus, the apostles, and the early church often taught about and demonstrated how to live ...”
Week 18 Mission | Leaving a Lasting Legacy
“Jonathan Edwards married Sarah Pierrepont on July 28, 1727. Jonathan and Sarah were as different ...”
Week 18 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. List three or four ...”
Week 18 Application | A Formula for Generous Living
“A wise person said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make ...”
Week 18 Study | Giving from a Generous Heart
“One of the best ways to acknowledge God (quarterly theme) and give praise to God ...”
Week 19 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Mark 11:1-11 2 Corinthians 4 Psalm 99 1 Samuel 11–13 1 Samuel 11–13 Is it a sin ...”
Week 19 Character | The Christian’s Guide to Joyful Living
“ My soul shall be joyful in the Lord (Psalm 35:9, King James Version). Have you ever ...”
Week 19 Mission | Vanilla Church
“One of the more positive byproducts of the information age is the relentless pursuit of ...”
Week 19 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. How many phrases can ...”
Week 19 Application | God Comes First
“Nothing tests a person’s priorities more than an empty stomach. A severe drought plagued Israel, but ...”
Week 19 Study | Bringing Firstfruits
“Our laughter and our tears display our hearts, but our calendars and checkbooks display our ...”
Week 20 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Mark 12:35-44 2 Corinthians 10 Psalm 105 1 Samuel 24–25 2 Corinthians 10 When you take something ...”
Week 20 Character | Fueling Our Desire for God
“Why did Jesus fast? When Jesus joined John in the wilderness of Judea, two surprising events ...”
Week 20 Mission | Experience Sabbath Today, Everyday
“Do you feel like you never stop chasing the Sabbath? Do you often feel so ...”
Week 20 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Why do children need ...”
Week 20 Application | Once in a Lifetime
““It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!” Have you ever said those words?  I got a ticket for game ...”
Week 20 Study | Remembering with Joy
“One way to acknowledge God is to rest. Dr. John Walker has said, “A good ...”
Week 21 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Mark 14:32-42 Galatians 1 Psalm 110 2 Samuel 8–10 2 Samuel 8–10 In my children’s school, ...”
Week 21 Character | Taste and See
““Taste.” I extended a fork toward my husband. He shook his head. “No thanks.” I couldn’t blame ...”
Week 21 Mission | When the Good News Is Good News
“God’s gospel will always be good news in every place, every culture, and every time. ...”
Week 21 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Think of something at ...”
Week 21 Application | Has-Beens
“Do you ever feel like a cultural dinosaur? Do you sometimes feel obsolete, out-of-date, and ...”
Week 21 Study | Rejoicing in Restoration
“David Brymer sings, “You bring restoration; you bring restoration; you bring restoration to my soul. ...”
Week 22 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Mark 15:33-41 Galatians 5:1-12 Psalm 116 2 Samuel 20–21 Psalm 116 Have you ever talked to ...”
Week 22 Character | Mercy . . . Me?
“Mrs. Sarah was the matriarch of the church I attended as a teenager. During prayer ...”
Week 22 Mission | Loving the Lost
“Many Christians don’t seem to like non-Christians. Well, maybe it’s not that they don’t like ...”
Week 22 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Think of these two ...”
Week 22 Application | Stretch out Your Hand
“I held my mom’s hand while she took her last breath.  She died one month short ...”
Week 22 Study | Justice and Sabbath Laws
“In Mere Christianity C. S. Lewis wrote about the law of fair play. It goes ...”
From the Publisher | Justice
“It sounds like a good word . . .well, at least it does if you ...”
You Are the Light of the World
“Jesus’ declaration in John 8:12 has a way of brightening our day in more ways ...”
Week 23 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Luke 1:39-56 Ephesians 2:1-10 Psalm 119:17-24 1 Kings 4–5 Ephesians 2:1-10 Why did God save ...”
Week 23 Character | Nothing to Fear
“My sister-in-law’s bucket list got shorter over the Christmas holidays. She went skydiving in Hawaii. ...”
Week 23 Mission | One Leader's Story
““I’m already a believer. Why do I need to become a disciple?” You may hear ...”
Week 23 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Who are some people ...”
Week 23 Application | Loving Your Imperfect Church
“What’s wrong with your church? You can probably list a number of irritating flaws. Your ...”
Week 23 Study | Parables of God's Just Kingdom
“Parables are true-to-life comparisons that break forth into fictional analogies that seem upside down to ...”
Week 24 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Luke 3:1-20 Ephesians 4:25-32 Psalm 119:65-72 1 Kings 13–14 Psalm 119:65-72 What good things has ...”
Week 24 Character | The Gentle Christian
“We hear the term gentle most often used in the word gentlemen. My father-in-law’s definition ...”
Week 24 Mission | Portrait of a Disciple Maker
“Jesus was the ultimate teacher. He “went around doing good” (Acts 10:38), and much of ...”
Week 24 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. What are some of ...”
Week 24 Application | Why Do We Do It?
“Most of us use the expression “OK” several times a day. Little children say it. ...”
Week 24 Study | Jesus Teaches About Justice
“Biblical justice is not just about what a culture thinks is legal or illegal. Biblical ...”
Week 25 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: Luke 5:1-11 Philippians 1:12-20 Psalm 119:113-120 2 Kings 4–5 2 Kings 4–5 Before Elijah left ...”
Week 25 Character | The Kind Christian
“Have you ever been the recipient of kindness with no strings attached, leaving you feeling ...”
Week 25 Mission | How Do We Disciple the Urban Poor?
“Christians throughout the world devote their lives to fulfill the Great Commission. With deep love ...”
Week 25 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. If you were a ...”
Week 25 Application | Before It’s Too Late
“Today your heart is beating steadily, but one day it will beat no more. Today ...”
Week 25 Study | Reaping God’s Justice
“Reaping is the language of harvest in the Bible, and therefore sometimes reaping is a ...”
Two Lists for a Happier New Year
“By Elaine Creasman There’s a new year here, and so many times we Christians who are ...”
A New You in the New Year
“By Dr. Bill Patterson A wise man once defined craziness as “doing what we’ve always done ...”
In The World—January 1, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Officer Helps a Grieving Man When Mark Ross heard his sister had been killed ...”
Worship Is a Verb—Life Application for January 8, 2017
“By David Faust Can you identify an English word that uses all the vowels including Y? ...”
A Fresh Start
“By Kelly Carr The new year has different connotations for us all. Maybe you relish the ...”
Praise God with a New Song—The Uniform Lesson for January 8, 2017
“By Mark Scott The Psalms improve your song. If your song is exuberant, a psalm will ...”
Evaluation Questions for January 8, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
The ABCs of Life-Changing Goals
“By Brian Jennings How can we set good new year goals as a family? A few years ...”
Our One Job in God’s Kingdom
“By Joel Jackson “You had one job!” This phrase is a meme associated with some entertaining ...”
Evaluation Questions for January 15, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
From MasterChef to Ministry
“By Jamie Shafer Although auditioning for Fox TV’s MasterChef was originally a friend’s suggestion, Tanorria Askew ...”
Praise God the Provider—The Uniform Lesson for January 15, 2017
“By Mark Scott “Blessed art Thou, O Lord our God, King of the universe, who brings ...”
From the Streets, Back to the Streets
“By Jeffery Chaves “I was running from God, but he had a different plan.” Ron Cornell speaks ...”
Bow Down—Life Application for January 15, 2017
“By David Faust In more ways than one, the earth is off-kilter. Our planet isn’t straight ...”
Tension in Mercy
“By Kelly Carr Living in the city, it’s a tension I experience daily. I pull up ...”
In The World—January 8, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Comedian Helps Family in Need Tim and Keri Richardson have fostered more than 70 ...”
Responding to Injustice
“By Drew Coons “We had so little to begin with,” an American missionary in Africa sobbed. ...”
Living Out the Christian Call to Justice
“By Katerina Parsons In an urban neighborhood just outside of Honduras’s capital city Tegucigalpa, the streets ...”
Stepping into the Reality of Suffering
“By Naomi Zacharias I recently sat across from a woman I wanted to adopt as a ...”
Not So Black and White
“By Sean Palmer & John Alan Turner Today we are listening in to Sean Palmer and ...”
God’s Fingerprints—Life Application for January 22, 2017
“By David Faust The philosopher Cicero wasn’t a follower of God, but he had a logical ...”
In The World—January 15, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske World Relief Resettles a Record Number of Refugees World Relief, along with 1,180 churches, ...”
Evaluation Questions for January 22, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Be the Bridge
“By Jacqueline J. Holness As this week we celebrate the life and ministry of the Rev. ...”
Praise God the Creator—The Uniform Lesson for January 22, 2017
“By Mark Scott The Creator is separate from his creation. He transcends nature. Creation is awesome. ...”
The Crayon Effect
“By Kelly Carr There’s nothing like a fresh box of crayons—preferably the box of 64, with ...”
Shades of Diversity
“By Thilini Cate “Mommy, I’m biracial.” “Biracial? Where did you hear that word?” “I didn’t hear it. I ...”
Who Are You?
“By Kelly Carr Who are you? How would others describe you—what image do you depict to the ...”
Opening Doors for the Gospel
“By Laura McKillip Wood Germany always interested Larry and Teri Lewis. Their ancestors came from Germany, ...”
Evaluation Questions for January 29, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
“By Kit Coons The moment we start exploring our world, we also begin discovering ourselves. That ...”
Identity Crisis
“By Macey Phillips I’m 25 years old and in the midst of an identity crisis. So many ...”
Praise God with All Creation—The Uniform Lesson for January 29, 2017
“By Mark Scott “All Creatures of our God and King” was created around the 1900s, but ...”
In The World—January 22, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Christian Beliefs and Body Image Does what the Bible says change the way Christians ...”
I Am Not My Avatar
“By Daniel Darling Last year, Jeannie and Jim Gaffigan announced they were stopping production of their ...”
The Perils of Safety
“By Meg Foster The word safety invokes a comfort to most. The definition itself suggests such. ...”
The Grand Symphony of Praise—Life Application for January 29, 2017
“By David Faust I like a variety of music, at least in small doses. When it’s ...”
“By Laurel Thomas “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you ...”
Called to the Little Things
“By Kelly Carr As I write this, I have recently experienced the joy of the International ...”
Re-Created to Live in Harmony—The Uniform Lesson for February 5, 2017
“By Mark Scott Someone has rightly said, “You cannot be ‘revived’ if you have never first ...”
The Secret of a Meaningful Retirement
“An exhausted minister who was on the verge of retirement was asked what he was ...”
Gourmet Service in a Fast-Food World
“By Christine Venzon Have you ever watched those extreme cooking shows on TV? Chefs compete in ...”
Understanding God’s Will
“By Dr. Barry Thornton In the timeless classic It’s a Wonderful Life, George Bailey, played by ...”
In The World—January 29, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Fighting Malnutrition The World Food Programme (WFP) is struggling to meet the needs of ...”
Evaluation Questions for February 5, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. These ...”
Putting on the Uniform—Life Application for February 5, 2017
“By David Faust There’s beautiful simplicity in the apostle Paul’s assertion, “So in Christ Jesus you ...”
Anthony Munoz: Eyes on the Goal
“By David Faust Anthony Munoz grew up east of Los Angeles, California, where he excelled at ...”
Steele Johnson: Life Beyond an Olympic Medal
“Photo: David Boudia and Steele Johnson © 2016 The Associated Press By Mike Berry I remember it ...”
Confessions of a Former Couch Potato
“By Jacqueline J. Holness As this issue is devoted to sports, the intersection of sports, particularly ...”
New Birth Brings Freedom—The Uniform Lesson for February 12, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott Today is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Were he still living he would be ...”
The Heart of the Game
“By Kelly Carr It will be a familiar tale in households across the country today. Tis ...”
Homeruns, Fumbles, Families, & Sports
“By Brian Jennings As the third base coach for my son’s T-ball team, my job was ...”
In The World—February 5, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Unexpected Star Under the Friday Night Lights Noah Kennedy has struggled with severe health ...”
Get out of the Pigpen—Life Application for February 12, 2017
“By David Faust One of Jesus’ most famous quotes is, “You will know the truth, and ...”
Evaluation Questions for February 12, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
God’s Liberating Power—Life Application for February 19, 2017
“By David Faust Don’t you like it when you get something for free, like a sample ...”
Inspiring Stories
“By Kelly Carr This week we begin a three-week series we’ve titled See Your Community. We’re ...”
Freedom in Christ—The Uniform Lesson for February 19, 2017
“By Mark Scott Benjamin Franklin was leaving Independence Hall in Philadelphia when the Constitutional Convention ended, ...”
Loving Our Community
“By Brian Jennings It’s so easy for us to become absorbed in our own little worlds. ...”
Reaching a Community—Changing a Church
“By Jennifer Johnson Broadway Christian Church has stood proudly in downtown Lexington for 100 years. While ...”
Evaluation Questions for February 19, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Jesus with Skin On
“By Sue Tornai Sunday school teachers see their students grow physically and spiritually into adults. I ...”
Small Churches—Big Impact
“By T. R. Robertson In towns and cities all over America, small churches are known for ...”
In The World—February 12, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Returning Home to Iraq Residents of the Christian town of Keramlis, Iraq have begun ...”
New Owners for Christian Standard Media
“Parker, Colorado—February 13, 2017—The Solomon Foundation (TSF), a church extension fund serving the Christian churches ...”
Supporting Airline Personnel
“By Jamie Shafer Imagine someone who travels the world and encounters a mission field of opportunities ...”
It’s What You’re Already Doing
“By Kelly Carr Have you ever heard a sermon or conversation at church that involves the ...”
Christ Creates Holy Living—The Uniform Lesson for February 26, 2017
“By Mark Scott Jesus taught that good trees bear good fruit and bad trees bear bad ...”
An Outlawed Gospel
“By Laura Adkins True evangelism has a cost. For some believers, that cost is time, money, ...”
Evaluation Questions for February 26, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way—Life Application for February 26, 2017
“By David Faust The lyrics of a song popularized by Glen Campbell, “Try a Little Kindness,” ...”
Sharing Christ Over Dinner
“By Blake Oliver “Then Levi held a great banquet for Jesus at his house, and a ...”
In The World—February 19, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Growth of Churches in Iran Today there are anywhere from 300,000 to 1 million ...”
What If the Mission Were Different?
“By Sean Kelly When I say the words “I’m on mission,” I don’t typically mean things ...”
Take Another Look
“By Kelly Carr If you thought about the word overlooked to describe someone, who comes to ...”
Elder Orphan Care
“By Laura McKillip Wood A Romanian pastor and his wife were watching the news in 2006 ...”
Conversations with Skeptics
“By David Timms A cynic or skeptic lurks deep within many of us. Cynics, on the one ...”
Bury Us with Dignity
“By Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros When driving into small towns like Smiley, Texas, the “Mexican American Only” cemeteries ...”
Evaluation Questions for March 5, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
In The World—February 26, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Views of Scripture Affect Church Growth A study published by Review of Religious Research ...”
Perfect Love—The Uniform Lesson for March 5, 2017
“By Mark Scott God’s primary identity must become our primary activity. That identity and activity in ...”
We Get to Carry Each Other
“By Sean Palmer I break out in cold sweats when I think of 2004. What should ...”
You Are Loved—Life Application for March 5, 2017
“By David Faust If the Bible didn’t say it, we might not dare to think it ...”
The Grape Wars
“By Sandi Brown All of my life I had this idea of what a perfect mother ...”
Celebrating God's Work Behind the Scenes
“By Dr. Doug Redford Whenever the month of March appears on the calendar, the minds of ...”
OVERWHELMED & underjoyed
“By Kim Wright It had been a rough few months. We bought a fixer-upper to work ...”
Never Too Late to Play!
“By Karen O’Connor “You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me ...”
Fun Is Good
“By Kelly Carr Sometimes when we think about the Bible, we get our serious faces on. ...”
Making Room for Play
“By Brian Jennings What role does playfulness have in the kingdom of God? The role of ...”
Evaluation Questions for March 12, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Two Words—Life Application for March 12, 2017
“By David Faust In a sermon I mentioned that the shortest verse in the English Bible ...”
Great Love—The Uniform Lesson for March 12, 2017
“By Mark Scott The Bible is not flat. While all Bible verses are inspired by God, ...”
In the World—March 5, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Minister Inspired by Peanuts Gregory Fryer, a minister in New York City, has a ...”
In The World—March 12, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Childcare Costs for Student Parents Nearly 5 million college students in the United States ...”
Kids These Days
“By Kelly Carr Today we begin a three-part series on generations. What’s that? I’m glad you ...”
It All Adds Up—Life Application for March 19, 2017
“By David Faust Jesus had a lot to say about fruitfulness: • “I am the vine; you ...”
A Message for My Would-Be Grandparents
“By Rebecca Landry Last summer I spent five weeks in Spain. Within a couple weeks of ...”
Impacting History & Culture
“By Jacqueline J. Holness As March is National Women’s History Month, I’m devoting this column to ...”
Looking for a Coach
“By Eddie Schmidt Every week after our church service, I talk to parents about all sorts ...”
Christian Millennials in Three Words
“By Blake Oliver Millennials aren’t deaf to what society says about us. Generations of hardworking Americans ...”
What We Millennials Need
“By Macey Phillips “Kids these days are lazy and self-absorbed.” “The millennials don’t know what it means ...”
Matchless Love—The Uniform Lesson for March 19, 2017
“By Mark Scott Matchless means peerless; no equal; unsurpassed. When we speak of God’s love for ...”
Evaluation Questions for March 19, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Restoration Movement Media Announces Christian Standard Media Publisher Transition
“PARKER, CO—The president of Restoration Movement Media, Doug Crozier, along with its board is very ...”
Golden Oldies
“By Kelly Carr As we continue in our generations series, this week we are hearing from ...”
The Open Door
“By Elizabeth Van Liere “Here you go, Sweetheart,” the man said as he opened the City ...”
Restoring Love—The Uniform Lesson For March 26, 2017
“By Mark Scott God’s love is perfect, great, and matchless (the subjects of the former three ...”
Evaluation Questions for March 26, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Remember What It Was Like to Be Lost?—Life Application for March 26, 2017
“By David Faust Sometimes the far country seemed like a dream. And so did the feast his ...”
Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Wimps
“By Karen O’Connor During the 100th anniversary year of the National Park Service (2016) I enjoyed ...”
Becoming Golden in the Kingdom
“By Sandi McReynolds “Thank you, I think, but what exactly does that mean?” The next few moments ...”
In The World—March 19, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Faith & the Philadelphia Eagles There is a spiritual awakening happening in an unexpected ...”
Ensuring & Insuring the Mission of the Church
“By Jamie Shafer Much like in our personal lives, churches need the protection that insurance provides. ...”
Leaving a Legacy
“By Steve Wyatt Our church serves a master-planned community that’s evenly divided between two very different ...”
Plan Now for a Fruitful Future
“By Terry Magee Those of us in middle age can feel sandwiched between caring for aging ...”
Learning to Let Go
“By Evelyn Eng I didn’t notice when it happened, but I had become my Asian parents. ...”
Do You Consider Yourself a Shepherd?—Life Application for April 2, 2017
“By David Faust The problems of our time won’t be solved by better government, but by ...”
Triumph Over a History of Tragedy
“By Laura McKillip Wood In the 1800s, the Dakota people (Hunkpati Oyate) of the Crow Creek ...”
Generations: God’s Legacy
“By Sylvia Schroeder The car doors slam, and we slide into opposite sides. We look at ...”
Evaluation Questions for April 2, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Stuck in the Middle
“By Kelly Carr We’ve looked at the opposing ends of the spectrum, and now in the ...”
In The World—March 26, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske The Sanctuary Movement Three hundred churches across the country are joining the Sanctuary Movement, ...”
Three Little Words
“By Dawn Gentry When I was 12 years old, we often visited my grandparents’ home. But ...”
Shepherding Love—The Uniform Lesson for April 2, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott David’s music comforted King Saul (1 Samuel 16:23), but the lyrics of ...”
Saving Love—The Uniform Lesson for April 9, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott This famous text contains the teachings of Jesus, the questions of Nicodemus, ...”
Five Values for Maturity
“By Terry Magee Both skills and character values are important to help our children or grandchildren ...”
Flying the Nest
“By Trey Faull College is a big change. Growing up in one town, attending one high ...”
Everybody Bleeds—Life Application for April 9, 2017
“By David Faust I have visited a lot of hospital patients over the years and I ...”
Ready or Not, Here He Comes
“By Monica Cane Five years before we ever conceived our son, I began praying for him. ...”
Rite of Passage
“By Brian Jennings What is a rite of passage ceremony and how can we use it ...”
Evaluation Questions for April 9, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Transition Teens Successfully
“By Tammy Darling When I heard from an acquaintance that her male cousin went off to ...”
In The World—April 2, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Ohio Ruling Gives Juvenile Offenders a Chance for Release “It does not take an ...”
Transition: The Great Unknown
“By Kelly Carr Change can be intimidating. Even if you look forward to the adventure, many ...”
Evaluation Questions for April 16, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
It Is Finished
“By Kelly Carr Think about the last big goal you set for yourself. You had a ...”
With Jesus on the Road to Destiny
“By T. R. Robertson Jesus is bound and determined to join the Passover pilgrimage. He could ...”
Victorious Love—The Uniform Lesson for April 16, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott God’s victorious love unites with his resurrection power to bring life out ...”
Celebrating the Power of the Blood
“By Dr. Doug Redford Many people become rather squeamish at the sight of blood. Some even ...”
What Do You Believe?
“By Jacqueline J. Holness Doubt in the major tenets of the Christian faith is nothing new. ...”
In The World—April 9, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Help for Young Adults with Autism Clay Heighten and Debra Caudy’s 19-year-old son, Jon, ...”
Dying for Something New—Life Application for April 16, 2017
“By David Faust Who first looked at a lobster and said, “You know, I bet that ...”
The Culmination of Jesus’ Mission
“By Jon Hembree The triumphal entry on Palm Sunday is one of just a handful of ...”
Seven Statements from the Cross
“By Bob Mize The seven statements Jesus uttered while dying for our sins guide us through ...”
Come In
“By Kelly Carr It’s time. But we’ve arrived embarrassingly late to the grand event, skittering to ...”
Evaluation Questions for April 23, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
No Longer Enemies—Life Application for April 23, 2017
“By David Faust Only a few English words start with the letter X, but one of ...”
In The World—April 16, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Centenarian Breaks Cycling Record In 2012, Robert Marchand, a Frenchman, set the world record ...”
Forgiven and Free
“By Robin Stanley “If I’m not perfect, what am I?” I repeated the question she wanted me ...”
Reconciling Love—The Uniform Lesson for April 23, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott How did the facts of Jesus’ death on the cross and his ...”
No Chance Encounters
“By Jamie Shafer On any given day, Jealeania Morris might find herself working at her desk ...”
Applying Grace Where You Are
“By Charles C. Grimm It can be difficult for English teachers to enjoy worship. Years and ...”
How Do You Feel About Your Body?
“By Rebecca Landry She glanced at the photo we had taken and critiqued her own “saggy ...”
In The World—April 23, 2017
“By Lindsey Bell Sensors Predict Illness Before You Feel Sick Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine ...”
A Mission to the Missionary
“By Laura McKillip Wood As a young girl in Illinois, Janeece England dreamed of marrying a ...”
Evaluation Questions for April 30, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Get Out, Get Moving
“By Kelly Carr Spring might be my new favorite season. (I used to be a fall ...”
He Calls Us by Name—Life Application for April 30, 2017
“By David Faust To me, most sheep look pretty much alike. If you’ve seen one wooly ...”
Focus on the Physical
“By Javan Rowe We often think of our walk with the Lord solely in spiritual terms, ...”
Longing for Open Spaces
“By Cleo Lampos A breeze tinged with spring crispness and the scent of overturned dirt drifted ...”
Protecting Love—The Uniform Lesson for April 30, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott John’s Gospel is rich in metaphor. A key verse in our text ...”
Editor Change for The Lookout
“Shawn McMullen has been named the new editor of The Lookout. He will begin his ...”
Blessed Assurance
“Do you or does someone you love struggle with anxiety? Some Christians experience anxiety because they ...”
Going Deeper with Jonah—Life Application for May 7, 2017
“By David Faust Children consider Jonah a favorite person in the Bible because it’s fascinating to ...”
When a Friend Faces Depression
“By Kelly Carr We make snap judgments every day. We look at people and create assumptions ...”
Offering Light and Hope
“By Kim Wright Depression has such a stigma attached to it, especially within the body of ...”
Sustaining Love—The Uniform Lesson for May 7, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott The book of Jonah is minor due to its size, not due ...”
The Unmentionable Subject of Suicide
“By Amanda V. Porter It’s not hyperbole to state that there is a widespread, sweeping, and ...”
In The World—April 30, 2017
“By Lindsey Bell Depression as Damaging to the Heart as Cholesterol and Obesity A study found that ...”
Surviving with Depression: 7 Ways to Cope
“By Blake Oliver I was diagnosed with depression when I was in first grade. My parents ...”
Evaluation Questions for May 7, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
My Husband’s Diagnosis
“By Ann L. Coker I took off work to hear my husband preach in chapel. Arriving ...”
Drugs on My Street
“By Kelly Carr It happened the first week we moved in. For almost 10 years we lived ...”
Struck Down but Not Destroyed
“By Wasted2Cor4 As I write these words it has been exactly a year to the day ...”
Preserving Love—The Uniform Lesson for May 14, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott God is so high that he can help us when we feel ...”
A Whale of a Prayer—Life Application for May 14, 2017
“By David Faust Jonah sloshed around in a fish’s stomach for three days. Have you spent ...”
Evaluation Questions for May 14, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
In The World—May 7, 2017
“By Lindsey Bell Minister Returns to Pulpit After Alcohol Addiction Last summer Perry Noble was removed from ...”
Helping Kids Overcome
“By Brian Jennings What should I do when I suspect something is wrong with a child? ...”
Deadly Delusion
“By Jerran Jackson & Kaela Taylor Joe is a capable man. He is 6 foot 5 ...”
I Am a Recovering Heroin Addict
“By Samantha Frashier There is no way I should be alive today. Every 24 hours went the ...”
Evaluation Questions for May 21, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
My Mother’s Day Gift
“By Kelly Carr I decided that since it was Mother’s Day, and since I’m a mom, ...”
Is It Time for Some Sackcloth?—Life Application for May 21, 2017
“By David Faust The Bible stirs my imagination and piques my curiosity. After three days inside ...”
Fighting Mother’s Day Demons
“By Tanya Cowley I have two demons. Their names are Sorrow and Anger. They constantly lurk ...”
Mature Motherhood on the Rise
“By Jacqueline J. Holness I’m not sure of the reason, but the lives of my close ...”
Lesser-Known Mothers of the Bible
“By Lindsey Bell When we think of mothers in the Bible, we often remember Mary, the ...”
She’s a Keeper
“By Doug Redford My mother, Katherine Redford, passed away suddenly in December of 2015 at the ...”
Mom’s Never-Failing Gift
“By Diana C. Derringer I had settled into my dorm room, survived the first few weeks ...”
Forgiving Love—The Uniform Lesson for May 21, 2017
“By Mark Scott God’s forgiving love was in place for Nineveh but also for Jonah himself. ...”
In The World—May 14, 2017
“By Lindsey Bell Ashton Kutcher Fights Human Trafficking Ashton Kutcher is an actor and cofounder of the ...”
The Labor of Listening
“By Sylvia Schroeder “Hello, is anyone home?” I want to ask my husband while he sits ...”
The Prophet’s Pity Party—Life Application for May 28, 2017
“By David Faust Anger is only one letter away from danger. In the age of road ...”
Pervasive Love—The Uniform Lesson for May 28, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott God’s love is pervasive (expanding, spreading, and permeating). Jonah’s love was narrow, ...”
Listening in the Teeth of the Storm
“By Stephen D. Boyd, PhD One of the most important Christlike skills we can develop in ...”
Tell Me More
“By Kelly Carr Listening is one of my favorite hobbies. I’m not even kidding. I love ...”
Listen Now, Be Heard Later
“By T. R. Robertson “Mom, your whole life is going away.” This statement was delivered by ...”
Evaluation Questions for May 28, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
A Ministry in the Marketplace
“By Jamie Shafer Ecclesiastes 3 tells us there is a season for everything. Life is a ...”
Are Your Ears Burning?
“By Joy Crichton Denise reluctantly tied her gym shoes and gathered her water bottle and towel. ...”
In The World—May 21, 2017
“By Lindsey Bell Pornography Declared a Public Health Crisis In 2016 Utah became the first state to ...”
Deborah and Barak—The Uniform Lesson for June 4, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott The book of Judges is one of the darker books of the ...”
Listen, Learn, and Live
“By Kelly Carr This week marks Memorial Day—when our nation stops to remember those who gave ...”
The Source of My Strength
“By Teresa Wells There was a time in my life when the Bible was optional. I ...”
A Long Obedience
“By Laura McKillip Wood Eugene Peterson calls a life of discipleship “a long obedience in the ...”
Evaluation Questions for June 4, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Standing Out—Life Application for June 4, 2017
“By David Faust The book of Judges tells about a stormy period in Israel filled with ...”
In The World—May 28, 2017
“By Lindsey Bell Most Pastors Satisfied with Their Marriages A new study by the Barna Group reported ...”
Unleashing the Bible’s Power in Our Lives
“By Jim Eichenberger A story tells of a dissatisfied customer returning a chainsaw to a hardware ...”
Celebrating the Light of the Word
“By Dr. Doug Redford The Guiding Light was one of many soap operas that have been ...”
In The World—June 4, 2017
“By Lindsey Bell 1.7 Million Kids Die Because of Pollution A new study released by World Health ...”
Shrink Your Army, Grow Your Faith—Life Application for June 11, 2017
“By David Faust Reducing the size of your army is a strange way to prepare for ...”
3 Reasons Jesus Loved Kids & Wants Us to Imitate Them
“By Brian Jennings Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me” (Mark 10:14). His words ...”
Trust: Lessons from the Widow’s Mite
“By Joyce Long It’s one of my treasured possessions, but I rarely wear it. A gift ...”
Gideon—The Uniform Lesson for June 11, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott Damon Runyan said, “The race is not always to the swift nor ...”
Clinging to God
“By Matt Wilmeth I will never forget stepping into the room to meet my daughter for ...”
Trust Behind an Unopened Door
“By Beth Jarvis “Let’s take a selfie!” “How about the steps? What about in front of the ...”
Trust Fall
“By Kelly Carr “I thought she said ‘back flip,’ so I moved out of the way. ...”
Evaluation Questions for June 11, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Evaluation Questions for June 18, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Entering Their World: The Hartley Family
“By Anna Fasolino “Good morning, Captain!” 21-year-old Abby Hartley’s clear voice sails through the loudspeakers over ...”
He Makes Beautiful Things
“By Kelly Carr I knew I had to go that day or it would be too ...”
Made in God’s Image: Becoming Creative Creatures
“By Katherine Scott Jones Its first stirrings drew me awake this morning, my subconscious forming the ...”
I Learned Empathy Through Acting
“By Meg Foster In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch says, “You never really ...”
In The World—June 11, 2017
“By Lindsey Bell New Way of Detecting Cancer There’s a new way to detect cancer, but it’s ...”
Art for God’s Glory
“By H. Lynn Gardner Marv Dahmen, a retired art teacher, serves as a deacon of the ...”
The Lens of Faith
“By Jon Hembree When you have a talented sibling, you can either be jealous or proud. ...”
“By Lucinda J. Rollings Peggy rummaged through her fabric scrap box, choosing a flowery red piece, ...”
Those Disturbing Stories—Life Application for June 18, 2017
“By David Faust The story of Jephthah contains so many rough edges that it almost hurts ...”
Jephthah—The Uniform Lesson for June 18, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott In the book of Judges, the judges get progressively worse as we ...”
Entrepreneurs Encouraging Entrepreneurs
“By Jamie Shafer Nikki Carlson and Kailynn Bowling knew that business principles rooted in faith could ...”
How to Live: Lessons from My Grandfathers
“By Stef Coleman My daughter shrieks and I look out the window. Her grandfather has her ...”
Fathers of Faith
“By Rose Cassie Being retired, I am now enjoying reflecting on the shadow of the almighty ...”
Samson—The Uniform Lesson for June 25, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott I do not like Samson. Like Esau, he was a sensualist (Hebrews ...”
In The World—June 18, 2017
“By Lindsey Bell Woman Seeks TV Help to Reunite with Long-Lost Father Amanda Holdiness was raised by ...”
Evaluation Questions for June 25, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
He Had It All—Life Application for June 25, 2017
“By David Faust Samson had it all. He was part athlete, part playboy, part warrior, and ...”
Fatherly Influence
“By Javan Rowe I have been noticing increasingly more lately how much the things of this ...”
Honoring the Fathers
“By Kelly Carr We require a lot out of you, dads: •  We want you to be ...”
Refugees: Where Do You Stand?
“By Jacqueline J. Holness President Trump’s presidency is nearly six months old. From the day after ...”
Repairer of the Breach
“By Simon Presland I sat on my second-hand couch in the tiny apartment I had rented, ...”
This Is for Everyone
“By Gene Appel I’m fired up for this week’s 2017 North American Christian Convention in Kansas ...”
In The World—June 25, 2017
“By Lindsey Bell Making Sure No Students Eat Alone Do you remember what it was like to ...”
Evaluation Questions for July 2, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
A Smile for Everyone
“By Jerry Harris It’s interesting how some people can be so isolated, even in a crowded ...”
Moses—The Uniform Lesson for July 2, 2017
“By Mark Scott One of the great characteristics of God is his interpersonal capacity. He communicates. ...”
The Most Difficult Simple Message
“By Kelly Carr Oftentimes we focus on the things that are not rather than the things ...”
Excuses, Excuses—Life Application for July 2, 2017
“By David Faust Ever since Eve blamed the serpent and Adam blamed Eve, the human brain ...”
Deaf Missions
“By Laura McKillip Wood Chad Entinger began working at Deaf Missions as a way to give ...”
What Everyone Means to Jesus
“By Liz Curtis Higgs I grew up in a small Pennsylvania town where everyone looked like ...”
Isaiah—the Uniform Lesson for July 9, 2017
“By Mark Scott In the first religious awakening of America, Jonathan Edwards preached a now famous ...”
Evaluation Questions for July 9, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
The Real Freedom Fighters
“By Karen Wingate Join any July 4 celebration in the United States and you’ll soon hear ...”
Rooted and Established in Love
“By Kelly Carr I’m fascinated by giant tree roots that become visible—to see the winding intricacies ...”
The Cookbook: Discovering My Family’s Roots of Faith
“By Stef Coleman In my move from rural Tennessee to Chicago, I lost my Dede’s cookbook. ...”
Prayers That Set the Tone—Life Application for July 9, 2017
“By David Faust If you strike a tuning fork and hold it near another tuning fork—even ...”
In The World—July 2, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Restaurant with a Mission Everytable, a restaurant chain in Los Angeles, has a unique ...”
The Only Name That Matters
“By Dr. Steve Carr I was always defensive about that name. When we started a church in ...”
Making the Most of Your Age and Stage
“By Brian Jennings My life is panning out differently than I expected. How should I react ...”
Called to Shape the Future—Life Application for July 16, 2017
“By David Faust On the day after my new granddaughter was born earlier this year, I ...”
Encouraging Your Influence
“by Kelly Carr You are leading and influencing people every day in some way. You may ...”
Jeremiah—The Uniform Lesson for July 16, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott It would seem that when God wants to make a prophet, he ...”
In The World—July 9, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Following Christ Without the Church Ten percent of Americans say they are Christians who ...”
Evaluation Questions for July 16, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Faith-Based Films of 2017
“By Jacqueline J. Holness While going to the movies is one of my favorite pastimes year-round, ...”
People Are Watching You
“By Kelly Carr As we noted a few weeks ago, sometimes we don’t feel creative, yet ...”
Godly Character: The Fragrance of Christ
“By Simon Presland A quick search on Amazon shows that almost 140,000 books have been written ...”
Anyone Can Do It
“By Nikki Hunt “I wish I could help you in outreach efforts, Nikki, but right now ...”
Slowing Down and Having Fun on a Staycation
“By Karen O’Connor “Slow down. Take a deep breath. What’s the hurry? Why wear yourself out? ...”
Evaluation Questions for July 23, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Intentional Relaxing
“By John Dorroh “Where are you taking the family for vacation?” I heard a friend ask ...”
How We Make World Travel a Family Value
“By Katherine Scott Jones Last summer my husband and I toured Southeast Asia for the first ...”
Church Camp: Where Leaders Are Grown
“By Matt Robinson It isn’t uncommon to find local churches in tough financial circumstances. Debt is ...”
Judging for Jesus
“By Lindsey Bell When my husband and I were approached about potentially adopting a baby ...”
Vacation—All I Ever Wanted
“By Kelly Carr I was never so happy not to have cell phone service. Not getting service ...”
In The World—July 16, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Sermons Are Central What attracts people to a particular church? A Gallup poll says ...”
Ezekiel—The Uniform Lesson for July 23, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott The librarian says, “You are what you read.” The designer says, “You ...”
Heaven’s Grand Opening—Life Application for July 23, 2017
“By David Faust Have you ever attended the grand opening of a restaurant or a store ...”
Being Reborn
“By Christine Graef Under cover of night, a Jewish leader and teacher named Nicodemus approached Jesus, ...”
Restore the Wonder of John 3:16
“By Rebecca Landry Most people reading this live in a place with easy access to Scripture ...”
Amos—The Uniform Lesson for July 30, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott In the field of education, accreditation is an organized means of ensuring ...”
In The World—July 23, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske How Christians Respond to Persecution When believers face opposition for their faith, their responses ...”
Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Cat
“By Lena Wood It was worry that killed the cat—according to the original adage. Around A.D. ...”
A Wild and Broken Place
“By Laura McKillip Wood Emmy met her husband, Cole, when they both volunteered at a program ...”
Jesus’ Rescue
“By S. Daniel Smith You’ve seen it before. Usually it’s a pole with a snake wrapped ...”
Evaluation Questions for July 30, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Step into the Light
“By Kelly Carr This week we begin a four-part series looking at four different people (or ...”
God’s Blunt Instruments—Life Application for July 30, 2017
“By David Faust Do you listen carefully to those preflight safety talks on airplanes? Flight attendants ...”
Drop Your Jar and Set Others Free
“By Anne Wilson As a ’90s kid, there were only a few singers most blonde, blue-eyed ...”
Going Beyond Prejudices
“By Gena Duncan A friend recently asked if I harbored any prejudices. I could not immediately ...”
Honesty, Integrity, and Sweat!
“By Michael P. Murphy There was a reason why Jesus, weary from the day’s journey, chose ...”
Called to Witness—The Uniform Lesson for August 6, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott Seth Wilson said, “I don’t know about being ‘called,’ but I know ...”
Still Thirsty
“By Kelly Carr Water—there’s something about it that fascinates me. Nature draws my mind to God, ...”
Evaluation Questions for August 6, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Facts, Faith, Feelings
“Facts, faith, feelings. As a young man studying for ministry, I was taught that was ...”
Spread the Word—Life Application for August 6, 2017
“By David Faust A popular new spicy chicken restaurant opened recently near my home, but I ...”
In The World—July 30, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Adopting 6 to Keep Family Together Christopher and Christina Sanders are foster parents who ...”
I Am the Woman at the Well
“By Joel Jackson When I’m honest I know exactly how it happened. Of course, I never ...”
One of the Bad Guys
“By Kelly Carr It’s never fun to open a book and discover you relate to the ...”
Evaluation Questions for August 13, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
A Pharisee Like Me
“By Charles C. Grimm Back in 2005 when I was preparing to graduate with an English ...”
Called to Break Down Barriers—The Uniform Lesson for August 13, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott When it comes to evangelism it is far better to build bridges ...”
Yes—And . . .
“By T. R. Robertson Have you heard the terminology of yes-and? It comes from the art ...”
Seeing, Not Believing
“By Christine Venzon Ronnie Corbett, a beloved British comedian, died in March 2016. In one typical ...”
In The World—August 6, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Skeptical vs. Hostile About the Bible In their annual State of the Bible survey, ...”
Your Life Counts
“By Brian Jennings How do I move beyond feeling like my life doesn’t count for much? ...”
One Person’s Story—Life Application for August 13, 2017
“By David Faust Philip went to Samaria and preached the gospel. Crowds gathered, miracles occurred, “there ...”
So to Speak
“By Mark A. Taylor I’ve never succeeded because of what I could do with my body. I ...”
How to Say Goodbye
“By Kelly Carr Tomorrow I get to see Hamilton: An American Musical with a friend and ...”
Called to Preach—The Uniform Lesson for August 20, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott The opening line in John R.W. Stott’s book Between Two Worlds: The ...”
Evaluation Questions for August 20, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
In The World—August 13, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Hope Amidst Threats Xavier Gonzalez has been pastoring a church in an impoverished, remote ...”
Living Counterculturally in Hollywood
“By Jacqueline J. Holness Tired of being the only virgin in her circle of friends, at ...”
It’s Your Move
“By Tim Dunn Has this happened to you? You are in conversation with a friend, a ...”
The Dark Side of Ministry
“By Dr. Rhansyl Harris Have you ever bought a car and discovered that it was a ...”
Amazing Turnarounds—Life Application for August 20, 2017
“By David Faust In sports we celebrate surprising comebacks when losing teams come from behind and ...”
Connecting to the Life Source
“By Rick Ezell Vineyards during Jesus’ time were common and have always been central to Israel’s ...”
The Eternal Impact of Mentoring
“By Stacey Pardoe My role as a mentor started on a cold Wednesday night with an ...”
Mothers, Sisters, and Friends
“By Pati Page Perhaps it is the season of life I am in—the time in between. ...”
In The World—August 20, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske What Matters Most to Americans In a recent survey, LifeWay Research asked Americans which ...”
Single Again
“By Jeanette Hanscome The Valentine’s Day event looked great, but the flyer showed a couple holding ...”
Creating Space to Say Yes
“By Wendy LeBolt As I unwrapped our Christmas tree ornaments and searched for their perfect places ...”
Work from Home Mom Tells Stories to Make a Difference
“By Lindsey Bell Hannah Kersh tells stories for a living. She does it from a ...”
Grace Beyond Your Circle—Life Application for August 27, 2017
“By David Faust My little long-haired Chihuahua welcomes me at the door when I arrive home ...”
Single and Serving
“By Nikki Hunt If someone had asked me 20 years ago what I’d be doing when ...”
It’s All Right
“By Shawn McMullen Second Kings 4 contains a fascinating account of the faith of a woman ...”
Evaluation Questions for August 27, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Called to Be Inclusive—The Uniform Lesson for August 27, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott Years ago we participated in an ordination service for a good ministry ...”
Reclaim the Adventure
“By Jeff Chaves The travelers have been trudging through the countryside for days. They are not ...”
I Don’t Eat Deer Meat: Men’s Ministry without Wildlife Dinners
“By David VanAtter A friend of mine is the minister of a church about an hour ...”
When It’s Just You
“By Bill Thomas Nearly one of every two people in the United States is likely to ...”
Juggling it All, by Not Juggling at All
“By Jeff S. Bray We wear many hats on a day-to-day basis. We are husbands, fathers, ...”
The Godly Man’s Legacy
“By Shawn McMullen During the reign of Jehoiakim, king of Judah, God instructed the prophet Jeremiah ...”
Evaluation Questions for September 3, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
The Road to Australia
“By Laura McKillip Wood Nate McGlumphry’s life has been a long preparation for overseas ministry. When ...”
Never Lose the Wonder—Life Application for September 3, 2017
“By David Faust Rainbows fascinate me. Over the years I have seen little rainbows in the ...”
The Rainbow—The Uniform Lesson for September 3, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott The God of the Bible is a covenant-making God. He makes agreements ...”
Men of God in a Changing Culture
“By Victor Knowles It’s not your grandfather’s times anymore. Ravi Zacharias recently observed, “These days it’s ...”
In The World—August 27, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Christians Believe Competing Worldviews Many Christians agree with ideas that are linked to competing ...”
10 Reasons to Consider Homeschooling
“By Lori Hatcher Thirty years ago, when homeschooling first reappeared on the educational radar screen, it ...”
Why Our Family Chooses Christian Education
“By Kimberly Rae My world is filled with teachers. My mother has taught in a Christian ...”
In The World—September 3, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Acceptance on Moral Issues Changing Americans are increasingly accepting of a wide range of ...”
Why We Send Our Children to Public Schools: Advantages and How Your Children Can Thrive
“By Dr. Marian Fritzemeier, Ed.D. Are you deciding where your children will attend school or considering ...”
A School for All Seasons: Public School to Homeschool and Back Again
“By Amy Nicholson “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your ...”
Lifelong Learners
“By Shawn McMullen While this issue of The Lookout focuses on the education of children, I’d ...”
Evaluation Questions for September 10, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
God’s Odd Requirements—Life Application for September 10, 2017
“By David Faust God had several surprises in store for Abraham, and the faithful patriarch was ...”
The Secret of Finding Friends
“By Brian Jennings How do I find friends? This month’s question was asked by a fifth grader. ...”
Circumcision—The Uniform Lesson for September 10, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott Cutting a Covenant A covenant is “cut”—literally. In fact, the Greek word for ...”
A Subject for the Whole Family
“By Laurel Brunk As you kick off the new routines of back to school season, you ...”
Loved by a Perfect Father
“By Shawn McMullen “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should ...”
Letter to an Unknown Mother
“By Marjorie Kruger Gordon I should have written to you long ago, yet with each passing ...”
What Can Grandparents Do?
“By Jewell Johnson “Mom? Janet and I are getting a divorce.” The voice on the phone ...”
Celebrating Grandparents
“By Jacqueline J. Holness Today is National Grandparents Day. I must admit I have never observed ...”
Sabbath Observance—The Uniform Lesson for September 17, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott God is dead serious about rest. He did it (Genesis 2:2). He ...”
The Blessings of a Reluctant Mom
“By Cathy Griffith Twenty-seven years ago I had no plans to be a mom, let alone ...”
He Makes Me Lie Down—Life Application for September 17, 2017
“By David Faust If you are a parent you probably can relate to the following scene. ...”
The Truth About Adoption
“By Gracie Hannah Adoption wasn’t on my radar. I desperately wanted to have my own baby, ...”
The Gospel of Adoption
“By Tyler Edwards When I got frustrated with my sister when we were growing up, I ...”
Five Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Grandchildren for Growing Up
“By Linda Gilden Grandchildren come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and have very different personalities. But ...”
Evaluation Questions for September 17, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Rosh Hashanah: Celebrating Hope Amidst Uncertain Times
“By Dr. Doug Redford The arrival of a new year is celebrated around the world in ...”
A Note from the Publisher
“My name is Jerry Harris and in addition to being the lead pastor of The ...”
Psalm 23: A Song of Hope in Scary Times
“By Kevin Morrow “We are living in scary times!” is an often-heard phrase these days, reflecting ...”
Spirit-Filled Heart—The Uniform Lesson for September 24, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott A chiasm (or chiasmus) is a literary device named after the Greek ...”
A Door of Hope
“By Eugenie Daniels Some people brush the surface of biblical concepts like faith, forgiveness, and blessing ...”
Superintendent Spreads Hope to Students and Staff
“By Lindsey Bell When my oldest child started school, I was nervous. Would he make friends? ...”
Evaluation Questions for September 24, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
The Christian’s Hope
“By H. Lynn Gardner Terrorist attacks, murders, churches approving same-sex marriages, rampant pornography, cohabitation. We worry ...”
Whispers in the Wind—Life Application for September 24, 2017
“By David Faust Wind is commonplace. You barely give it a thought when a gentle summer ...”
Where Is the Hope?
“By Valerie Jones A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. A ...”
In The World—September 17, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Turkish Christian Kept from His Daughter Byram is a Christian who grew up as ...”
Evaluation Questions for October 1, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Time for a Change
“By Shawn McMullen There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under ...”
Yom Kippur Celebrating Holiness in an Unholy World
“By Dr. Doug Redford The word holy is a fundamental biblical word that has been victimized ...”
Sainthood 101: God’s Expansive Call to Holiness
“By Tom Claibourne Saint. A lofty word. An intimidating word. A misunderstood word. A word that ...”
Do You Really Want to Be Different?
“By Joe Wilson Every generation is raised in a different context, and inside that context is ...”
God’s Covenant with Abraham—The Uniform Lesson for October 1, 2017
“By Mark Scott God made covenants regarding creation (rainbow), about days (Sabbath), in bodies (circumcision), and ...”
He Believed—Life Application for October 1, 2017
“By David Faust If you could sum up a person’s life in a single sentence, what ...”
Holiness: Seeing God Rightly
“By Rick Ezell You’ve heard the saying, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” Have we become too familiar with ...”
Growing Despite Difficulty
“By Laura McKillip Wood When Jennifer and Andy met in Bible college, they had no idea ...”
In The World—September 24, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Gender and Mental Illness in Prison More than two-thirds (67.9 percent) of women in ...”
Change with a Purpose
“We’ve been writing about changes you’ll see soon in The Lookout. Here’s why we’ve chosen ...”
Love God—and Respect Him—Life Application for October 8, 2017
“By David Faust The 19th chapter of Exodus sounds strange to twenty-first century ears because we ...”
God’s Covenant with Israel—The Uniform Lesson for October 8, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott We live in a world of contrasts. Light and dark; good and ...”
“By Brian Jennings How can I encourage people who are dealing with disadvantages? Pete’s legs aren’t shaped ...”
The Reality and Relevance of the Holy Spirit
“By Victor Knowles Noted author and speaker W. Carl Ketcherside recalled talking far into the night ...”
Evaluation Questions for October 8, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
In Search of the Spirit
“By Elizabeth Reid As a child, I was taught two things about the Holy Spirit. First, ...”
In The World—October 1, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Why Francis Chan Left His Church In 2010, Francis Chan left the megachurch he ...”
That’s the Holy Spirit, Son
“By Tom Cash “Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the ...”
The Feast of Tabernacles: Celebrating Life in the Spirit
“By Dr. Doug Redford Where would you say the following statement appears for the first time ...”
We’re Glad You’re Here Encouraging Your Ministry Staff
“By Byron Williams “I’m really glad you’re here!” As I began a new ministry in Southern ...”
Change with a Purpose, part 2
“Last week I wrote about some of the changes you’ll see soon in The Lookout ...”
Easy Ways to Encourage Your Church Staff
“By Lindsey Bell Many church members want to encourage their church staff but aren’t sure how. ...”
Coming to Terms with Fake News
“By Jacqueline J. Holness As a graduate of the University of Georgia’s Henry W. Grady College ...”
Your Mission: Encouragement
“By an Anonymous Minister Psst . . . you! Yes, you! I’ve got some inside information ...”
Obeying God’s Law—The Uniform Lesson for October 15, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott Obedience is not Testament specific. Both the Old and New Testaments call ...”
Why I Need the Church
“By Jewell Johnson During a serious illness, I became keenly aware of my need for my ...”
Evaluation Questions for October 15, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Confessions of a Former Church-Hopper: Why I Love My Church
“By Anna Fasolino “Will all the visitors please stand up?” We never wanted to obey, but ...”
The Last 10 Percent—Life Application for October 15, 2017
“By David Faust According to a thought-provoking Chinese proverb, when you have made it 90 percent ...”
In The World—October 8, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Eyewitnesses of ISIS In May, 29 Coptic Christians were killed by ISIS in Minya, ...”
Evaluation Questions for October 22, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
God’s Covenant with David—The Uniform Lesson for October 22, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott In Florence, Italy stands the magnificent marble statue of King David. Michelangelo ...”
God Works Where You Work
“By T. R. Robertson “God is doing a great work here in southeast Asia,” says a ...”
In The World—October 15, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Christian Prisoner Writes Letter to Iranian Government Amin Afshar Naderi, a Christian who converted ...”
Cuts for Christ
“Kindness, caring, encouragement … and a haircut By Christy Heitger-Ewing The first time Harold stepped inside Avon ...”
Higher Ways—Life Application for October 22, 2017
“By David Faust God isn’t a shallow pool; he is a deep well. The longer I walk ...”
Royally Encouraged
“Second Chronicles 32 recounts how Hezekiah of Judah led, encouraged, and protected the citizens of ...”
Beyond the Pulpit
“How One Manager Ministers Daily to His Coworkers By Lindsey Bell I’m not in ministry, so ...”
What’s My Line?
“By Jim Eichenberger A classic TV gameshow in the 1950s and 1960s began as a guest ...”
Encourage Your Team!
“By Kelly Cox Have you ever wished you could win friends and influence people at work? ...”
Mentoring Is About Letting Go
“By Melissa Wuske It was a cool spring Saturday when I walked into a sweltering high ...”
In The World—October 22, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske The Reality of Doubt About a quarter of Christians (26 percent) say they currently ...”
Anyone Can Mentor, Anywhere
“By Ashlea Massie Mentoring is an intimidating word. Many people think mentoring means devoting hours of ...”
You Can Be a Mentor
“By Joe Wilson As Julia was rounding third base, she glanced up at me as I ...”
Being Barnabas
“Nicknamed “son of encouragement” by the apostles, Barnabas had a profound impact on the early ...”
A Hard-learned Lesson
“By Diana C. Derringer “Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you” (Proverbs 2:11). Head down, ...”
Evaluation Questions for October 29, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
God’s Covenant with the Returned Exiles—The Uniform Lesson for October 29, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott More than 500 years had passed since the events of last week’s ...”
One IN a Million
“By Laura McKillip Wood Chris Alexander has made a career working in intercultural ministry. Over the ...”
Sign on the Dotted Line—Life Application for October 29, 2017
“By David Faust Most of us sign our names every day without much thought. There are ...”
Contemplating Death
“By Peggy Park “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of ...”
Overcoming the Fear of Death
“The fear of death haunts a lot of people. There’s a gnawing anxiety that life ...”
Evaluation Questions for November 5, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
New Look, New Vision: Part 1
“I’ve devoted several recent editorials to the changes you’ll soon see in The Lookout. Our ...”
My Maker, My Husband
“My Journey Back to Peace and Contentment By Betty White Coleman Separation can be a distressing experience. ...”
Be Part of the Solution—Life Application for November 5, 2017
“By David Faust A thunderstorm led to a power outage, and a large section of our ...”
Welcoming One of These Little Ones
“By Jane Lebak On February 28, 2000, we had an ultrasound to find out if we ...”
In The World—October 29, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Churches Close in Baghdad Christians were once 10 percent of Iraq’s population, but since ...”
Faithful God, Unfaithful People—The Uniform Lesson for November 5, 2017
“By Dr. Mark Scott In this Thanksgiving month we continue our study of our covenant with ...”
The Grateful Dead
“By Daniel Darling “Good Friday is always so somber. So we are going to have a ...”
No More Shame
“By Russ Howard Sitting on the front row while the worship team led a reflective song, ...”
Prescription for Shame
“By Karen Wingate One look. One word. That’s all it takes to know someone else knows. ...”
In The World—November 5, 2017
“By Melissa Wuske Letters Help Imprisoned Christians While he was in prison in Kazakhstan for two years, ...”
In the Pit
“By Brian Jennings A friend of ours is experiencing a family meltdown. It’s sad to watch. ...”
From the Inside Out
“By Peter Wickersham I fully deserved my shame. Like a filthy undershirt, I wore it next ...”
New Look, New Vision: Part 2
“Next Sunday, November 12, marks the debut of our revised publication. We’re praying that this ...”
A Door of Hope in the Dark Valley
“By Christine Graef Shame comes in different forms. A person is caught stealing money at work ...”
Week 46 Character | Loving God’s Word
“You have some favorite stories. You may enjoy them as movies, as books, or as ...”
People of the Book
“ Captives of the Word is the compelling title of one of the most interesting books ...”
Week 46 Study Questions
“These questions coordinate with this week's Study and Application. Use one or both of these questions to ...”
Week 46 Mission | My Vision as One Who Runs
“Long before Drucker and Covey wrote about it, God told the prophet Habakkuk how to ...”
Week 46 Application | A Handwritten Note from God
“I own some baseballs signed by Hall of Famers and a football signed by Super ...”
Week 46 Study | Promise of a New Covenant
“The Bible has a love/hate relationship with old and new. On the one hand, God’s ...”
Week 46 Daily Reading
“Monday Reading for Today: John 10:1-10 1 John 2:12-17 Job 10 Ezekiel 29, 30 John 10:1-10 It’s not ...”
Week 47 Study Questions
“Use either or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Imagine coming to a ...”
Week 47 Character | Just Be a Branch
“I love grapes.  Please note—this is not a wayward comment. It’s a well-contemplated opinion, and a ...”
Week 47 Daily Reading
“Monday Reading for Today: John 11:45-57 1 John 4:1-6 Job 15:17-35 Ezekiel 42-44 John 11:45-57 Have you ever ...”
Week 47 Mission | Surf’s Up: Your Family as Your Best Small Group
“Some of the greatest surfers in the world have tested their skills at Surfers Paradise ...”
Week 47 Application | The Church’s Surprising Glory
“What goes through the minds of our neighbors when we invite them to church? Some ...”
Week 47 Study | Mediator of the New Covenant
“Technically a covenant (or testament) is not a book; it is an agreement in a ...”
Week 48 Character | Be Still
“Attending church regularly as a child, I learned that having a daily time with God ...”
Week 48 Mission | Among Friends
“John describes Jesus’ life and ministry this way, “The Word became flesh and blood and ...”
Week 48 Application | A Meal to Remember
“ Meals can stick with you in more ways than one. Do you have warm memories ...”
Week 48 Study | Remembering the New Covenant
“ This past Thursday we remembered to thank God for the countless blessings we have. Today ...”
Week 48 Study Questions
“These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Lesson Text: 1 ...”
Week 48 Daily Reading
“Monday Reading for Today: John 13:12-17 Jude 1-7 Job 21:1-21 Daniel 7, 8 Job 21:1-21 Why is life not fair? Why ...”
Week 49 Character | A Call to Humility
“Of all the qualities reflected in the personality of our current president, humility is not ...”
Week 49 Mission | Shedding Myself to Become a World Christian
“In 2010, the United States had 10 percent of the world’s Christians. My first reaction ...”
Week 49 Application | The Godsend
“Do you ever refer to someone as a godsend? The term describes a blessing that ...”
Week 49 Study | Faith in Jesus
“Jesus said to his disciples, “Have faith in God” (Mark 11:22). The disciples said to ...”
Week 49 Study Questions
“These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday School Lesson ...”
Week 49 Daily Reading
“Monday Reading for Today: John 14:22-31 Revelation 2:1-17 Job 25, 26 Hosea 7, 8 Revelation 2:1-17 Faithfulness can be difficult when results ...”
Let the Lion Out!
“We redesigned The Lookout because we believe this: “For the word of God is alive ...”
Week 50 Character | Rediscovering Holiness
“When was the last time holiness came up in your conversation? It’s not a popular ...”
Growing Together in Faith
“Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word ...”
Week 50 Mission | Carrying Your Cross in the 21st Century
“The call to discipleship almost wrecked our lives. It seemed so illogical. Recently married, my ...”
Week 50 Application | The Ring of Truth
“Why do we say that something “rings true”? The expression comes from the way manufacturers ...”
Week 50 Study | Faith in Jesus
“In this Advent month, our lesson today celebrates the coming of the gospel to the ...”
Week 50 Study Questions
“Study Text: Acts 13:1-12 Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. What ...”
Week 50 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: John 16:25-33 Revelation 6 Job 31:24-40 Amos 3, 4 Job 31:24-40 We all trust in something or ...”
Week 51 Character | Blessed Assurance
““Assurance is glory in the bud; it is the suburbs of paradise” (Thomas Fuller). One great ...”
Week 51 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: John 18:28-40 Revelation 12 Job 35 Micah 4, 5 Micah 4, 5 ...”
Week 51 Mission | Praying for Eternity
“A recent survey by Moody Bible Institute found that 95 percent of all Christians say ...”
Week 51 Application | Keep Going
“In real estate deals the seller is required by law to disclose any reasonable information ...”
Week 51 Study | Faith to Persevere
“Even by today’s standards their first missionary journey was incredibly successful. Paul and Barnabas traveled ...”
Week 51 Study Questions
“Study Text: Acts 14:8-11, 19-23 Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. ...”
Week 52 Character | Know Your Enemy
“The more I see the great cosmic battle between good and evil play out in ...”
Week 52 Mission | Skin in the Game
“In November, 1963, at the age of two, I left the bitter cold of Illinois ...”
Week 52 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. This is a season ...”
Week 52 Daily Reading
“MONDAY Reading for Today: John 20:10-18 Revelation 18 Job 39 Haggai 1-2 John 20:10-18  When something ...”
Week 52 Application | What Made the Wise Men Wise?
“We call them Magi, but they weren’t magicians. We associate them with the first noel, ...”
Week 52 Study | Faithful Seekers of the King
“The Christ of Christmas is a ruler who would shepherd Israel (see Isaiah 40:11). But ...”
Week 53 Character | Grace and Truth
“When my first grandchild, a beautiful little girl, was born, I was surprised to learn ...”
Week 53 Mission | Love, Legalism, and Little League
“Hi, my name is Love and I’m a recovering Pharisee. I was conceived in the ...”
Week 53 Study Questions
“Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Tomorrow is a day ...”
Week 53 Application | The Erosion of Trust
“Our planet’s shorelines, canyons, and deserts bear the marks of gradual destruction from wind, water, ...”
Week 53 Study | Faith to Unite
“Historians would have to critique this, but perhaps the world is more polarized than ever. ...”
Everything I’ve Learned About Prayer
“By Kelly Carr As we charge ahead into a new calendar, what better way to dive ...”
Where You Live for January 10, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“Questions and Activities for Small Groups By Michael C. Mack 1. Which of the following do you ...”
The Top 7 Prayer Secrets of Jesus
“By Bob Hostetler If anyone exemplifies the blessed life, it is Jesus. Though he never owned ...”
Strategy Sessions with Jesus
“By T. R. Robertson Prayer, for many people, is like climbing onto Santa’s lap at the ...”
Turning Your Worries into Prayers
“By Bev and Phil Haas I’m finally admitting it—I worry about my kids. My husband says ...”
The Most Beautiful Bride—The Uniform Lesson for January 10, 2016
“By Dr. Mark Scott We should always interpret the Bible in light of the genre used ...”
When Jesus Prayed for Us
“By Terry Magee Jesus prayed on many occasions, including when feeding the five thousand, before selecting ...”
In The World—January 3, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Evangelicals Urge Government to Welcome Refugees In response to the worldwide refugee crisis, the ...”
The Beauty List
“By David Faust I am a list maker. I keep on my desk a list of ...”
Is This, Then, How You Should Pray?
“By Riane Konc We were in the middle of family prayer when the phone rang. My ...”
The Lesson and Life for January 10, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Song of Solomon 6:4-12  By Elizabeth Matko Despite God’s warning that we should avoid ...”
“By Jacqueline J. Holness With the dawning of a new year, it is time to put ...”
In The World—January 10, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske 3-D Printers Help Surgeons Mia Gonzalez, age 4, spent years of her life sick ...”
An Unfaithful Bride—The Uniform Lesson for January 17, 2016
“By Dr. Mark Scott School boys used to say, “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugliness ...”
Hope—Without Healing
“By Kelly Carr I met Forrest Theiss when he attended our church several years ago. He ...”
One Need, Four Friends, and a Miracle
“By Dr. Bill Patterson When the Bible gives an account, the Lord considered that biblical event ...”
Bought Back
“By David Faust Hosea had it rough. God commanded him to marry a promiscuous woman. Sometime ...”
The Lesson and Life for January 17, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Hosea 1:1-11  By Elizabeth Matko I used every trick in the book when I ...”
Where You Live for January 17, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“Questions and Activities for Small Groups By Michael C. Mack 1. Who gave you your name? What ...”
“By Tyler Edwards Jesus was a man with a mission. The single most important mission in ...”
Do You Really Want to Be Healed?
“By Joy Crichton The smell of mocha permeates the air like vapor energy, a kind of ...”
Where You Live for January 24, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack 1. What is the most joyful wedding and reception you’ve attended? What ...”
For Our Own Good
“By Kelly Carr Clearly I’m not the one who should be writing this. I can barely ...”
In The World—January 17, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske The Impact of the Self-Employed Workforce Many people picture massive corporations as the driving ...”
Confronting Those We Love
“By Amanda Fillebrown Most people cringe at even the mention of the word confrontation. This is ...”
Why Miracles Matter
“By David Faust Recently I talked with a young woman who visited our church at the ...”
Embracing Faith at School
“By Jamie Shafer Over the past few decades, the public education system in America has removed ...”
Handling Conflict in a Healthy Manner
“By Simon Presland Conflict. Just the mention of the word sends shivers down our spines. Images ...”
A Wedding in Cana—The Uniform Lesson for January 24, 2016
“By Dr. Mark Scott Jesus was a worker of wonders. He worked miracles for several reasons. ...”
The Lesson and Life for January 24, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on John 2:1-12 By Elizabeth Matko What if Mary had not chosen to intercede for ...”
Jesus Confronted the Religious Leaders
“By H. Lynn GardnerWhy would Jesus who taught “turn the other cheek” engage in controversy? ...”
Training in Ukraine & Beyond
“By Laura McKillip Wood For Valentin and Luba Siney, ministry is a family tradition. Valentin grew ...”
When the Lord Delays
“By David Faust I don’t like to wait. In stores, slow-moving checkout lines test my patience. ...”
The Master Teacher
“By Eva Juliuson One of my favorite parts of being a teacher is seeing my students ...”
In The World—January 24, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Effective Suicide Prevention In the face of rising suicide rates nationwide—despite interventions like the ...”
Encouraging Teachers
“By Kelly Carr, Editor Looking at Jesus’ teachings inspires me to honor teachers I  know. ...”
The Lesson and Life for January 31, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on John 11:38-44 By Elizabeth Matko Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble, ...”
On Top of the World
“By Doug Redford “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have ...”
The Death of a Friend—The Uniform Lesson for January 31, 2016
“By Dr. Mark Scott Jesus and death cannot coexist. Death has no victory around Jesus (1 ...”
The Hard Teachings of Jesus
“By Lindsey Bell Jesus wasn’t always popular. At times, the crowds loved him. They loved him ...”
Where You Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups, January 31, 2016
“By Michael C. Mack 1. Would you want to know the date and cause of your ...”
What Keeps You Up at Night?
“By Jim Corley Sales of sleep aids are booming. According to Marketdata Enterprises, Inc. three major ...”
No Matter the Outcome
“By Ashlea Massie Worry is a result of our lack of control in life and, if ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for February 7, 2016
“By Michael C. Mack 1. Have you ever participated in a Seder meal (the meal that ...”
Come to Supper
“By David Faust It’s not about the food. Wedding cake tastes delicious, but that’s not why you ...”
In The World—January 31, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Divorce and the Church “The vast majority of churches do not have an effective ...”
Worry: It’s Not Insurmountable
“By CaReese Rials We live in troubling times. We hear of political unrest overseas. There are ...”
Faith or Worry?
“By Karen Wingate Worry has a way of playing tug-of-war with our faith. My faith was at ...”
Winning Over Worry
“By Bob Russell Don’t worry! That command is really difficult for many of us to obey. ...”
The Dreaded W-Word
“By Kelly Carr To begin with, it was 11:30 at night. When you are half asleep, ...”
Passover—The Uniform Lesson for February 7, 2016
“By Dr. Mark Scott The driving metaphor of religious practice in the Old Testament is a ...”
The Lesson and Life for February 7, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Exodus 12:1-14 By Daryl Reed When I was a teenager I saved my 3-year-old ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for February 14, 2016
“By Michael Mack 1. Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in any way? Why or why not?  • ...”
The Lesson & Life for February 7, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Exodus 12:1-14 By Daryl Reed In anticipation of my fiftieth birthday, my wife asked ...”
What’s in It for Me?
“By T. R. Robertson “So why do you guys do this?” I posed the question to a ...”
In The World—February 7, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske High School Experiences & Inequality Carla Shedd, part of Columbia University’s sociology and African-American ...”
Man-Sized Strategies
“Guest editorial by Mark Taylor Over the next three weeks, we’re looking at three groups—men, women, ...”
Two Loaves of Bread
“By David Faust When my wife, Candy, and I moved to a different neighborhood a couple ...”
Festival of Weeks--The Uniform Lesson for February 14, 2016
“By Dr. Mark Scott Valentine’s Day celebrates love. Wedding anniversaries celebrate commitment. Probably the most noteworthy ...”
Being the Head v. Being Ahead
“By Charles C. Grimm “But she’ll make more money than you!” I couldn’t believe I was hearing ...”
Be an Involved Dad
“By Bev and Phil Haas Looking back on my childhood, my mom was around a lot ...”
A Call to Men: Lead Intentionally
“By Charley Jones With voices, responsibilities, and people screaming for your attention, the last bits of ...”
In the World—February 14, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Working Families in America The percentage of households with both the mother and father ...”
Supporting Sisters
“By Jacqueline J. Holness As this issue of The Lookout is devoted to women’s topics, I ...”
Women: Wired to Help
“By Valerie Jones A rather quick glance at the women of the Bible can leave quite ...”
Where You Live—Questions and Answers for Small Groups, February 21, 2016
“By Mike Mack 1. On a scale of 1-10, how much of a perfectionist are you? ...”
“By Kelly Carr, Editor See that woman across the way? No one is talking to her. ...”
The Lesson & Life for February 21, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Leviticus 16:11-19 By Daryl Reed There are several things we all have in common. ...”
The Price of Forgiveness
“By David Faust Have you ever struggled to forgive someone? Do you find it hard to ...”
The Competition Trap
“By Tammy Darling Women have a tendency to compete with each other on a much greater ...”
Confessions of a People Pleaser
“By Joyce Long After grabbing two granola bars and my purse, I literally pushed my 10-year-old ...”
Day of Atonement--The Uniform Lesson for  February 21, 2016
“By Dr. Mark Scott “The forgiveness of God, in my opinion, is the most powerful and ...”
Same Story, New Characters
“By Kelly Carr We sat in the darkened theater in eager anticipation. After enduring many, many ...”
Feast of Tabernacles--The Uniform Lesson for February 28, 2016
“By Dr. Mark Scott Pushing the pause button to remember God’s faithfulness is a healthy spiritual ...”
In The World—February 21, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Abortion & the Church: Culture of Silence A survey by LifeWay Research highlights a ...”
Unclub: Nurturing Middle School Kids
“By Elaine Creasman “I don’t want to go,” my 11-year-old granddaughter, Destiny, moaned on another Sunday ...”
Where You Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for February 28, 2016
“By Mike Mack 1. Growing up, which days of the year were the biggest celebrations for ...”
Childhood Scars—Adulthood Fears
“By Brad Wise One day back when I was in third grade, I walked out to ...”
Rebel with a Cause
“By Tammy Darling Some kids rebel by sneaking out of the house late at night or ...”
Community Impact
“By Jamie Shafer In the Marketplace Faith column, we have the privilege of highlighting individuals whose ...”
The Lesson & Life for February 28, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Leviticus 23:33-43 By Daryl Reed Some of my fondest childhood memories are camping trips ...”
Dos and Don’ts When a Child is Bullied
“By Linda Gilden Autumn was going down the steps one morning before school, looking for her ...”
Your Joy Will Be Complete
“By David Faust Some might find it surprising and almost sacrilegious to suggest that God built ...”
Wrath of God
“By Javan Rowe The Old Testament God is angry and the New Testament God is nice. ...”
In The World—February 28, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Surveying the Megachurch Landscape A survey by the Leadership Network and the Hartford Institute ...”
Every Once in a While
“By Kelly Carr I remember celebrating the birthday of a former coworker when she turned 16. ...”
Powerful Faith--The Uniform Lesson for March 6, 2016
“By Dr. Mark Scott The apostles said, “Increase our faith” (Luke 17:5). What could be more ...”
 The Lesson & Life for March 6, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Mark 9:14-29 By Jonathan Underwood Faith is a critical issue for the Christian. We ...”
The Gracious God of Time
“By Valerie Jones Time, either too much or too little of it, is often a part ...”
Designing Freedom
“By Laura McKillip Wood When people hear the word missionary, a certain stereotype leaps to mind: ...”
Star Power
“By David Faust You may not have heard of a nineteenth-century English poet named Jane Taylor, ...”
The Year of Jubilee
“By Dr. Bill Patterson Adam and Tina (not their real names) live in Indiana but spent ...”
Where You Live—Questions and Answers for Small Groups for March 6, 2016
“By Michael C. Mack 1. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, “Man is made by his belief. ...”
Hymnody Through the Ages
“By Eunice Porter The sunbeams shine through stained glass windows, the organ swells the introduction, and ...”
Memories Brought to Life
“By Elizabeth Van Liere No matter if the skies are gray, my Tuesday mornings shine with ...”
There Rings a Melody
“By Kelly Carr Hymns powerfully put into words so many great truths about God and our ...”
Psalms, Hymns, and Songs from the Spirit
“By Bryan K. Brigham Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16 challenge us to encourage each other with ...”
Hanging on to the Hymns
“By Emily M. Akin “Why sing songs with words that are a hundred years old?” A ...”
Riches That Last
“By David Faust When I left for college at age 18, everything I owned fit in ...”
The Lesson and Life for March 13, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Mark 10:17-31 By Jonathan Underwood In preparing for the future, two things are especially ...”
The Boy Who Wrote Hymns
“By Jewell Johnson “The singing in this church is dull and lifeless,” a young English man ...”
In The World—March 6, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske The Healing Power of Music Saginaw, Michigan, has been hit hard by the collapse ...”
Amazing Faith—How Sweet It Is
“By Karen O’Connor I felt the aircraft wheels touch the runway and my heart thumped. My ...”
Where You Live for March 13, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack 1. What one object do you own that you would be extremely ...”
Simple Faith—The Uniform Lesson for March 13, 2016
“By Dr. Mark Scott Affluenza complicates simple faith. Affluenza is a sickness caused by too many ...”
Using Music to Teach About God
“By Bev and Phil Haas What can we do to help our kids embrace Christian music ...”
Struggling Faith—The Uniform Lesson for March 20, 2016
“By Dr. Mark Scott A common struggle we face is consistent faith. On Palm Sunday the ...”
In The World—March 13, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Movement Toward Christ Among Muslims “We are living in the midst of the greatest ...”
Look at the Palms
“By David Faust Palm trees bring to mind vacation spots and warm ocean breezes. Prized by ...”
The Lesson and Life for March 20, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Mark 10:17-31 By Jonathan Underwood Among the gems of wisdom the Holy Spirit has ...”
Experiencing a Church-Wide Fast
“By Candy Arrington When our minister called our church to a 40-day period of prayer and ...”
Fasting: Addition by Subtraction
“By Nikcole Wiles Have you ever considered fasting in different ways? We don’t only have to ...”
How My Disinterest with Fasting Led Me to a New Perspective on Life
“By Mike Berry Can I just be honest? I’m not a fan of fasting. Never have ...”
Conflicts in Church
“By Jacqueline J. Holness Ideally, a church should be a sanctuary of peace and harmony, but ...”
Holding Fast
“By Kelly Carr What is it about human nature to want to do what we’re told ...”
Where You Live for March 20, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack 1. Pride goes before a fall. That saying is a paraphrase of ...”
Pause to Remember
“By T. R. Robertson This past year, on a chilly weekend in January, my wife’s extended ...”
Rejected & Returning King
“By Valerie Jones The crowd shouted, “Hosanna!” and laid their palm branches at his feet as ...”
Carefully Approaching the Atonement
“By Dr. David Downey Easter is almost upon us. For Christians, this is more than just ...”
Thoughts on Good Friday
“By Sandi McReynolds “MomMac, why do they call the day they killed Jesus ‘good’?” It’s Good Friday, ...”
“By David Faust If you are living on fast forward and need to press pause, I ...”
In The World—March 20, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Teen Bible Reading Today A survey of practicing Protestant teens yields encouraging results about ...”
Approaching Jesus
“By Kelly Carr When someone talks about palm trees, my mind immediately goes to my dream ...”
Bringing Beauty from Ashes
“By Jamie Shafer Walking life’s journey can be difficult, especially when we go alone. We all ...”
Resurrection Faith—The Uniform Lesson for March 27, 2016 
“By Dr. Mark Scott Our celebrations of Easter can be pretty bland. Easter eggs, chocolate, and ...”
The Lesson and Life for March 27, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Mark 16:1-8 By Jonathan Underwood Many people long for a second chance—an opportunity to ...”
Where You Live for March 27, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack 1. What is the biggest obstacle you’ve faced in your life? Have ...”
Amazing Jesus
“By David Faust Words like great and awesome have become so overused these days that they ...”
4 Ways to Honor Christ at Easter
“By Bob Hostetler It’s a busy time filled with Easter baskets, Easter bunnies, egg coloring, egg ...”
“By Kelly Carr There are moments, days, weeks at a time when you are plodding along ...”
In The World—March 27, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Tragedy Averted Through Scripture On New Year’s Eve, a man walked into a service ...”
Where You Live for April 3, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack 1. What is the most amazing thing you’ve ever witnessed?  Read Luke 7:1-10.  2. ...”
Amazing Faith—The Uniform Lesson for April 3, 2016
“By Dr. Mark Scott How can an all-knowing God be amazed at anything? Scripture affirms that ...”
Scared to Death of Death
“By Sean Palmer In the middle of Vacation Bible School, I got the news that Sue ...”
Mystery for the Ages
“By Laury L. Davis I love a good mystery—the setup, the red herrings, the suspense, the ...”
Follow Your Calling
“By Laura McKillip Wood Phil and Michelle Parker met in the cafeteria at Johnson University in ...”
The Lesson and Life for April 3, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Luke 7:1-10 By Rachel Friel Reflect upon the time when your heart was first ...”
Thomas: More than His Doubts
“By Javan Rowe When we contemplate doubt and what the Bible says on the subject, our ...”
The Lesson and Life for April 10, 2016
“ Devotional thoughts on Luke 7:36-50 By Rachel Friel Imagine you are living in biblical times. You hear stories of a ...”
Traits for Thriving Families
“By Bev and Phil Haas My wife and I both grew up in families that survived ...”
In The World—April 3, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Prayer App for Persecuted Believers Stories of persecution against Christians are prevalent. Recently, a ...”
Shameless Faith—The Uniform Lesson for April 10, 2016
“By Mark Scott Love and forgiveness are inextricably linked. The reason that God forgives so well ...”
In Good Company
“By Miriam Y. Perkins, PhD If you went paging through the New Testament looking for one-sentence ...”
Doubt—You're Not Alone
“By Kelly Carr Change is hard. Even when change is for our own good, the transition ...”
Where You Live for April 10, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack 1. If you were holding a dinner party, what living person would ...”
How to Help Friends Who Doubt
“By Simon Presland My friend’s father died in his arms. “Where is God?” he asked me ...”
“By David Faust Some friends of mine recently adopted a dog. It’s a mixed breed—half Dachshund ...”
Waiting and Wondering
“By Jennifer Avery In my mind I can very clearly remember the days all throughout school ...”
In The World—April 10, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske What to Do About Ministers and Porn Pornography is an issue among ministers and ...”
Countercultural Body Image
“By Jacqueline J. Holness As we are steeped in American culture, particularly pop culture, it is ...”
Beauty on the Other Side of Pain
“By Bryan K Brigham Tragedy, suffering, and pain come to each of us eventually. If you ...”
The Lesson and Life for April 17, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Luke 8:26-36 By Rachel Friel Have you ever questioned the ways of God? Have ...”
Designed by Our Creator
“By Kelly Carr Just last week I observed some amazing beauty created by God. Ever since ...”
Notice People
“By David Faust Several years ago my daughter Michelle started making art projects using ordinary objects ...”
Fighting an Ugly Disease
“By Kathy Bruins “You have cancer,” my doctor told me on September 11, 2009. My “911” ...”
Beautifully Calm in Chaos
“By Brad Wise We were three days into our 25-day film shoot for a movie I ...”
Where You Live for April 17, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack 1. What is the story behind how you got your name?  Read Luke ...”
Recovered Faith—The Uniform Lesson for April 17, 2016
“By Dr. Mark Scott Three of the Gospels record this story (Matthew 8:28-34; Mark 5:1-20; and ...”
Beyond the Looking Glass
“By Nicole R. Pramik “In me she has drowned a young girl, and in me an ...”
Sharing Christ: in the Country
“By Kelly Carr I loved going to my grandparents’ farm as a child. There was space ...”
Where You Live for April 24, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack 1. As a kid, did you ever run away or think about ...”
Tested Faith—The Uniform Lesson for April 24, 2016
“By Mark Scott This parable is the most familiar of Jesus’ 40 parables. Jesus’ teaching on ...”
The Lesson and Life for April 24, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Luke 15:11-24 By Rachel Friel Each day Christians face an unseen spiritual battle. We ...”
Small But Mighty
“By Karen Wingate The ground swelled beneath me as my plane descended toward the Moline, Illinois, ...”
In The World—April 17, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske A Nobel Nomination for the Greek Isles Most of the 900,000 refugees who arrived ...”
God’s Good Gifts
“By David Faust Prayer isn’t an attempt to twist the arm of a reluctant deity. Prayer ...”
Concert in the Cookhouse
“By Shara Bueler-Repka I stomped the cold from my feet and rubbed my hands together, feeling ...”
Fellowship in a Small Town
“By T. R. Robertson In January 2007, 40 people gathered at an intermediate school in Hallsville, ...”
Corporate Strategy: Integrity
“By Jamie Shafer Christians in the marketplace often wrestle with what it looks like to live ...”
In The World—April 24, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Bible-Minded in America An annual study by American Bible Society (ABS) and Barna Group ...”
At Home and Abroad
“By Laura McKillip Wood Dr. Chip Anderson moved to Costa Rica to work with Latin America ...”
Proper Tactics for the Suburban Church
“By Luke Davidson While I hear of Christianity being in decline across our nation, I have ...”
Loving My Suburban Neighbors
“By Amy Simon Like many other Americans, our family lives in a middle class suburb. Everyone ...”
A Mission Next Door
“By Alex Lozada Not everyone in our family wanted to move. My wife, Heather, and I ...”
The Lesson and Life for May 1, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Luke 17:1-10 By Jen Dunning “When I’d get tired and want to stop, I’d ...”
Sharing Christ: in the Suburbs
“By Kelly Carr When Christians think of places where the gospel needs to be spread, they ...”
Where You Live for May 1, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack 1. In what area would you like God to grow your faith ...”
Coming and Going
“By David Faust Psalm 121:8 says, “The Lord will watch over your coming and going both ...”
Increased Faith—The Uniform Lesson for May 1, 2016
“By Dr. Mark Scott Jesus’ teachings often overwhelmed the disciples. When he taught that he was ...”
Pointing Your Kids to Jesus
“By Bev and Phil Haas My parents weren’t Christians, and I didn’t become a follower of ...”
Sharing Christ: in the City
“By Kelly Carr I held a number of stereotypes about city living and its residents until ...”
Grateful Faith—The Uniform Lesson for May 8, 2016
“By Dr. Mark Scott Gratitude should be our default setting (Psalm 107:1; 118:1). Gratitude is God’s ...”
The City Is a Mission Field (But Not Only in the Way You Think)
“ By Liz McEwan It’s been 13 years since I first stepped foot in Cincinnati, Ohio. My first ...”
The Importance of Cities
“By Stephen Um The trends of urbanization and globalization are two realities in our culture today. ...”
In The World—May 1, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Islamic State Murders Declared Genocide The parliament of the European Union voted to designate ...”
Where You Live for May 8, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack 1. Of all the ways God has blessed you in your life, ...”
Studying Your City
“By Brian Jennings When I jog through the neighborhoods surrounding our church building, I’m reminded of ...”
That Little Extra
“By David Faust When I hired a woodworker to lay a hardwood floor in my house ...”
The Lesson and Life for May 8, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Luke 17:11-19 By Jen Dunning Take a moment and imagine you are the lead ...”
In The World—May 8, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Plumbers Help Flint More than 300 union plumbers from across Michigan went to Flint ...”
Of Rocks and Tundra Flowers
“By Susan Shannon I used to live in Colorado, and I loved hiking in the mountains. ...”
A Mother’s Legacy
“By Dr. Barry Thornton In the movie, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Glenn Holland spends his entire life ...”
Church Ladies
“By Kelly Carr A few months ago at church there were a few of us adults ...”
The Other Mothers
“By Betty White Coleman One of the most celebrated days in the month of May is ...”
Sanctimommy: The Struggle of the Modern Young Mother
“By Meg Foster By a stroke of serendipity, I became pregnant around the same time that ...”
Keeping Up Appearances?
“By David Faust Our church staff needed some new publicity pictures, and it was time for ...”
The Lesson and Life for May 15, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Luke 18:9-14 By Jen Dunning Most of us like to be recognized and enjoy ...”
Humble Faith—The Uniform Lesson for May 15, 2016
“By Dr. Mark Scott Humility was not prized in the ancient world. It was viewed as ...”
Church Security
“By Jacqueline J. Holness In December Thom S. Rainer, president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources, ...”
Where You Live for May 15, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack 1. Who taught you how to pray? What did this person teach ...”
Stand Firm & Be Still
“By Kelly Carr There are lots of things people dislike, but for some those develop into ...”
In The World—May 15, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Reducing Risk of Dementia A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine ...”
Take the Leap
“By David Faust What did it take the first time someone used a parachute? bravado? curiosity? ...”
Childlike Faith—The Uniform Lesson for May 22, 2016
“By Dr. Mark Scott My close friend J. K. Jones said, “I spent the first 40 ...”
Where You Live for May 22, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack 1. On a scale of 1-5 (1—not at all; 5—very much) how ...”
The Lesson and Life for May 22, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Luke 18:15-17; Mark 10:16 By Jen Dunning Children have amazing faith and trust. The ...”
Attack of the Wasps
“By Sandi Brown Fear. What comes to mind when you hear that word? Think about the ...”
Dentistry: From Fear to Faith
“By Jamie Shafer From the start of our conversation, Dr. Yooson Kim readily acknowledges that fear ...”
Controlling Fear with Scripture
“By Drew Coons Rock climbing, racing, gambling, stealing—some people actually get high on danger-induced adrenalin. Not ...”
Your Hands Shall Be Strengthened: Defeating Fear to Fulfill Our Calling
“By Nathan Dempsey My dad had an amazing opportunity in college: become a pilot through the ...”
Social Media
“By Kelly Carr I had a MySpace page once. Yes, that was a popular website for ...”
The Lesson and Life for May 29, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Luke 19:1-10 By Jen Dunning Have you ever been surprised by something that turned ...”
How We Can Be Salt & Light Online
“By Brad Wise Five years ago I shut down my Facebook account. I was going through ...”
Where You Live for May 29, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack 1. What popular person, if he or she were coming to your ...”
Eradicating Spiritual Poverty
“By Laura McKillip Wood Nathan Davenport began his ministry working at a Christian college, where he ...”
Joyous Faith—The Uniform Lesson for May 29, 2016
“By Dr. Mark Scott “The gospel is for sellouts.” That is how our oldest son, Casey, ...”
Social Media Bible Study
“By Karen Wingate My friend Linda Hulse posted this observation about Facebook: “If you are a gossip, ...”
On Mission Online
“By T. R. Robertson Social media sites can be a blessing, but they can also cause ...”
In The World—May 22, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Faith-Changing Movie Role Actress Jennifer Garner recently played Christy Beam in the real-life story ...”
Songs in the Trees
“By David FaustFar back in a field on the farm where I grew up, there’s ...”
You Know You’re Addicted to Social Media When . . .
“By Lindsey Bell Sometimes I miss the days when a phone was just a phone. There are ...”
What I Learned from Crystal
“By Ashley Faith Crystal entered my life when she was just 8 years old. She lived ...”
Being the Church—Together
“By Steve Yeaton He didn’t like the change made in the way our church serves communion. ...”
It’s Not the End of the World
“By David FaustIt’s a common saying. You experience a minor mishap and shrug your shoulders. ...”
The Lesson and Life for June 5, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Zephaniah 1:4-6, 14-16; 2:3 By Alan Dowd It may be easy to dismiss Zephaniah’s ...”
The Day of the Lord—The Uniform Lesson for June 5, 2016
“By Mark Scott The Bible is full of contrasts related to God’s people. There was the ...”
Where You Live for June 5, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael Mack 1. What day of the year do you look forward to the most ...”
Cross-Generational Relationships: Be Intentional
“By Kelly Carr Almost 11 years ago we left a large, vibrant congregation to plant a ...”
Bridging the Generation Gap
“By Eva Juliuson There is a troubling trend in the church. In more and more cases, ...”
In The World—May 29, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Many Americans View Christianity as Extreme A study by the Barna Group explores American ...”
The Church’s Response to an Aging Culture
“By Bob Russell Bill Hulsey, executive director of The Forum at Brookside, a retirement community in ...”
Reaching Out
“By Kelly Carr I’ve seen sports, sewing, and sign language ministries. I’ve watched church groups build ...”
Pointers on Peer Pressure
“By Bev and Phil Haas We have good kids, but like all kids they sometimes give ...”
That Day is Coming—The Uniform Lesson for June 12, 2016
“By Dr. Mark Scott “Turn out the lights” or “00:00” or “Pay day some day” are ...”
Aligned with God
“By David FaustWhen you go grocery shopping, do you ever get one of those shopping ...”
The Disillusionment High
“By S’ambraosia Wasike In 2007 a documentary called Glue Boys was released, chronicling a day in ...”
The Lesson and Life for June 12, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Zephaniah 3:1-8 By Alan Dowd Zephaniah wrote about God’s beloved city—Jerusalem—which had veered far ...”
Where You Live for June 12, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack 1. When have you been jealously angry, either in a positive or ...”
Reaching the Community—Touching Lives
“By Karen O’Connor Twin Lakes Church (TLC) in Aptos, California, is known for reaching out to ...”
In The World—June 5, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Christlike Conflict Thirty Palestinian Christians and Messianic Jews gathered to study and pray and ...”
Extending Mercy
“By Daisy Townsend When we returned from our vacation the summer of 2013, we got to ...”
Minding the Home Front: Supporting the Families of International Missionaries
“By Diana C. DerringerWhen Mom requires surgery, we camp out at the hospital and provide ...”
Where You Live for June 19, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael Mack1. Is Father’s Day a day of gladness or sadness or a little ...”
Three Components of Effective Discipleship
“By Brian JenningsIf I peek my head around the corner at my coworker Dave, I’d ...”
In The World—June 12, 2016
“By Melissa WuskeIsraeli & American Views on IsraelPew Research Center studied the differing views of ...”
Dealing with Difficult People
“By Simon PreslandA twig of a lady, Tracey* smiles generously whenever she greets someone in ...”
The Fight Against Drug Addiction
“By Jacqueline J. HolnessThere is a tendency to assume that the people you go to ...”
“By David FaustWe don’t take God seriously enough.• Listen to our conversations. Do we take his ...”
The Day of Joy for the Remnant—The Uniform Lesson for June 19, 2016
“By Dr. Mark ScottHave you ever considered God in the role of a tailor? He ...”
The Lesson and Life for June 19, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Zephaniah 3:9-14, 20By Alan DowdThere’s no doubt that the book of Zephaniah ...”
Reaching In
“By Kelly CarrLast week we looked at ways that Christians are reaching out to their ...”
Singles in the Church
“By CaReese RialsMost churches strive to be a place where anyone can come and feel ...”
An Old Man and His Garden
“By David M. RossDad was my first hero and to this day remains at the ...”
A New Season
“By Steve YeatonThe son is ready—the father, not so much.The son eagerly anticipates what’s coming—the ...”
In The World—June 19, 2016
“By Melissa WuskeRacism and the War on DrugsSince the Nixon administration began the War on ...”
Opting In
“By T. R. RobertsonMy first year as a father was everything I had expected, plus ...”
Ignoring God’s Plain Truth—The Uniform Lesson for June 26, 2016
“By Mark Scott“There is none so blind as he who will not see.” Today’s text ...”
Dads Making a Difference
“By Kelly CarrMy friends’ dads who were sponsors for my high school youth group were ...”
It’s Father’s Day!
“By Bob MizeOnce a new father told me, “Becoming a dad is the best thing ...”
Reality Is Our Friend
“By David FaustWhen listing God’s attributes, it’s common to mention his love, justice, wrath, and ...”
A Heart for the Harvest
“By Jamie ShaferNestled in the heartland of America, Brandywine Creek Farms is providing much more ...”
The Lesson and Life for June 26, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Romans 1:18-32By Thilini CateI enjoy working after 10:00 p.m. It offers a ...”
Where You Live for June 26, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack1. How old were you when you understood there is an eternal, divine, ...”
The Greatest Complainer
“By Kelly CarrI laughed aloud when I heard the radio interview with Jasper Griegson, dubbed ...”
In The World—June 26, 2016
“By Melissa WuskePersonality and Music PreferenceDoes personality dictate music preference? David Greenberg, a University of ...”
Where You Live for July 3, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack1. If someone asked you why you are a Christian, how would you ...”
Needing More than Law—The Uniform Lesson for July 3, 2016
“By Mark ScottAmerican Express had a commercial: “Membership has its privileges.” But if a member ...”
40 Days of Thankfulness
“By Evelyn EngMy friend’s Facebook post caught my attention. She wanted to stop complaining and ...”
The Lesson and Life for July 3, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Romans 2:17-29By Thilini CateFor Christmas my husband and I bought our 6-year-old ...”
“Are We There Yet?”
“By Dr. Candace WoodThe book of Numbers is a deeply felt diary of the journey ...”
Community Change Brings Life Change
“By Laura McKillip WoodBorn and raised in Zimbabwe, Denford Chizanga began his education in a ...”
Conquering Complaining
“By Rick EzellI was at lunch with Bill, a friend, when Jon sat down at ...”
We Need Him More Than We Think
“By David FaustAmericans declared our independence in 1776, and we continue to declare it every ...”
Freedom—Just Another Word?
“By T. R. RobertsonThe meaning of the word freedom has been in dispute for as ...”
Becoming a Citizen
“By Kelly Carr“I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure ...”
Where You Live for July 10, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack1. Jesus said, “The mouth speaks what the heart is full of” (Matthew ...”
Avoiding Sin Damage—Living in the Sonlight
“By David FaustAre you spending a lot of time in the sun this summer? You ...”
Freedom in Forgiveness
“By Bev and Phil HaasWe’re newlyweds, but the newness is beginning to wear off. My ...”
In The World—July 3, 2016
“By Melissa WuskeFlag Facts for the FourthThe iconic American flag has a rich lore, full ...”
Struggling Under Sin’s Power—The Uniform Lesson for July 10, 2016
“By Dr. Mark ScottSomeone said, “When you are young you make faces in the mirror. ...”
The Lesson and Life for July 10, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Romans 3:9-20By Thilini CateMy husband and I grew up in two different ...”
Always a Soldier
“By Jason Fry I first became interested in joining the military after a friend shared with ...”
A Deeper Appreciation of America
“By Pat Jeanne DavisIt wasn’t what I expected would happen when I first visited the ...”
Hit the Wall
“By David FaustMy friend hit the wall the other day. He’s a gentle fellow with ...”
Entering the Gates Together
“By Javan Rowe“No man is an island,” so the saying goes. For a world saturated ...”
God Set Things Right—The Uniform Lesson for July 17, 2016
“By Mark ScottEvery so often we notice a high watermark in the Bible. After all, ...”
Where You Live for July 17, 2016— Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Mike Mack1. Besides your salvation, what is the best thing you’ve ever gotten for ...”
Fellowship: A New Perspective
“By Joel JacksonFriday evening was different. My usual after-work routine includes changing into a comfortable ...”
The Art of Senior Fellowship
“By Michael P. MurphyIt’s called the Saguaro Club, an active Christian fellowship of seniors at ...”
Standing Together to the End
“By Valerie JonesIt seemed so trivial, but a trivial disagreement with my husband that morning ...”
Fellowship in a Small Church
“By Jacqueline J. HolnessEvery few years or so, there is a debate about which is ...”
In The World—July 10, 2016
“By Melissa WuskeWhat’s New in Youth MinistryA Barna Group study, in partnership with Youth Specialties ...”
Spur One Another On
“By Kelly CarrThere was a room in my home church where I loved to go ...”
The Lesson and Life for July 17, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Romans 3:21-31By Thilini CateIn Letter VIII of C.S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters, Screwtape ...”
Letting God Write the Story
“By Dave Stone The North American Christian Convention has arrived. Ready or not, it’s here! ...”
A Better Story v. A Contrived One
“Interview with for King & Country by Dale Reeves“Every day I find it’s a fine ...”
Getting Lost in a Story
“By Kelly Carr Surreptitiously I crept to the hall closet, making my 7-year-old self as minuscule ...”
“Interview with Christine Caine by Kelly Carr, editorChristine Caine is a speaker, author, founder of ...”
The Strength of Kindness
“By Naomi ZachariasI am a country girl at heart. I love the city with its ...”
Unwavering Hope—The Uniform Lesson for July 24, 2016
“By Mark ScottWe taught a Sunday school class called H.O.P.E.—Hitched Or Patiently Engaged. Some maintain ...”
The Lesson and Life for July 24, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Romans 5:1-11By Mike BerryIt’s easy to see the chaos in our life ...”
In The World—July 17, 2016
“By Melissa WuskePayday Loans—Sinful?A recent study by LifeWay Research found that more than three-quarters of ...”
The Missing Peace
“By David FaustWhere can you find the missing peace? Ballgames, movies, and vacations can’t fill ...”
Where You Live for July 24, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack1. Think of a time when you watched someone create a masterpiece. ...”
Convicted to Change
“By Jamie Shafer“A lot of what I do is plant seeds,” said Eric Perry. “I ...”
More than You Can Handle
“By Matt Wilmeth“God will never give you more than you can handle.”Has anyone ever recited ...”
Beauty from Ashes
“By Shara Bueler-RepkaThe morning sun flecked the curtains as shock waves coursed from my chest ...”
My Rise from Rock Bottom
“By Christy Heitger-Ewing“It’s gone. It’s just gone,” I mumbled to myself as I rapped my ...”
Mending Broken Lives
“By Rick EzellBrokenness is defined as fractured into pieces, sundered, weakened, crushed by grief, out ...”
Who Believes in Heaven?
“By David FaustAccording to the Pew Research Center, 7 out of 10 Americans (72 percent) ...”
Ministering to the Broken
“By Kelly CarrWith one movement, it toppled.It was a small vase, given to me by ...”
In The World—July 24, 2016
“By Melissa WuskeThe Most Important Voter IssuesNearly a third of voters say a candidate’s position ...”
Community in Krakow
“By Laura WoodTwenty years ago Jay Bowyer and Colette Ladan never would have imagined themselves ...”
From Death to Life—The Uniform Lesson for July 31, 2016
“By Mark ScottJesus specializes in bringing life out of death. To the widow’s son at ...”
The Lesson and Life for July 31, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Romans 5:1-11By Mike BerryI like boundaries. Boundaries tell us where our limitations ...”
Where You Live for July 31, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael Mack1. What event has marked the biggest change of direction in your life? Read ...”
A Sheltered Life
“By David FaustHas anyone ever accused you of living a sheltered life? Critics allege, “You ...”
In The World—July 31, 2016
“By Melissa WuskeMinisters Face Financial StressA recent survey by the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) ...”
The Lesson and Life for August 7, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Romans 8:28-39By Mike BerryA few years ago, I was suddenly fired from ...”
Empowering Extraordinary Adults
“By Joyce Long“Charlene needs to work with them like she needs to breathe.” A few ...”
More Than Conquerors—The Uniform Lesson for August 7, 2016
“By Mark ScottWe have a grandson who can be hyper. Guess what? God is hyper, ...”
Special Needs, Special Families
“By Linda Gilden“G’wace, G’wace. You OK. Calm down.” Elizabeth, age 2, ran to her 4-year-old ...”
Where You Live for August 7, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael Mack1. Who would you want on your side if you were in a ...”
The Gospel of Prevention
“By Bob RussellSince “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” we vaccinate ...”
Special Challenges
“By Jeanne M. Phelan“Jeanne, do you think you could care for a 7-year-old boy with ...”
Autism: A Parent Perspective
“By Kelly CarrFor this topic of special needs, I talked to my sister-in-law, Heather Carr. ...”
Pressing on Toward the Goal
“By Geri Lieb BenterPassion is a driving force and takes people to the ultimate limit ...”
My Marathon Man
“By Tina W. GanongMy husband, Marty, ran 20 miles before church last week. He even ...”
In The World—August 7, 2016
“By Melissa WuskeOlympian Praises God Despite Spinal InjuryJamie Nieto, former U.S. Olympic high jumper from ...”
The Olympic Spirit Under Attack
“By Terry MageeHow would you respond if you thought you had won a contest, only ...”
Hard Work, Discipline, & Focus
“By Kelly CarrMy dad had joked that it would be all downhill from here. He ...”
Living Under God’s Mercy—The Uniform Lesson for August 14, 2016
“By Mark ScottIn the church at Rome, there was tension that you could cut with ...”
The Rowdy Child
“By David FaustIt already had been a long night even before we boarded the plane. ...”
Raising Kids Who Persevere
“By Bev and Phil HaasOur son gets frustrated when faced with difficult tasks. Whether it’s ...”
The Lesson and Life for August 14, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Romans 9:6-18By Mike BerryI’ve often thought, I don’t deserve all of these ...”
Where You Live for August 14, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael Mack1. Who is the most famous or interesting person in your family tree?Read ...”
Leaders & Followers Serving Together
“By H. Lynn GardnerLeaders and followers serving together produce effective organizations, including churches.LeadersA leader is ...”
8 Ways to Be a Great Team Member
“By Phil KendonLeading a team and being part of a team each have their own ...”
Are We Talking Teams?
“By Kelly CarrI’m one of those people who likes brainstorming. I know others who find ...”
In The World—August 14, 2016
“By Melissa WuskeBurundi Woman Awarded for Saving LivesThe Aurora Prize, “an international initiative recognizing the ...”
Grafted In—The Uniform Lesson for August 21, 2016
“By Mark ScottDad used to say, “The greatest word in John 3:16 is ‘whosoever,’ because ...”
Equipping Change Makers
“By Jacqueline J. HolnessBirthed in 1999, Catalyst is a nondenominational organization that defines itself as ...”
Being a Leader Worth Following
“By Kathy BruinsDid you love playing Follow the Leader as a kid? One person leads ...”
The Lesson and Life for August 21, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Romans 5:1-11By Mike BerryMany years ago I attended a Christmas musical at ...”
Where You Live for August 21, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack1. Do you like to garden? What are your favorite things to ...”
Can We Skip the Growing Pains?
“By David FaustSomeone has said, “Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but it ...”
How Introverts Can Participate in an Extroverted Church
“By Elizabeth ReidOver the last several years, personality labels have become incredibly popular. My Facebook ...”
I Don’t Hate You; I Disagree With You
“By David FaustNoah’s animals aren’t the only things that come in pairs. It takes two ...”
The Lesson and Life for August 28, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Romans 12:1, 2; 13:8-10By Mike BerryI remember the first time I was ...”
Personality Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together in Your Home, Career, and Community
“By Karen O’ConnorOur lives, like those of millions around the world, are filled with different ...”
The Importance of Balance
“By Joel Jackson & Kyle SomerfeldtThe contrast is always striking. Even after a long, exhausting ...”
Introverts, Extroverts, & Deepening Friendships
“By Kelly CarrThis summer we were blessed when two dear couples who had moved to ...”
Where You Live for August 28, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack1. Why do you think people so often and so easily go ...”
Personal Care for Patients
“By Jamie Shafer“For me, it’s all about one-on-one interaction with the patients,” shared Stephanie Hart, ...”
In The World—August 21, 2016
“By Melissa WuskeBiblical Engagement Among MillennialsWhile millennials overall are most likely to be skeptical of ...”
Love Fulfills the Law—The Uniform Lesson for August 28, 2016
“By Mark ScottThe most outstanding attribute of God is love (1 John 4:8). The greatest ...”
An Unusual Form of Freedom—Life Application for September 4, 2016
“By David FaustShe looked serene as she walked into my office. She had requested an ...”
Epic Fail
“By Kelly CarrLittle did we know when we chose this topic that our editorial team ...”
Woven Together
“By Laura McKillip WoodThe story of Tom, Ryan, and Maggie* spans three continents and many ...”
Falling Down & Getting Back Up Again
“By Claire KinneyWhen my sister was in third grade, she did a project on her ...”
Victory Over Failure
“By Dr. Rhansyl HarrisIt was the Cincinnati poet Nikki Giovanni who said, “I really don’t ...”
The Peaceful Kingdom—The Uniform Lesson for September 4, 2016
“By Mark ScottThe Prince of Peace knew that wars and rumors of wars were standard ...”
Evaluation Questions for September 4, 2016
“By David FaustThese questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word.Sunday ...”
The Blessing of Failure
“By Liz McEwanI’ve always been comfortably above average. Not a genius. Not an overachiever. Not ...”
In The World—August 28, 2016
“By Melissa WuskeOvertime Pay for MinistersAccording to a new Department of Labor decision, all employers ...”
Extravagant, Covenant Love
“By Laurel ThomasIt was a superb setup in my grandmother’s garden. I was 4 years ...”
Love: Revisited
“By Naomi CassataAgape love is not a mere suggestion, but a command. “Dear friends, let ...”
Speechless—Life Application for September 11, 2016
“By David FaustAre you familiar with the word verklempt? According to a Jewish dictionary, “verklempt ...”
Bounty of Spiritual Fruit
“By Kelly CarrDo you like fruit? It’s summertime as I write this, and I am ...”
Sheltering Your Kids
“By Bev and Phil HaasThere are lots of disturbing things happening in our world. Is ...”
The Mountain of God—The Uniform Lesson for September 11, 2016
“By Mark ScottGod does some of his most important work on mountains. God’s wrath against ...”
Evaluation Questions for September 11, 2016
“By David FaustThese questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word.Sunday ...”
In The World—September 4, 2016
“By Melissa WuskeNew Version of the BibleWant a different glimpse of the Scriptures? Try Bible ...”
The Glory of Insignificance
“By Rebecca LandryKids have a way of saying things that requires something of you. They ...”
Joy in the Face of Tragedy
“By Kelly Carr Today marks the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the World ...”
The Old Testament: A Journal of Joy
“By Doug RedfordIf one were to ask people what they associate with Old Testament religion, ...”
Joy at Grandma’s House
“By Nancy HoagSome say childhood disappears quickly and never returns, but I call mine back ...”
Defeating the Enemies of Joy
“By Pati PageUnexpected thieves seek to steal a precious gift purchased for us. They hover ...”
Foundations of the Earth—The Uniform Lesson for September 18, 2016
“By Mark ScottThere are such things as primal realities. Examples include the law of gravity, ...”
Renew Your Strength—Life Application for September 18, 2016
“By David FaustGod’s capacity to get things done far surpasses ours. We use preexisting items ...”
A Daddy Named Joy
“By Teresa WellsMy dad’s name was Joy. It was an ironic moniker for my stoic ...”
What’s in a Name?
“By Jacqueline J. HolnessEver since I was a little girl, I was always fascinated with ...”
Evaluation Questions for September 18, 2016
“By David FaustThese questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word.Sunday ...”
In The World—September 11, 2016
“By Melissa WuskePersecution Does Not Stop Chinese ChurchesA Chinese church member told China Aid, a ...”
Everlasting Covenant—The Uniform Lesson for September 25, 2016
“By Mark Scott God likes covenants because he dislikes misunderstandings. He likes agreements, pacts, and contracts. ...”
Making Peace Through the Law
“By Jamie Shafer To Ron Dove, becoming a lawyer was more than just choosing a career ...”
Evaluation Questions for September 25, 2016
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Peace from the Lord
“By Kelly Carr Peace is a word we might hear often, yet it conjures up different ...”
In The World—September 18, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Religious Restrictions Around the World Pew Research released its annual study on global religious ...”
Peace by Piece
“By Janet M. Todd “What about this one?” Tim, my husband, asked as he lifted a ...”
What Do You Find in the Bible?—Life Application for September 25, 2016
“By David Faust My mother gave me five tattered leather-bound volumes of Adam Clarke’s commentary on ...”
Becoming a Beacon of Peace
“By John W. Dorroh It was early April when my high school physics students—many of them ...”
Threefold Peace
“By Terry Magee Peace. Everyone claims they are seeking it, yet it remains elusive. We pray ...”
Scooby’s Great Escape
“By Sandi Brown Patience. Doesn’t that word just make you cringe? Patience is something that is ...”
The Radiance of God’s Glory—The Uniform Lesson for October 2, 2016
“By Mark Scott Dennis Kinlaw wrote a book entitled Let’s Start with Jesus. It’s a book ...”
I Hate to Wait
“By Kelly Carr I know I’ve said it before, but I hate to wait: •  In the ...”
Evaluation Questions for October 2, 2016
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Learning to Wait Well
“By Laurel Brunk We run up escalators, race through yellow lights, and make reservations at restaurants. ...”
Choosing to Go Slowly
“By Beth Jarvis “Ich rede. Ich rede.” I talk. I talk. Asil was busy talking. We had ...”
Patience in Parenting
“By Christy Heitger-Ewing I vividly recall the first insult because it happened just one week after ...”
The Radiant Servant King—Life Application for October 2, 2016
“By David Faust Radiant. Most of us don’t use that word very often. We reserve it ...”
Patience in Process
“By Laura McKillip Wood Jeff and Michele Royce know a little about patience. They began their ...”
In The World—September 25, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Businesses Helping Homeless The Le Carillon project in Paris’s 11th arrondissement neighborhood aims to ...”
Christ, the Home Builder—Life Application for October 9, 2016
“By David Faust Architecture varies from one culture to another. I grew up in a farm ...”
In The World—October 2, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Hobby Helps People Living on the Streets Judy Gardner, a senior citizen in New ...”
Dealing with Our Differences
“By Bev & Phil Haas My husband and I are so different. At times it seems ...”
Trouble on the Freeway
“By Eugenie Daniels Did you ever feel that God had failed you? Sitting on the side ...”
“I See You—You Are Valued”
“By Kelly Carr Our family was walking home from an evening event in the park. There ...”
Evaluation Questions for October 9, 2016
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Learning from People Who Are Different from Us
“By Karen O’Connor We need to develop a kind disposition, to be sensitive to others and ...”
5 Principles the Bible Teaches About Kindness
“By Brian Jennings The village lacked running water or electricity. I’d just finished preaching a sermon ...”
Builder of the House—The Uniform Lesson for October 9, 2016
“By Mark Scott Our grandkids enjoyed watching a television show called Bob the Builder. The refrain ...”
The Presidential Election
“By Jacqueline J. Holness In just under a month, our nation will elect its 45th president. ...”
Is There Goodness Left?
“By Kelly Carr •  When I talk to my Venezuelan friends who describe the atmosphere of ...”
Using Our Ears for God’s Good
“By Monica Cane I knew I was officially grown up when my aunt Gladys from New ...”
Holy Goodness
“By Steven Clark Goad One particular Scripture text often puzzles me somewhat. It is the one ...”
The School of Hard Knocks—Life Application for October 16, 2016
“By David Faust Do you remember your first grade classroom? I can still picture mine at ...”
Taste and See Even When God Doesn’t Seem Good
“By Tanya Cowley Once upon a time, I had this really bad habit of keeping score. ...”
The Great High Priest—The Uniform Lesson for October 16, 2016
“By Mark Scott The Bible is full of priests. There is a sense in which all ...”
In The World—October 9, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Evangelism Tool Transcends Literacy Evangelists in Sierra Leone and other regions have a new ...”
Evaluation Questions for October 16, 2016
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Am I Faithful to God?
“By Roger Wayne Hicks Many hymns and other Christian songs vividly remind us of the faithfulness ...”
Flying High with Jesus—Life Application for October 23, 2016
“By David Faust What does it mean to say Jesus “always lives to intercede” for us? ...”
Home Again, Home Again
“By Laura Hicks Hardy The bedside table holds three books: a children’s book of nursery rhymes, ...”
Safe Travels in the Airline Industry
“By Jamie Shafer Ecclesiastes 3 tells us there is a season for everything. We know we ...”
In The World—October 16, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske The Pain of Converting from Islam Author Nabeel Qureshi grew up as a Muslim ...”
Second Chances
“By Dawn Gentry My husband, Harold, and I have been married 30 years. Some days are ...”
A Faithful Fan
“By Kelly Carr Considering faithfulness, a vivid example that springs to mind is a sports fans. ...”
Faithless in Little, Faithless in Much
“By T. R. Robertson When I was 6 years old, my parents accidentally left me behind ...”
The High Priest Forever—the Uniform Lesson for October 23, 2016
“By Mark Scott How long is forever? On this side of eternity, forever is difficult to ...”
 Evaluation Questions for October 23, 2016
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
My Grandparents’ Faithfulness
“By Javan Rowe We have all heard that cliché about making faith our own. The truth ...”
Helping Orphans Succeed
“By Laura McKillip Wood Gentleness isn’t a concept many of the children Orphan Helpers works with ...”
Model of Endurance—The Uniform Lesson for October 30, 2016
“By Mark Scott One of my college professors titled a chapel sermon, “Love.” We thought the ...”
A Gentleman with Agreeable Answers
“By Nancy Hoag My husband is both a gentleman and a gentle man who puts the ...”
Evaluation Questions for October 30, 2016
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
The Gentle Whisper
“By Kelly Carr Gentleness is something I think of to describe the feel of a soft ...”
What I Learned from Gentle Bill
“By Daniel Darling “Leaders are not nice,” I was told by the man who ordained me ...”
A Perfect Day for the Church—Life Application for October 30, 2016
“By David Faust In their book, Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore, authors Thom ...”
Gentleness: Quiet Power at Work
“By Doug Redford Watch a mother dry the tears of a child who’s fallen while playing ...”
In The World—October 23, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Overcoming Odds for Education Fred Barley, age 19, is not a typical student. He ...”
Widowed and Tempted
“By Veda Thomas Hall Widow—I still cringe when I hear the word. It’s not what I ...”
No More—Life Application for November 6, 2016
“By David Faust The cry of our time is for more. More money. More technology. More ...”
Confessions of an Impulsive Shopper
“By Nicole R. Pramik Shopping has evolved into a pastime. Can you relate? Impulsive shopping involves making ...”
In The World—October 30, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Talking Politics or Religion? Nearly 60 percent of Americans would rather talk about their ...”
Heading for Home with a Glad Heart
“Billy Graham wrote a book titled, Nearing Home: Life, Faith, and Finishing Well. He began ...”
Brand New—The Uniform Lesson for November 6, 2016
“By Mark Scott The New Testament has two different Greek words translated new (four times in ...”
Resisting the Devil
“By H. Lynn Gardner After Jesus’ baptism at the beginning of his ministry, the devil attempted ...”
“By Kelly Carr Self-control—does anyone have it all the time? Doubtful. Just when I feel confident ...”
Evaluation Questions for November 6, 2016
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
The Marginalized Among Us
“By Michael P. Murphy Imagine you live in a 1,200-square-foot home with more than 20 family ...”
Civic Duty—More Than Voting
“By Kelly Carr I’m glad we vote this week. I’m ready for the election to be ...”
What I Learned About Being an American While Living in China
“By Amy Young I had no idea how American I was until I moved to China. ...”
How Then Shall We Vote?
“By Steve Carr This year’s American presidential campaign has been fascinating. The compelling spectacle has captured ...”
Teaching Respect
“By Bev & Phil Haas How can I teach my children to show respect in a ...”
Foretastes of Glory—Life Application for November 13, 2016
“By David Faust Fanny Crosby was blind, but God gifted her with the spiritual insight to ...”
New Jerusalem—The Uniform Lesson for November 13, 2016
“By Mark Scott Jerusalem is a stunning city. When the sun hits this city of stone, ...”
Evaluation Questions for November 13, 2016
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
In The World—November 6, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Drones Drop Bibles Over ISIS Territory The Word of Life Church in Uppsala, Sweden, ...”
The Hispanic Church in the U.S.
“By Miguel Lara Discipleship has similarities and differences across diverse cultures. If I am to talk ...”
Healing the Nations—Life Application for November 20, 2016
“By David Faust Among the images of Heaven in the final chapter of the Bible, none ...”
Discipleship Through Extravagant Love
“By Beth Guckenberger My husband, Todd, and I met in March of 1990, and as a ...”
Evaluation Questions for November 20, 2016
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
In The World—November 13, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Better Hospitals for the Elderly “The older you are, the worse the hospital is ...”
Make Disciples Who Make Disciples
“By Mike Schrage Since we often hear the bad news in the world, I think we’re ...”
Help Us Show Your Love Near & Far
“By Kelly Carr Ever since she was old enough to understand, once a week during bedtime ...”
Diving In
“By Laura McKillip Wood Jim Bettison grew up in a family he describes as “churchgoers but ...”
Living Waters—The Uniform Lesson for November 20, 2016
“By Mark Scott So much of our environment and lives have to do with water. Think ...”
More Precious Than Silver
“By Jamie Shafer Amanda Grella’s journey has been one focused on creative expression, gratefulness, generosity, hard ...”
Gratitude: In View of God’s Mercy
“An interview with Trip Lee by Kelly Carr, editor Trip Lee is a pastor, an author, ...”
Carrying on the Thanksgiving Tradition
“By Janet L. Jackson Thanksgiving always brought joy to my heart and stomach when I was ...”
Thankfulness in Terrible Times
“By Victor Knowles He was a prisoner of war, far from home in a foreign country ...”
Thanks Never Goes Out of Style
“By Kelly Carr One podcast I enjoy listening to each week is Awesome Etiquette. Hosts Lizzie ...”
The Thanksgiving Façade: Supporting Silent Sufferers
“By Shayla L. Hilton Oh, the sounds of Thanksgiving! Laughter and joy echo from every room ...”
From Beginning to End—Life Application for November 27, 2016
“By David Faust A good story grabs your attention at the start and never lets your ...”
First and Last—The Uniform Lesson for November 27, 2016
“By Mark Scott On this first day of Advent we consider the last passage of the ...”
In The World—November 20, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Community Repairs Racist Vandalism While Marvin Phillips and his family were away on a ...”
Evaluation Questions for November 27, 2016
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
God Promises a Savior—The Uniform Lesson for December 4, 2016
“By Mark Scott One thing that we can take to the bank is that God always ...”
Tithing Your Time
“By Dr. Wendy LeBolt “I plan to have a little chat with God when things settle ...”
Giving: A Faith Journey
“By Susie Kearley It’s great when Christians are able to give lots of money to the ...”
The Other Question
“By Elizabeth Reid I have a picture on my wall of the gang of missionary kids ...”
Giving God the Firstfruits
“By Valerie Jones It’s that time in the worship service when the music plays and the ...”
Evaluation Questions for December 4, 2016
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. These ...”
How Will This Be?—Life Application for December 4, 2016
“By David Faust In the late 1800s when visionaries proposed connecting Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with the ...”
Should I Keep Tithing?
“By Jacqueline J. Holness “God Vs. Your Bank Account: Can You Afford to Tithe?” was the ...”
In The World—November 27, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Teens’ Views on the Bible Nearly 70 percent of American teens own a Bible, ...”
Can I Pay You Back?
“By Kelly Carr I have a tough time receiving gifts. Actually I love receiving gifts in ...”
Sabbath: Coloring Outside the Lines
“An interview with Margaret Feinberg by Kelly Carr, editor Do you recall that childhood enjoyment of ...”
It Is What It Is—Life Application for December 11, 2016
“By David Faust We’re all familiar with motivational plaques you see on workplace walls. I appreciate ...”
STOP—Things Can Wait
“By Kelly Carr Rest . . . ahhhhh. That’s got to be the sixth love language, ...”
The Affirmation of the Promise—The Uniform Lesson for December 11, 2016
“By Mark Scott Few things feel as good as affirmation. Is this because we are so ...”
In The World—December 4, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Christians Act with Compassion Toward Refugees While the news is often filled with rhetoric ...”
Surviving Your Extended Family
“By Phil & Bev Haas It’s not easy to admit, but my extended family is a ...”
Evaluation Questions for December 11, 2016
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
In the Middle of Nowhere
“By Renata Vicente I consider myself an expert at finding “nowhere” everywhere. On my first international ...”
Working to Rest
“By Sarah Mae Ratliff God gave the command of observing the Sabbath, but we often feel ...”
Do You Distrust Rest?
“By Sean Palmer It’s late. Not terribly late, but later than I’d normally find myself waiting ...”
Paradoxical Parenthood—Life Application for December 18, 2016
“By David Faust Year after year they tried to have a baby, but with zero results. ...”
What I Wish I Had Known About Grief
“By Blake Oliver I was at the hospital when they “called it.” Nothing prepares you for ...”
When the Circle Has Been Broken
“By Megan E. Vance I never thought my tears would stop. One sad day long ago, ...”
Evaluation Questions for December 18, 2016
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Submitting to Grief and Loss
“By Karen O’Connor Dr. Wu closed the door behind him as he entered the small, sterile ...”
Why Me, Lord?
“By Steven Clark Goad We are daily surrounded by sorrow and grief and pain. Sometimes it ...”
Friendships Are Good for Your Health
“By Jacqueline J. Holness “Squad goals” is a social media term that gained popularity in 2015 ...”
The Forerunner of the Savior—The Uniform Lesson for December 18, 2016
“By Mark Scott Musicians have their warm-up acts, knights have their introducers, kings have their cupbearers, ...”
In The World—December 11, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Growth of Megachurches—in the U.S. and Worldwide Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, ...”
Loss Shapes Our Perspective
“By Kelly Carr I became acquainted with grief at a young age. When I was 5 years ...”
Many Ways to the Manger
“By Nicole R. Pramik The story of Christ’s birth has a rather diverse cast, from his ...”
The Gift of Christmas
“By Tyler Edwards Have you ever wanted something so badly it was all you could think ...”
We Do This Every Year—Life Application for December 25, 2016
“By David Faust There’s a predictable familiarity about Christmas. Every December we watch the same movies ...”
In The World—December 18, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Clipping Coupons for Those in Need Lauren Puryear of Woodbridge, Virginia, is an avid ...”
“By Kelly Carr A friend was visiting with a minister back at the end of the ...”
The Savior Has Arrived—The Uniform Lesson for December 25, 2016
“By Mark Scott “The Savior has arrived.” That is quite a headline. Big news. Make no ...”
Evaluation Questions for December 25, 2016
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Faith that Serves and Protects
“By Jamie Shafer For almost 12 years Sergeant Chris Wilburn has been serving on the streets ...”
A Priceless Holiday
“By Eunice Porter But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you ...”
Evaluation Questions for January 1, 2017
“By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday ...”
Christmas Through Tears
“By Doug Redford In its opening verse, the beloved Christmas carol “Silent Night” describes a scene ...”
In The World—December 25, 2016
“By Melissa Wuske Americans Believe in Miraculous Healing About two-thirds (66 percent) of American adults believe that ...”
Christmas Hope
“By Drew Coons Christmas means many things to different people. Family, gifts, vacation, traditions, carols, and ...”
React to Christmas
“By Kelly Carr There are many ways people reacted over 2,000 years ago to a small ...”
Unexpected Lessons in My Father’s World—Life Application for January 1, 2017
“David Faust Do you know that groundhogs can climb trees? I didn’t realize this was possible, ...”
A World of Opportunity
“Laura McKillip Wood Every November when she was a child, Rebecca Monnier and her family helped ...”
The Wayward Nativity Scene
“By Bob Laver It was quite a nativity scene. The Wise Men were trying to stay ...”
Praise God for Creation—The Uniform Lesson for January 1, 2017
“By Mark Scott Mother Nature is not God’s wife, but creation is God’s gift. It is ...”
A Resolution Worth Keeping
“By Bev and Phil HaasEvery year my husband and I make a few New Year’s ...”
In the World—January 4, 2015
“By Christy BarrittRestaurant Owner with Disability ThrivesRestaurant owner Tim Harris believes in offering three things ...”
Jesus’ Prayer for His Disciples--The Uniform Lesson for January 11, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneThe night when Jesus was betrayed was filled with significance. Matthew, Mark, ...”
What’s New?
“By Kelly Carr  Does today feel any different to you? Can you sense that we are ...”
The Starting Point—Genesis 1:1
“By David FaustThe new quickly becomes old. Drive a new car off the lot and it ...”
How to Discover Gold in Bible Study
“By Rick Ezell Imagine living in the mid 1800s and hearing that gold has been discovered. ...”
WHERE YOU LIVE—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for January 11, 2015
“By Michael C. MackIf Jesus were praying for your group or your church, what specifically ...”
The Hiding Place
“By Doug RedfordMost everyone who has attended Vacation Bible School remembers the pledges that were ...”
THE LESSON AND LIFE—January 11, 2015
“By Miguel LaraWhat do you do when you are about to take a long trip ...”
101 Ideas to Study God’s Word
“By Michael C. Mack  Has your study of God’s Word become tedious or tiresome? You’re not ...”
New Look for the New Year
“We've got a new look for The Lookout. Click on the cover image and flip ...”
WHERE YOU LIVE—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for January 18, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack What people or situations do you most sympathize with? Where does that ...”
Human Trafficking
“In this issue of The Lookout, we delve into the tough subject of human trafficking. ...”
Atheist Advocates Gain Ground
“By Jacqueline J. HolnessAt the start of each year, we Americans customarily make resolutions and ...”
No Room in the Inn (for Boys)
“By Brian JenningsThe story repeats over and over, but the horrific shock remains. Hopelessness highlights ...”
In Your Backyard: Human Trafficking in the U.S.
“By Kathleen BruinsShe stared at me without saying a word.“What’s wrong, Cassandra?”“You said his name. ...”
Just One Person
“By Kelly Carr  My Bible study small group was studying Micah 6:8 recently. A friend said ...”
Exiting Exploitation: Behind the Dark Curtain of Bondage
“By Joyce Long “If I go and be a prostitute, I know I can make more ...”
Jesus’ Intercession for Us—The Uniform Lesson for January 18
“By Sam E. StoneThe writer of Hebrews reminded Jewish Christians of the new dispensation’s superiority ...”
THE LESSON AND LIFE for January 18, 2015
“By Miguel LaraJames Dobson, in his Family Legacy Series simulcast, talked about his personal family ...”
In The World—January 11, 2015
“By Christy BarrittCity Policies May Hurt the PoorA report by the National Coalition for the ...”
Selling Out—Genesis 25
“By David FaustSellouts come in many forms. Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. ...”
In The World—January 18, 2015
“By Christy Barritt Men Deliberately Flub Housework? Many men deliberately perform poorly when it comes to housework ...”
Powerful Prayer—The Uniform Lesson for January 25
“By Sam E. Stone This month’s theme, “Learning to Pray,” helps us consider the topic of ...”
What People Facing Unplanned Pregnancies Really Need from Us
“By Lindsey BellNot long ago, I overheard a couple of women talking about a young ...”
Sanctity of Life: Neglected and Attacked
“By Donna BrendelI couldn’t say the words out loud, so I worked as fast as ...”
THE LESSON AND LIFE for January 25, 2015
“By Miguel Lara James discussed several types of prayers in James 5:13-18: prayer and joy in ...”
Joy Comes in the Morning
“By Sharon Nickerson“Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning” (Psalm ...”
Sanctity Beyond the Womb
“By Kelly Carr When I consider all the efforts, prayers, and time that Christians put into ...”
After the Struggle, Dawn—Genesis 32:22-32
“By David FaustYears ago my brothers and I were wrestling in my room. Somehow the ...”
WHERE YOU LIVE—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for  January 25, 2015
“By Michael C. MackWilliam Cowper said, “Satan trembles when he sees the weakest Christian on ...”
Valuing Life
“Today on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, we share with you several testimonies and consider ...”
Flickers of Hope
“By Jamie ShaferKate Walsh’s Peripeti Home candles make impressions wherever they go. Crafted from all-natural ...”
In The World—January 25, 2015
“By Christy Barritt5.8 Billion People Have Access to Bible According to Wycliffe Bible Translators USA, an ...”
Positive Peer Pressure
“By Kelly Carr Health habits are a lot like peer pressure—it’s easiest to do what those ...”
A Hobbit for All Seasons
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr Peter Jackson’s third Hobbit film has been in theaters for a ...”
The Healing Power of God’s Natural Produce
“By Susie KearleyI used to not believe in the power of God-given nutrition. It took ...”
Happy, Healthy You!
“We want to encourage all of us to come together and find ways to take ...”
Savoring Sweet Sleep
“By Karen O’ConnorHave you ever been desperate for a good night’s sleep? That was my ...”
The Lesson and Life for February 1, 2015
“By Ali DenneyOn a recent trip to Haiti, a friend commented on the grotesque amount ...”
Feasting and Fasting—The Uniform Lesson for February 1
“By Sam E. Stone“The Book of Daniel has attracted more interest than any book of the ...”
Gathered to His People—Genesis 49:33
“By David FaustTrying to be tasteful, a corporate memo described mechanics fired from their jobs ...”
Physical Exercise and Spiritual Growth
“By David Timms A month ago we celebrated Christmas. A month before that, Thanksgiving. A month ...”
Where You Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for February 1, 2015
“By Michael C. MackWhat is the weirdest diet you’ve ever tried? What is the strangest ...”
The Lesson and Life for February 8, 2015
“By Ali DenneyHow often do we live our lives just wanting to do the bare ...”
If We Couldn’t Pray—Exodus 2:23-25
“By David FaustOf all the blessings we take for granted, what is greater than the ...”
Where You Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for February 8, 2015
“By Michael C. MackHave you ever been in need and were surprised by someone else’s ...”
In The World—February 1, 2015
“By Christy BarrittCharacteristics of Genuinely Friendly ChurchesThom Rainer, President of LifeWay Christian Resources, analyzed data ...”
Hustle and Heart
“By Kelly Carr  Sports have been a part of my life ever since I can remember.  My ...”
An Athlete on Purpose
“By Anne WilsonAfter his failed Olympic hockey tryout in 1982, Paul Kobylarz found himself coming ...”
Serving God in the Ring
“By Monica Cane When Richard Perez was in his early 30s, he sensed a message from ...”
Daunted But Not Defeated
“By Dr. Barry ThorntonSometimes divine appointments occur in our daily lives when we’re least expecting ...”
Bedroom Confessions
“By Bev and Phil HaasI realize this may sound somewhat selfish, but my needs are ...”
Serving Neighbors, Serving God—The Uniform Lesson for February 8
“By Sam E. StoneAfter Jesus concluded his Galilean ministry, he began to make his way ...”
Game On
“It's a great day for NFL fans—the big game. In The Lookout discovered the stories ...”
Where You Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for February 15, 2015
“By Michael C. MackThink back to the playground when kids chose teams. What was that ...”
On Our Good Days
“By Kelly Carr  While lunching with some coworkers, one of them said that she finds certain ...”
Red and Yellow, Black and White—We Are Precious
“By Evelyn EngI felt like an outcast in my own church. I did not grow ...”
Serving the Least—The Uniform Lesson for February 15, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneThe four lessons this month show the importance of a believer’s stewardship ...”
Racial Reconciliation Sunday
“What does life look like from someone else's point of view? Let's examine how the ...”
When Bias Is Skin Deep
“By Jacqueline J. HolnessMy husband is often the big black guy in the room. At ...”
Bedrock Principles—Exodus 20:1-17
“By David FaustAs a Hebrew father and his son take an early evening walk in ...”
When Churches Care About Diversity
“By Daryl Reed In 2009 I was invited to speak at Mountain Christian Church in Joppa, ...”
The Lesson and Life for February 15, 2015
“By Ali DenneyLife is characterized by seasons. Sometimes it’s spring, where everything blossoms into stunning ...”
Calling All Nathans
“By Dr. Rhansyl HarrisWhen I was a little boy my mother taught my brothers and ...”
In The World—February 8, 2015
“By Christy BarrittLoneliness Is a DiseaseA new study suggests that loneliness isn’t a symptom of ...”
The Blessing of Singleness
“By Kathleen TrisselThe blessing of singleness is not always seen—but on the other side of ...”
When “We” Becomes “Me” Again
“By Amanda FillebrownMarriage changes lots of things. A spouse fills one of the closest relationships ...”
Navigating Life as a Christian, Single Male
“By Brian JenningsWhen I neared graduation from Ozark Christian College without a spouse, I wondered ...”
Family Matters: The Single Life
“This week we begin a 4-part Family Matters series by looking at The Single Life. ...”
In The World—February 15, 2015
“By Christy BarrittFilipino Girl Marries Boy Who Sent Shoebox of GiftsTyrel Wolfe from Idaho was ...”
Let’s Ask
“By Kelly Carr  Today we start a series about families. Family can mean a lot of ...”
THE LESSON AND LIFE for February 22, 2015
“By Ali DenneyToday’s Scripture takes me back to my childhood. Sunday School BaggageHere I am, impressionable ...”
A Cup Overflowing
“By Jamie ShaferDave Baldwin said God has taught his family many lessons through the launch ...”
Glimpses of Glory—Exodus 33
“By David FaustAt breakfast with a couple of men the other day, we laughed about ...”
Clothed and Ready—The Uniform Lesson for February 22
“By Sam E. StoneToday we complete this quarter’s survey of practical help for Christian living. Having ...”
WHERE YOU LIVE—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for February 22, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack1. Imagine that during your small group meeting you are attacked by ...”
Singles in Our Congregations—Are They Encouraged or Discouraged?
“By Brian JenningsNo church leaders intend to discourage singles in their congregation, but leaders ought ...”
In The World—February 22, 2015
“By Christy BarrittPoll: Americans Support Gun Rights More than Gun Control For the first time in ...”
Three Things Parents of Teens Know—But Don’t Act Like They Believe
“By Laury L. DavisThis morning my husband tried to give fashion advice to our 14- ...”
Parents, You’re Not Alone
“By Kelly Carr What comes to your mind when you hear the word family? That likely ...”
Family Matters: Through the Years
“Part 2 of our Family Matters series looks at parenting through the years. Are your ...”
Beauty, Glory, & Truth
“By Dr. Charlie W. StarrBeauty appeals to the imagination. In part that means it appeals ...”
Supporting, Not Smothering, Adult Children
“By Terry MageeWhen I walked my daughter down the aisle, I knew we had reached ...”
Beginning the Journey into Parenthood
“By Anne WilsonI had a conversation with myself this morning, and it went like this: ...”
THE LESSON AND LIFE for March 1, 2015
“By S’ambrosia WasikeHave you ever imagined what it would be like to be counted among ...”
Not My Favorite Book—Leviticus
“By David FaustMost Bible readers don’t place the book of Leviticus high on their list of ...”
Where You Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for March 1, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack 1. If you could be introduced to any living person, who would ...”
The Lamb of God—The Uniform Lesson for March 1
“By Sam E. StoneThis month’s lessons highlight “The Pledge of God’s Presence,” as seen in ...”
Only the Stepfather
“By Nancy HoagI was a single mother waiting tables, delivering newspapers, raising my little girl, ...”
Tend the Lamps—Leviticus 24:1-4
“By David FaustWe take light for granted. Flip a switch and you can light up every ...”
WHERE YOU LIVE—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for March 8, 2015
“By Michael C. MackThink of a time when someone you love broke the news that ...”
Another Advocate—The Uniform Lesson for March 8
“By Sam E. StoneIn his Gospel, the apostle John often focused on a central theme ...”
THE LESSON AND LIFE for March 8, 2015
“By S’ambrosia WasikeThere was a time when listening to my mother lecture me with Bible ...”
In The World—March 1, 2015
“By Christy Barritt Man Looks for Stranger with Ex-Girlfriend’s NameA Canadian man will go on a ...”
I Challenge You . . .
“By Sandi BrownJesus commands us in the Great Commission to reach out to the world ...”
He’s Crying
“By Kelly Carr  My friends Scott and Robyn Duebber have been foster parents for several years. ...”
Living in the Mix: Help and Hope for Unconventional Families
“By Karen O’ConnorI remember well the day my Grandpa Ennis, my mother’s father, came to ...”
Blending Families Successfully
“We are beginning to blend two families into one. This is much harder than either ...”
Family Matters: Mixed and Blended
“Part 3 of our Family Matters series is called Mixed & Blending. We look at ...”
The Spirit of Truth—The Uniform Lesson for March 15, 2015
“By Sam E. Stone The Holy Spirit’s role was noted on several occasions during Jesus’ earthly ...”
In The World—March 8, 2015
“By Christy BarrittMost Popular Bible VersesYouVersion Bible App revealed the most popular verses people looked ...”
Resting in Peace
“By Donna BrendelI’ve lost many family members over the years, starting with my mom when ...”
Honoring Mom and Dad
“By Kelly Carr In our final installment of the family series, we look at caring for ...”
What’s Best for Your Aging Parent?
“By Lynn DukeWhen should a family come up with a plan for taking care of ...”
Solid-Rock Confidence
“By T. R. RobertsonMy 82-year-old father was sick at Thanksgiving. By Christmas he was diagnosed ...”
We Can Certainly Do It—Numbers 13 & 14
“By David Faust“With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26), but the four words, “It ...”
WHERE YOU LIVE—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for March 15, 2015
“By Michael C. MackWhat were the circumstances when your parents, a teacher, or some other ...”
THE LESSON AND LIFE for March 15, 2015
“By S’ambrosia WasikeThere are times in our lives when situations arise that we just cannot ...”
Family Matters: Parenting Parents
“As we wrap up our Family Matters series, we look at the challenges and blessings ...”
A Long Goodbye
“By Tammy DarlingOctober 6, 2010—the day will forever be etched in my mind. That day ...”
Eternity Beckons: Mom’s Journey Home
“By Joyce LongDarkness enveloped the bedroom as the phone’s blast interrupted our deep sleep. My ...”
Protestants and the Season of Lent 
“By Jacqueline J. Holness If you grew up in a Protestant church like I did, you ...”
Where You Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for March 22, 2015
“By Michael C. MackImagine your group must carry out a seemingly impossible task—something so big ...”
Work: Rules, Retiring, & Our Real Job
“Work—groan. That word usually doesn't invite excitement. But in our 2-part series on work, we'll ...”
Work Is Not a Curse
“By Kelly CarrDolly Parton lamented working “9 to 5,” and Lee Dorsey crooned the plight of ...”
Break the Snake—Numbers 21:4-9
“By David FaustI’m not orphidiophobic (possessing an abnormal fear of snakes) or even herpetophobic (fearing ...”
In The World—March 15, 2015
“By Christy BarrittChristians in North Korea Facing More DangerDavid Curry, the CEO of Open Doors ...”
Our Real Job
“By Eva JuliusonLooking for a job can be confusing, scary, depressing, and often a long, ...”
Helping Others Find Their Way Home
“By Jamie ShaferFor many American families, owning a home seems like a far-off dream that ...”
The Lesson and Life for March 22, 2015
“By S’ambrosia WasikeThroughout the Bible, God seemed to have a habit of granting special encounters ...”
A Future—Even in Retirement
“By Eunice M. PorterWhen I lived in Portland, Oregon, each morning as I walked to ...”
On-the-Job Rule #42
“By T. R. RobertsonMy son got his first job when he was 15, as a ...”
The Spirit of Peace—The Uniform Lesson for March 22, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneThis month’s study in the Gospel of John comes full circle today. ...”
The Lesson and Life for March 29, 2015
“By S’ambrosia WasikeThere is something to be said about the beauty of personal times of ...”
“Did you hear about . . . ?”
“By Kelly CarrI’m all about a good story. My favorite books are fictional with relatable ...”
Like a Girl
“By Dr. Charlie W. StarrAfter America hosted the 1999 Women’s World Cup in soccer and ...”
In The World—March 22, 2015
“By Christy Barritt Trends in Christian Culture According to Ed Stetzer, the president of LifeWay Research, there ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for March 29, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack1. What are some of the ways you usually celebrate victorious events? ...”
5 Ways to Deal with Disrespectful Coworkers
“By Karen O’ConnorIn a company where I once worked, two of the employees in my ...”
Work: Difficult Coworkers & Bosses
“Do you face difficult coworkers or bosses at your job? You're not alone. Find tips ...”
Difficult Bosses
“By Ashley FaithFor more than a decade I have worked with a difficult boss. She ...”
The Son of David--The Uniform Lesson for  March 29, 2015
“By Sam E. Stone The “triumphal entry” of Jesus into Jerusalem is significant for many reasons. ...”
Work Redeemed
“By Javan RoweWork is often viewed negatively, and perhaps rightly so. It can be stressful, ...”
The Awesome and the Ordinary—Deuteronomy 6:4-9
“By David FaustAs a longtime baseball fan, I’m happy when spring training takes place each ...”
The Heart of Holiness
“By Rick EzellWhat we think about God may be the most important thoughts we have. ...”
In The World—March 29, 2015
“By Christy BarrittA Study on . . . PajamasA new poll has found that the ...”
The Lesson and Life for April 5, 2015
“By Laura AdkinsHow often do we consider the impact of Christ’s resurrection on our everyday ...”
Dive Deeply
“By Kelly CarrSome denominations and liturgical churches call this Holy Week. Deliberating on that, the ...”
Dying Well—Deuteronomy 34
“By David FaustMy friend Don died well. He didn’t die easily. I’m not sure anyone ...”
Made Holy by Grace
“By Eva JuliusonFor more than two years I spent half a day, once a month ...”
Is the Church Redeeming or Reflecting the Culture?
“By Bob RussellA young minister accepted the call to a small country church. Shortly after ...”
Holy Week
“On this Palm Sunday, we take time to reflect on Jesus' final week and the ...”
Jesus’ Final Week
“By Dr. Bill PattersonJesus’ earthly ministry lasted three-and-a-half years. However, the Gospel writers devoted from ...”
Believe in the Resurrection—The Uniform Lesson for April 5, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneOften 1 Corinthians 15 is described as the “resurrection chapter” of the ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for April 5, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack1. On a scale of 1 (total skeptic) to 5 (believe everything ...”
It’s Opening Day!
“By Doug Redford This year opening day of the baseball season is tomorrow, Monday, April 6. ...”
When the Manna Stops—Joshua 5:11, 12
“By David FaustGod led his people on an extended camping trip through the wilderness for 40 ...”
The Living Christ
“By Naomi CassataNothing better expresses the obliviousness of Jesus’ followers concerning his resurrection than the ...”
Resurrection’s Power
“By Kelly Carr  I am very thankful for Jesus dying on the cross. I remember his ...”
Where You Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for April 12, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack1. What is the most outrageous thing you’ve ever been told to ...”
In The World—April 5, 2015
“By Christy Barritt Stained Glass Windows Making Comeback A new Barna survey found that 67 percent of ...”
The Ultimate Sacrifice
“By Bev and Phil HaasLast year Oprah Winfrey told Barbara Walters, “I chose to not ...”
“This Easter Sunday, consider what difference Jesus’ resurrection makes in your life.”
The Lesson and Life for April 12, 2015
“By Laura Adkins“Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if necessary.” This quote, often ...”
Present with the Lord
“By Simon PreslandThe following account is by Trish Presland, as told to her husband, Simon.I ...”
Love One Another—The Uniform Lesson for April 12, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneLove is the hallmark of God’s community. It is also the theme ...”
Fostering Dialogue Between Science and Religion
“By Cheri Lynn CowellAs my neighbor and I walked around the neighborhood, she shared how ...”
Safe Places—Joshua 20:1-9
“By David FaustRefuge is a warm, welcoming word. A young child finds refuge in her ...”
In The World—April 12, 2015
“By Christy BarrittNew Study Claims that Sitting Is Harmful to HealthA NASA scientist wrote a ...”
BRING ON THE SCIENCE: How Advancing Science Supports the Biblical Worldview
“By Terrell ClemmonsIn Souls in Transition: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of Emerging Adults, Notre ...”
A Journey to What Is True
“By Kelly Carr A Journey to What Is TrueI am inclined toward words rather than hypotheses ...”
Trust in God’s Love—The Uniform Lesson for April 19, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneIt is easy to understand why John has often been referred to ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for April 19, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack 1. What is the biggest obstacle in life you’ve had to overcome? ...”
Church & Science
“The Church and science—we often stereotype these as enemies. But the Bible and the study ...”
The Lesson and Life for April 19, 2015
“By Laura AdkinsJesus told us that we will have trouble in this world, but he ...”
The De-Churched
“By Jacqueline J. HolnessIf your minister is anything like my minister, you are always encouraged ...”
The Power of Church and Science Together
“By Drew Coons“All truth is God’s truth.” Although a cliché, this is accurate. Church and ...”
The View from the Bus
“By T. R. RobertsonDuring my afternoon commute today I spied a great blue heron—seldom seen ...”
God’s Artistry
“By Kelly Carr This week is the first of two issues about how we can learn ...”
Watch Out for Deceivers—The Uniform Lesson for April 26, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneDeceivers are all around us. While the last two letters from the ...”
Caring For God's Creation: Nature
“With Earth Day this week, we consider how we can care for the beautiful natural ...”
In His Image
“By Jamie ShaferWhen we think of team building in a professional environment, our minds might ...”
Grace in the Backyard
“By Karen Ward Robertson“Wook!” Johnathan shouts. “Wain!”“It’s not raining,” I say with a laugh. “Flower ...”
In The World—April 19, 2015
“By Christy BarrittBritain in Favor of Three-Parent BabiesMembers of British Parliament voted in favor of ...”
The Lesson and Life for April 26, 2015
“By Laura AdkinsThe apostle Paul told the Romans, “Do not conform to the patterns of ...”
If Heaven Is My Home, Why Save the Whales?
“By Claire KinneyI’m a middle school science teacher, so I ask questions for a living. ...”
God’s Beautiful Creation—Just Around the Corner
“By Terry Magee I have been to many beautiful places on earth, including the Grand Canyon, ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for April 26, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack1. What is the most important letter you’ve ever received? Who was ...”
Gideon’s 300—Judges 7 and 8
“By David FaustNumbers are an important measure of success, but they are not the only ...”
Our National Treasures
“By Diana C. Derringer“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and ...”
In The World—April 26, 2015
“By Christy BarrittDoes Divorce Make People Happier?The National Survey of Families and Households recently issued ...”
DIY Religion—Judges 17:6; 21:25
“By David FaustI smiled at the irony when I read a sign in a hardware ...”
The Love of Dog
“By Riane KoncI’m a cat person. I didn’t become a cat person until I was ...”
Trust for the Trail
“By Shara Bueler-RepkaI focused on the path in front of us and kept my seat ...”
Work Together for the Truth—The Uniform Lesson for May 3, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneThe three short letters sent from the apostle John to first-century Christians ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for May 3, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack 1. Do you enjoy entertaining people in your home? How about having ...”
Interstellar Lenses
“By Charlie W. StarrLast November saw the release of a new Christopher Nolan film (he ...”
Creatures Great and Small
“By Kelly Carr In part two of our series on caring for God’s creation, we consider ...”
The Lesson and Life for May 3, 2015
“By Laura AdkinsAre you a positive leader or a negative leader? I find that many ...”
Hide and Seek
“By Christine VenzonIf cats have nine lives, I figure Eunice Louise has maybe five more ...”
The Lesson and Life for May 10, 2015
“By Chris HigginsDecember 10, 2006, brought a rare moment in NFL history. LaDainian Tomlinson of ...”
Big Wonder from Small Souls
“By Karen O’ConnorI remember a summer visit in Ohio with my daughter and her husband ...”
Gifts of the Spirit—The Uniform Lesson for May 10, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneThe apostle Paul spent about 18 months in the prominent Greek city ...”
Returning to Narnia
“By Riane KoncThe first time I read The Chronicles of Narnia, I was 6 years ...”
Things My Children Teach Me
“By Javan RoweGod refers to himself as our Father, indicating something vital and unique about ...”
A Voice Cutting Through the Cultural Clutter—1 Samuel 1
“By David FaustThe sense of hearing is one of God’s great creative achievements. My dog knows ...”
Let’s Be Kids Again
“By Kelly Carr God’s ways are often a far cry from the approaches we might take ...”
In The World—May 3, 2015
“By Christy BarrittFailing School Revitalized by ChurchA public school in inner-city Portland, Oregon, was once ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for May 10, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack1. Share a time when your parent (or a parental figure in ...”
Taming Tantrums
“By Bev and Phil HaasI’m having a terrible time controlling our son’s tantrums. They were ...”
Mom’s Home Remedies
“By Elizabeth Van LiereWhen I was a child and a sore throat hit, my mom ...”
One Body, Many Members—The Uniform Lesson for May 17, 2015
“By Sam E. Stone Last week we considered the first half of 1 Corinthians 12, and ...”
No Longer a Motherless Child
“By Kathleen A. Barr “Don’t pull her hair,” her husband said.  But Jo didn’t listen, and it ...”
How to Encourage Women Who Want a Child but Don’t Have One
“By Lindsey BellMy first Mother’s Day as a pregnant woman was wonderful. My thoughtful husband ...”
Tender Hearts on Mother’s Day
“By Kelly Carr  There is stillness now. Already forgotten is the pain and concern and struggle ...”
Examining Our Perspective of Muslims
“By Jacqueline J. HolnessWhile listening to a talk radio program, the idea for this column ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for May 17, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack1. What is the best team (sports, school, work, etc.) you’ve ever ...”
The Lesson and Life for May 17, 2015
“By Chris HigginsI love the plaque that adorned the Oval Office when Ronald Reagan was ...”
In The World—May 10, 2015
“By Christy BarrittKirk Cameron Big Winner at 35th Golden Raspberry AwardsKirk Cameron took home top ...”
When God Chooses a Leader—1 Samuel 16:7
“By David FaustGod sent the prophet Samuel to the home of a man named Jesse ...”
Mother’s Secrets to Longevity
“By Bob MizeWe live with and care for my 93-year-old mother. She raised four sons ...”
NACC 2015
“By Kelly Carr I am excited that the North American Christian Convention (NACC) will be here ...”
Friends Indeed—1 Samuel 18–20
“By David FaustFriends are one of God’s greatest gifts. We need friends when we are ...”
Gift of Languages—The Uniform Lesson for May 24, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneThe first-century church in Corinth faced special challenges. One problem was that ...”
Making a Mosaic
“By Jamie ShaferWhen it comes to careers, many convey their job in a sentence or ...”
We Speak
“By Mike BakerThe idea for the theme of this year’s North American Christian Convention, We ...”
“By Laura BuffingtonThere are a lot of ways to spend a week in June. You ...”
The Lesson and Life for May 24, 2015
“By Chris HigginsOver the years I have spent a lot of time studying the role ...”
You Won’t Regret Attending the NACC
“By Everett BrewerWhen asked to write about why people should attend the North American Christian ...”
In The World—May 17, 2015
“By Christy BarrittOne-Third of Christian Media Audience UnchurchedA new study by LifeWay Research shows that ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for May 24, 2015
“By Michael C. MackWhat languages do you speak? When was a time you were in ...”
In The World—May 24, 2015
“By Christy BarrittBlind Dog Brightens Days for ManyA golden retriever named Smiley is cheering up ...”
The Truth About Sexual Sin—2 Samuel 11 & 12
“By David FaustFrom Bill Clinton to Bill Cosby, allegations of sexual misconduct find their way ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for May 31 2015
“By Michael C. Mack1. Which of these love songs best communicates how you feel about ...”
Trusting God’s Faithfulness
“By Sandi BrownIt’s easy to say that we believe God is faithful. It’s even easy ...”
Faith of Our Grandmothers
“By Laura McKillip WoodMy grandmother grew up in a remote location somewhere in the wilds ...”
Those Who’ve Paved the Way
“By Kelly Carr  Reflecting on our past is a helpful endeavor. Days such as Memorial Day ...”
The Greatest Is Love—The Uniform Lesson for May 31 2015
“By Sam E. StoneThis week concludes a study of key passages in Paul’s first letter ...”
The Lesson and Life for May 31 2015
“By Chris HigginsI love Ephesians 3:17-19: “And I pray that you, being rooted and established ...”
Why Churches Should Observe Memorial Day
“By Bob Russell Following the Civil War, our forefathers established Memorial Day to ensure that future ...”
“By Heather DavisLast summer, my family of five traveled to my hometown to be a ...”
Deathless Television
“By Charlie W. StarrMovies and television have increasingly been exploring the question of life after ...”
Based on a True Story
“By T. R. RobertsonOrange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison is ...”
Watching Together
“By Kelly Carr Today we begin a three-part series on one of my favorite topics—media. I’ve ...”
The Lesson and Life for June 7, 2015
“By Kay MollWhat did Amos feel as he set out to deliver God’s message? Was ...”
In The World—May 31, 2015
“By Christy BarrittThe Great American Road TripIs visiting every state on your bucket list? It’s ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for June 7, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack1. True or false: The sins of churchgoing Christians are worse than ...”
God Passes Judgment—The Uniform Lesson for June 7, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneThis quarter’s lessons are taken from a number of important passages in ...”
Is Your House Right with God?—2 Samuel 23:1-5
“By David FaustMy wife, Candy, recently celebrated an important birthday. I shouldn’t identify the milestone ...”
Church v. Hollywood
“By Tyler EdwardsOil and water—that’s Christianity and Hollywood. The two just do not appear to ...”
Images of Truth
“By Brad Wise“People come to the theater for truth. And we have that in spades.” My ...”
Media Guidelines for Kids
“By Bev and Phil HaasOur 6-year-old has grown up with mobile devices like the iPad ...”
Making Music Memories
“By Shawn Wuske When I was in school at Cincinnati Christian University, our chapel service ended ...”
My Father’s World—1 Kings 4–8
“By David FaustA cook in a college cafeteria taught me a memorable lesson about prayer. ...”
In The World—June 7, 2015
“By Christy BarrittTraffic Stop Ends in PrayerWhat began as a routine traffic stop in Gadsden, ...”
Engaging Others Through Music
“By Kelly Carr Music moves me. Sometimes it’s physical as I listen to tunes while running ...”
That Song Stuck in Your Head
“By T. R. RobertsonWoah oh oh oh . . . Woah oh oh oh . ...”
The Lesson and Life for June 14, 2015
“By Kay MollSeveral years ago I was playing with two of our granddaughters on a ...”
Where you Live
“Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for June 14, 2015By Michael C. MackDivide ...”
God Is Not Fooled—The Uniform Lesson for June 14, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneThe exact length of Amos’s ministry is not specified in Scripture. Most ...”
Music for God’s Glory
“By Candace WoodI claim no musicianship, but I certainly like to listen to music of ...”
The Power of a Good Book
“By CaReese RialsIn addition to working as a freelancer, I have the unique experience of ...”
In The World—June 14, 2015
“By Christy BarrittTerrorists Target Christians in KenyaAt a Kenyan university in April, 147 people were ...”
The Lesson and Life for June 21, 2015
“By Kay Moll  God accused Israel of lying on beds adorned with ivory and of lounging ...”
The Only One Left?—1 Kings 18 & 19
“By David FaustThe prophet Elijah rode a spiritual roller coaster of highs and lows. In ...”
Oh the Places We’ll Go
“By Kelly Carr As you might imagine, considering my job as an editor, I love to ...”
Who Are You Reading?
“By Jacqueline J. HolnessAs an INFP (Introversion Intuition Feeling Perceiving) according to the Myers-Briggs Type ...”
God Abhors Selfishness--The Uniform Lesson for June 21, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneAmos began his prophecy by pronouncing judgment on the major countries throughout ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for June 21, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack1. Which would you choose and why?• a night in a luxurious ...”
OF ZOMBIES, ALIENS, AND ELVES: Seeking Salvation in Speculative Fiction
“By Nicole R. PramikSome of Jesus’ most powerful lessons were delivered through parables—and the art ...”
Books that Changed My Life
“By Tim SweetmanIt remains amazing that the simple pages of our books instantly grant us ...”
Online Tools to Grow Your Faith at Work
“By Jamie ShaferRecently I spoke with a young woman whose newfound faith was causing her ...”
The Lesson and Life for June 28, 2015
“By Kay MollThe words of Amos 8:7 are haunting: “The Lord has sworn by himself, ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for June 28, 2015
“By Michael C. MackHave worship services or group gatherings ever felt like an “inconvenience” to ...”
Lead Like a King—1 & 2 Kings
“By David FaustThe Bible is the best leadership manual ever written. As the books of ...”
God Will Never Forget—The Uniform Lesson for June 28, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneThis month we have focused attention on Amos, one of the most ...”
In The World—June 21, 2015
“By Christy BarrittThe State of the Bible in 2015The American Bible Society released its annual ...”
Dad’s Memory Glitch
“By Diana C. Derringer“You’re never too old to learn.” “Get all the knowledge you can.” “Make the ...”
Father’s Day Forgiveness
“By Christine VenzonOne Easter Sunday when I was about 5 years old, my dad took ...”
A Blessing from a Stranger
“By Allen SchofieldSeveral years ago I was driving through West Central Missouri, more than 100 ...”
Childless on Father’s Day
“By Drew CoonsFather’s Day could be a non-event for me. Both my father-in-law and my ...”
Thank You, Gentlemen
“By Kelly Carr Father’s Day is one of those holidays people may tiptoe around. These days ...”
Prayers for Charleston
“Our thoughts and prayers for God’s comfort and peace go out to all those affected ...”
Three Almost Wholesome Shows
“By Charlie W. StarrI use the phrase “almost wholesome” in my title in a tongue-in-cheek ...”
Anticipating God
“By Kelly Carr Through my church, my work, and my husband’s work, I get the privilege ...”
Finding Rest in the City That Never Sleeps
“By Nathan WinsteadI grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is about the same as living ...”
No Rest for the Wicked--The Uniform Lesson for July 5, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneDuring this month we will focus attention on another of the “minor ...”
Lessons from a Tire Blowout and TSwift
“By Trevor DeVageA few months ago I had the privilege of being in Phoenix with ...”
The Lesson and Life for July 5, 2015
“By Emily Hill Do you ever notice how we don’t want to hear the advice that’s ...”
Idols Among Us—2 Kings 17
“By David Faust In his classic book, Knowing God, J. I. Packer wrote, “Disregard the study ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for July 5, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack1. Have you ever been criticized, ridiculed, or muzzled for speaking the ...”
In The World—June 28, 2015
“By Christy BarrittSixty is the New Middle AgeA new study says that 60—not 50—is the ...”
Good News—for Anyone
“By Jodi HickersonWhen I was 12 years old, my family moved from rural Kentucky, a ...”
In The World—July 5, 2015
“Melissa WuskeDeath Row Inmate ExoneratedAnthony Ray Hinton was freed after serving 30 years on Alabama’s ...”
No Tolerance for Corrupt Officials--The Uniform Lesson for July 12, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneMicah began his prophecy with a scathing indictment of all who held ...”
God’s Answered Prayers: Testimonies from WWII Veterans
“By Kayleen ReusserI’ve had a quest in the last several years to interview as many ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for July 12, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack1. What leader do you know who is a good model of ...”
Biblical Freedom
“By Jerran Jackson & Joel JacksonA prison chaplain once explained: “Inmates would like to have ...”
Living Out Our Privileges
“By Kelly Carr It happens every time. At every Cincinnati Reds home game, they pause between ...”
The Lesson and Life for July 12, 2015
“By Emily HillWe love to make ourselves feel more righteous by comparing ourselves to others—putting ...”
Mistaken Identity
“By Therese Marszalek“Wasn’t he just born?” I whispered to my husband, Tom. My heart swelled ...”
Freedom for Your Kids
“Bev and Phil HaasMy husband tells me I’m hanging on too tightly to our 15-year-old ...”
Wherever We Go
“By Kelly Carr This week we begin a three-part series looking at the time when Israel ...”
Pass the Plate, Please—1 Chronicles 29
“By David FaustAt the dinner table it’s rude if you don’t pass the food. At ...”
Following a Long-Serving Leader
“By Dr. Bill PattersonConsider the following scenario: You are asked to teach a Bible class ...”
Joshua: Entering In
“By Charley DilcherGod did a mighty thing when he brought the entire multitude of Israelites ...”
Millennials Matter to Churches
“By Jacqueline J. HolnessOnce heralded as the largest generation in U.S. history, hence their name, ...”
In The World—July 12, 2015
“By Melissa WuskeChinese Artists Point to ChristRoger Cui is the leader of Cornerstone Art Associates, a ...”
What the Lord Requires--The Uniform Lesson for July 19, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneDuring the first two weeks of our study of Micah, we have ...”
The Lesson and Life for July 19, 2015
“By Emily HillOnce our eyes become opened to the injustices in the world, we start ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for July 19, 2015
“By Michael C. MackDecide if you agree or disagree with each of these statements:• Religion and ...”
God Uses Ordinary People
“By Rick EzellHave you ever noticed that God seems most interested in people who are ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for July 26, 2015
“By Michael C. MackIf someone were to ask you, “Who is God?” how would you ...”
In The World—July 19, 2015
“By Melissa WuskeThe Ultimate Compact BibleThe Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute has created a minute-sized Bible ...”
It’s All Ministry
“By Jamie ShaferIt’s not unusual for Christians to encounter a career crossroads, a moment when ...”
Lord, Heal Our Land—2 Chronicles 7:14
“By David FaustRecorded in 2 Chronicles 7 is how King Solomon and the Israelites dedicated ...”
An Unfinished Symphony
“By Jerran JacksonWe were flying comfortably at 5,000 feet when the instructor took control. He ...”
The Lesson and Life for July 26, 2015
“By Emily HillDietrich Bonhoeffer wrote some of the most freeing words I’ve ever read when ...”
Judges: The Repeating Cycle
“By Victor KnowlesAmerica, a relatively young nation, will turn 240 years old in 2016. Compare ...”
Worth the Effort?
“By Kelly Carr A number of years ago in a Sunday school class we studied the ...”
Expect the Unexpected
“By Laura McKillip WoodI’m going to start out by being really honest. I’m interested in ...”
God’s Matchless Mercy--The Uniform Lesson for July 26, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneThis month our study has focused on the message of another of ...”
A God Choice
“By Sharon NickersonEach day we are faced with decisions. While the simple choice of what ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for August 2, 2015
“By Michael C. MackWhat injustices in the world are you most zealous about? Why? Read Isaiah ...”
Naomi: Faith Amid Trial
“By Pati PageThere is a mystery in suffering—a hidden truth that is only unveiled when ...”
A Redeemer in Zion--The Uniform Lesson for August 2, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneThis lesson begins the final month in this quarter’s study about God’s ...”
Support for the Struggling
“By Laura McKillip WoodJody Hesler joined a search committee at her church in the early ...”
In The World—July 26, 2015
“By Melissa WuskeTurkish and Armenian Christians Seek ReconciliationA shocking scene at the Armenian Genocide Memorial ...”
Perilous Power—2 Chronicles 26
“By David FaustJesus never said, “Blessed are the powerful.” However our culture persistently communicates the ...”
The Lesson and Life for August 2, 2015
“By Dan HamiltonPerhaps you grew up in a home where justice was swift and powerful. ...”
The God of Refuge
“By Kelly Carr Today we conclude our series on Settling in the Promised Land. We’ve looked ...”
Spiritual Role Models
“By Pat EnnisWho are your role models? Perhaps you have several in your life—one role ...”
Accountability: Tips for Success
“By Dr. Bill Patterson“I need an accountability partner. I’ve been praying about it, and I ...”
Somersaults & Other Life Lessons
“By Courtney M. BrownMy first memory of Bethany is the two of us standing, hands ...”
In The World—August 2, 2015
“By Melissa WuskeChef-Prepared Meals for Seniors—at Home“The number of seniors out there who aren’t eating ...”
A Choice to Be Just--The Uniform Lesson for August 9, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneJeremiah is one of the best-known Old Testament prophets. He tried valiantly ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for August 9, 2015
“By Michael C. MackWhat initially interested you about your church? Was it the building? the ...”
Laugh or Cry?— Ezra 3:10-13
“By David FaustWhen I was a Bible college professor, one day a ministry student told ...”
Mentoring Youth
“By Bev & Phil HaasHelp! Our kids are becoming teenagers! We’re looking for ideas to ...”
The Blessings of Friendship
“By Ashley FaithAt its most ideal, friendship adds beauty to our days. It seeks out ...”
The Lesson and Life for August 9, 2015
“By Dan HamiltonSuperstitions and good-luck charms come in a variety of disguises. We expect those ...”
When I Fall: What to Look for in a Spiritual Friend
“By Michael C. MackMy friends and I were rolling alongside a creek on a rocky, ...”
Look After Each Other
“By Kelly Carr Did you know the first Sunday in August is considered Friendship Day, as ...”
A Call for Repentance--The Uniform Lesson for  August 16, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneEven before Jerusalem fell in 586 BC, many of her finest people ...”
Essentials of the Restoration Plea
“By H. Lynn GardnerThe heart of the Restoration Movement plea is a search, an ongoing ...”
Church Unity: Maneuvering Through Denominational Differences
“By Steve CarrI went out a little later than normal for one of my runs ...”
Harnessing the Power of Synergy—Nehemiah 3
“By David FaustHellen Keller observed, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do ...”
Living with Only the Essentials
“By David TimmsIf you want to stir up a hornet’s nest, simply ask people what ...”
In The World—August 9, 2015
“By Melissa WuskeConflict over Campus Student LeadersColleges and universities around the country have created “all-comers” ...”
Capitalize on Commonality
“By Kelly Carr “In essentials, unity; in opinions, liberty; in all things, love.” This statement (or variations ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for August 16, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack1. Which of the following are not in the Bible? • Money is the ...”
School Choices for Christians
“By Jacqueline J. HolnessThis month America’s children will once again shed the summer sun and ...”
The Lesson and Life for August 16, 2015
“By Dan HamiltonThe origins of old sayings are often interesting. If several online sources are ...”
In My Opinion
“By Kim WrightWe all think thoughts. We all have opinions. There are the deeper, more ...”
Serving Together
“By Kelly Carr  This is the second of three parts discussing the statement: "In essentials, ...”
Heartfelt Faith
“By Jamie ShaferIf people have had a connection to spirituality in their past, then it ...”
Disputable Matters
“By Victor KnowlesOpinions. We all have them. What is the best translation of the Bible? ...”
The Lesson and Life for August 23, 2015
“By Dan HamiltonWhen you were a child in Sunday school, do you remember doing fun ...”
A Demand for Justice--The Uniform Lesson for August 23, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneThe people of Israel were taken captive to Babylon. After 70 years, ...”
In Nonessentials, Liberty
“By Steven Clark Goad“In essentials, unity; in nonessentials, liberty; and in all things, charity.” This ...”
Marks of Spiritual Fitness—Nehemiah 8 & 9
“By David FaustWhen your body is healthy you sleep well, feel energetic, and enjoy a ...”
In The World—August 16, 2015
“By Melissa WuskeReligious Groups Barred in AngolaThe southern African nation of Angola banned a number ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for August 23, 2015
“By Michael C. MackImagine you are the parent of a teen whom you try to ...”
The Lesson and Life for August 30, 2015
“By Dan HamiltonLife is full of little indicators. When it comes to automobiles, brake lights ...”
Forgiveness—Decades Later
“By Eunice PorterThis story is about forgiveness many years following the incident. It spans two ...”
Forgiveness: An Act of Love
“By Charles GerberWhy is it so difficult to forgive someone? We are supposed to forgive. ...”
In The World—August 23, 2015
“By Melissa WuskeMuseum Paintings Accessible to Visually ImpairedMost art museums have placards that chide visitors: ...”
Transition to Thailand
“By Laura McKillip WoodNathan and Amy Randall moved to Thailand less than a year ago, ...”
Faith in Tense Times—Esther 4:12-17
“By David FaustA geode is a kind of rock that contains quartz or other minerals ...”
Only Just Everything
“By Steve WyattIf you’re a tenured Christ follower—with the scars to prove it—you’ll find the ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for August 30, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack1. What are some moral changes that have occurred in our culture ...”
A Plea to Return to God--The Uniform Lesson for August 30, 2015
“By Sam E. StoneDuring the past three months we have seen how various Old Testament ...”
Love Is
“By Kelly CarrThis is the last of our series surrounding the challenging and liberating statement ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for September 6, 2015
“By Michael C. MackWhat observable evidence do you have that God has heard your prayers? Read ...”
The Away Team: Welcome to ICOM 2015
“By Jim TuneIn the fifth century, Romans reclined in their villas in the south of ...”
Four Days that Pack a Spiritual Punch
“By Karis PrattThe first words uttered as we searched for the ICOM exhibitors’ unloading dock ...”
In The World—August 30, 2015
“By Melissa WuskeFaith Leaders Oppose Predatory LendingThe Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the ...”
The Lesson and Life for September 6, 2015
“By Robin StanleyAre you ready to respond as Peter did to the needs around you? ...”
Praying for Boldness--The Uniform Lesson for September 6, 2015
“By Mark ScottLots of things qualify as “acts” in the Book of Acts —miracles, speeches, ...”
ICOM: God’s Greater Plans
“By Joy Grace ChenWhen I first felt God nudging me to attend the International Conference ...”
Growing Concept of Missions
“By Kelly Carr  I distinctly remember the first missionary family I ever knew. There was a ...”
Is One Sin Just As Bad As Another?
“By Bob RussellThere’s a phrase I’ve heard recently that’s becoming a popular spiritual myth. I’ve ...”
Sins We Don’t Like to Talk About—Isaiah 5
“By David FaustIf a professional athlete cheats, ESPN covers the story. CNN and Fox News ...”
Hearts in Prison
“By Karen Ward Robertson“Most of what you know about prison life you probably learned from ...”
In The World—September 6, 2015
“By Melissa WuskeOld Bible Brings New Hope in ChinaA pair of American missionaries in China ...”
Helping Those Who Are Homeless
“By Conover SwoffordI never planned on being homeless. I don’t think anyone does. Suddenly I ...”
Sharing with Sincerity--The Uniform Lesson for September 13, 2015
“By Mark ScottIn Luke’s summaries of the earliest church, we see it at its best ...”
SAFE FAMILIES: Providing Hope for Struggling Parents
“By Amy SimonParenting is a huge responsibility that can overwhelm us at times. Many of ...”
Serving Instead of Sitting
“By Bev and Phil HaasAs our kids have gotten older, Sundays have become a struggle ...”
The Lesson and Life for September 13, 2015
“By Robin StanleyHave you ever been the recipient of a gracious, unearned gift simply because ...”
Dwell Among People
“By Kelly Carr Just last week we discussed the concept of missions being not just overseas ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for September 13, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack1. Which is worse—an internal or external attack? Why? Read Acts 4:34—5:10. 2. What ...”
The Lord of the Middle— Isaiah 6:1-8
“By David FaustA friend told me, “Since the Lord is the Alpha and the Omega—the ...”
A Listening Love
“By Alan W. DowdWhen you think of being like Christ, what comes to mind? being ...”
Effective Listening
“By H. Lynn Gardner“You’re not listening to me!” “But, that’s not what I said!” “Let me finish!” The ...”
In The World—September 13, 2015
“By Melissa WuskeEvangelicals Supporting Immigration ReformIn 2012 a group of leaders from national evangelical organizations ...”
Minister with Your Ears
“By Kelly Carr “Huh? Sorry—what’d you say?”How many times a day do you say something to ...”
The Lesson and Life for September 20, 2015
“By Robin StanleyStanding up for something you believe in is never easy. It requires more ...”
Religious Intermarriage Increases
“By Jacqueline J. HolnessAs I grew up in church and became interested in dating, there ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for September 20, 2015
“By Michael C. MackWhen is civil disobedience acceptable and appropriate? Read Acts 5:27-29, 33-42. There are two ...”
Where Will You Plant Your Feet?—Isaiah 28:16
“By David FaustWhen I was 17, a friend in the construction business gave me a ...”
Speaking Up for God—The Uniform Lesson for September 20, 2015
“By Dr. Mark ScottThe first internal challenge to the church had been put to rest ...”
When God Speaks
“By Chad RathThe day started out like any typical Monday morning. I had just arrived ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for September 27, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack1. If you were to tell the story of your people, what ...”
The Neighborhood Store
“By Karen Ward RobertsonI stole a box of crayons from the shelf at the neighborhood ...”
The BC Gospel—Isaiah 53
“By David FaustI listened while a friend shared his faith in Christ with a Jewish ...”
In The World—September 20, 2015
“By Melissa WuskeLost Luggage HeavenBetween 95 to 98 percent of bags lost and then found ...”
Your Neighbors Are Not Who You Think They Are
“By Daniel Darling“We are Muslims,” my neighbor told me after I knocked on his door ...”
Standing Firm Against Opposition—The Uniform Lesson for September 27, 2015
“By Dr. Mark Scott Opposition always hurts. It especially hurts when it comes from kin. Stephen ...”
The Lesson and Life for September 27, 2015
“By Robin Stanley “Stephen, a man full of God’s grace and power, did great wonders and ...”
Side by Side
“By Kelly Carr My neighborhood has an interesting history. It was established as one of the ...”
Family Faith on the Farm
“By Jamie Shafer “You can still succeed in this country, working as a family and doing ...”
God’s Hesed In Action
“By Simon PreslandOne extremely cold Sunday in January 2014, I opened my bedroom curtain at ...”
In The World—September 27, 2015
“By Melissa Wuske Connecting Women to the Church A new study by the Barna Group found that ...”
Simon Is Rebuked--The Uniform Lesson for October 4, 2015
“By Dr. Mark Scott The four lessons of October focus on the two most famous apostles ...”
Transformed Through Tattoos
“By Liz McEwan One great miracle of the Christian life is the way God chooses to ...”
Broadway Dreams & Being Enough
“By Lindsay Travis My line of work is incredibly superficial and selfish. People are nice to ...”
The Lesson and Life for October 4, 2015
“By Rhansyl Harris  Several years ago I went to a particular gas station because my tank ...”
Stumbling in the Street—Isaiah 58, 59
“By David Faust To illustrate his culture’s moral decline, God’s prophet used a startling metaphor: “Truth ...”
An Unexpected Plan
“By Laura McKillip Wood Paige* didn’t start life planning to be a missionary. In fact, her ...”
Are You Creative?
“By Kelly Carr  I have a secret: I’m thrilled by other people’s creativity. When people can ...”
Through the Lens
“By Tim Sweetman All images in this post © Innovatory Photography Photographers Joe and Amanda Porter develop ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for October 4, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack 1. When have you been fooled by something (or someone) that was ...”
Going Through the Emotions—Jeremiah 9:1
“By David Faust We know Abraham for his faith, Joshua for his leadership, Esther for her ...”
Saul Begins to Preach—The Uniform Lesson for October 11, 2015
“By Dr. Mark Scott It is hard not to overstate the significance of the conversion of ...”
In The World—October 4, 2015
“By Melissa Wuske Charity from a Different Faith Reports of damaged and destroyed churches are deeply disturbing ...”
Becoming a Storyteller
“By Bev and Phil Haas I remember my dad telling us stories about God and how ...”
Story Time
“By Kelly Carr  “Hey, Kaelyn, look out the window at that cool bird flying over there. ...”
God’s Eternal Story
“By Charley Dilcher Everyone loves a good story. Simply said, but listen again: everyone loves a ...”
Unlocking the Power of Story
“By Cleo Lampos I lived in the rural areas of Iowa and Wisconsin, where I attended ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for October 11, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack “A leopard can’t change its spots”—meaning, people can’t really change their character, ...”
Tell Me a Story
“By Drew Coons My wife, Kit, and I attended a seminar led by three people. Two ...”
The Lesson and Life for October 11, 2015
“By Dr. Rhansyl Harris When I graduated from high school, I went to the prestigious Tuskegee ...”
In The World—October 11, 2015
“By Melissa Wuske Income Levels Worldwide According to a Pew Research study, global poverty has dropped dramatically ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for October 18, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack 1. What do you think is the biggest cultural or worldview change ...”
The Lesson and Life for October 18, 2015
“By Rhansyl Harris Ministry tends to pull us into uncomfortable places. In fact, if we are ...”
God’s Sense of Humor
“By Danny R. Von Kanel We all know of those corny jokes where people use Scripture ...”
On God’s Pottery Wheel—Jeremiah 18
“By David Faust In biblical times working with clay was serious business. Pottery making required strength ...”
Do You Celebrate Halloween?
“By Jacqueline J. Holness As a candy-corn-loving minister’s daughter, this time of the year always made ...”
Hippie for the Holy One
“By Linda Gilden Torry Martin has been a lifelong learner, but school wasn’t his favorite place. ...”
Ha Ha!
“By Kelly Carr  I love to laugh. How about you?  Do you recall learning your first knock-knock ...”
Peter Preached to Gentiles—The Uniform Lesson for October 18
“By Dr. Mark Scott Reading the book of Acts is like throwing a pebble in a ...”
Upbeat and Tumor-Free
“By Susie Kearley When I met Debbie last year at a British holiday park (an all-inclusive ...”
Processing Pain
“By Kelly Carr  Though we are all affected in some way by pain, sometimes it’s tough ...”
In The World—October 18, 2015
“By Melissa Wuske Young Believers’ Stance on the Same-Sex Marriage Decision Christian communities continue to grapple with ...”
It’s the Little Things
“By Joy Crichton My best friend’s husband has aggressive cancer. Each day I hear the weariness ...”
When Business Fuels Ministry
“By Jamie Shafer Business and ministry don’t mix. At least that is what Chris Patton, president ...”
Peter Defends His Actions—The Uniform Lesson for October 25, 2015
“By Dr. Mark Scott Not everyone is happy with church growth. The wide embrace of the ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for October 25, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack 1. When have you had to explain your actions to someone? What ...”
Caring for a Spouse with Alzheimer’s
“By Paul V. Harrison “He was my dictionary,” Peggy said. “Whenever I needed to know how ...”
The Lesson and Life for October 25, 2015
“By Rhansyl Harris Offense is one of the biggest enemies of the church. No matter how ...”
Trust Your Instruments— Jeremiah 32
“By David Faust Any experienced traveler knows the feeling. You stare at the departure board in ...”
When Darkness Comes: Turning to the Light of Christ
“By Karen O’Connor “Karen, I fell last night.”  I opened my email one morning to read these ...”
A Letter to Those Who Hurt
“By Kelly Carr  Dear Friend, I see you.  I want you to know that first and foremost. You ...”
God Rescues Peter—The Uniform Lesson for November 1, 2015
“By Dr. Mark Scott Rescue is at the heart of the gospel. Germane to the meaning ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for November 1, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack 1. What keeps you up at night?  Read Acts 12:1-11.  2. What possible motivations ...”
Mental Illness: An Insider’s Journey
“By Ruth Eleos I had been exhibiting bizarre behavior for a few weeks, but the day ...”
Depression: A Family Illness
“By Gillian Marchenko A few years ago, I gave up on life. It’s hard to admit ...”
You Are Not Your Depression
“By Tim Sweetman Cowering in the dark. Lying in the bed unable to get up. Desperate ...”
In The World—October 25, 2015
“By Melissa Wuske Presidential Candidate Photos New Hampshire teen sisters Addy and Emma Nozell have a bold ...”
The Lesson and Life for November 1, 2015
“By Ashlea Massie How many times have you prayed for something in particular, not expecting the ...”
Morning by Morning—Lamentations 3:22, 23
“By David Faust Morning sounds like birds chirping, alarm clocks buzzing, radio weather reports blaring, and ...”
Helping a Depressed Friend
“By Bev and Phil Haas My friend seems to be having a difficult time. She’s confided ...”
In The World—November 1, 2015
“By Melissa Wuske Chinese Forbidden to Display Crosses Over the past few years, the Chinese government has ...”
Weary, Wounded Messengers—Ezekiel 1–5
“By David Faust Churches need leaders for the same reason cars need shock absorbers: often the ...”
Sharing the Feast
“By Pete Isenberg The pickup rumbled northward from Madang, Papua New Guinea, on the two-lane coastal ...”
A Conversation Between a Muslim and a Christian
“By Samyr El-Refaie and Andrew Wood A middle-aged man in jeans and a travel-worn jacket worked ...”
Life Between Two Cultures
“By Dr. Reuben Lang’at Eleven years ago my family and I left Kenya and arrived in ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for November 8, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack Why is it difficult for some people to move from an old ...”
To Crimea & Back Again
“By Laura McKillip Wood When David and Annette Dryden decided to work as missionaries, they did ...”
The Lesson and Life for November 8, 2015
“By Ashlea Massie The early church knew what salvation entailed: believing in Christ, asking forgiveness of ...”
Saved by Grace—The Uniform Lesson for November 8, 2015
“By Dr. Mark Scott Church growth can be a pain. It demands more space, time, effort, ...”
Birds & Squirrels
“By Kelly Carr  Biologist Erick Greene recently made an interesting discovery. He’s been researching birds, with ...”
What About Hell?
“By Victor Knowles Hell is firmly fixed in the volatile vocabulary of the world. You hear ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for November 15, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack Joe Ellis said, “God is sometimes boxed out of his own enterprise ...”
Why Did God Create the World? And Is This the Right Question?
“By Miriam Y. Perkins, PhD I recently participated in an evening event hosted by Globalscope (Christian ...”
What Is Theology?
“Guest Editorial by Jack Cottrell What is theology? We use the word theology in different senses, from ...”
From Derbe to Philippi—The Uniform Lesson for November 15, 2015
“By Dr. Mark Scott The pioneer statement, “Go west, young man,” matches our text. Another way ...”
Church Building Decline
“By Jacqueline J. Holness As Christ’s church, Christians recognize that our own bodies are “temples of ...”
In The World—November 8, 2015
“By Melissa Wuske Christian Teen Rally in Myanmar Last July, Teen Mania held its first overseas Acquire ...”
The Lesson and Life for November 8, 2015
“By Ashlea Massie How many times have you felt like you should call people to check ...”
The Trinity
“By Shawn McMullen In The Knowledge of the Holy, A.W. Tozer wrote, “What comes into our ...”
Who Is Responsible?—Ezekiel 3, 18, & 33
“By David Faust When we were boys, my brother John and I often played ball in ...”
Coming Soon
“Engage Your Faith: a new column by David Faust coming in 2016.”
In The World—November 15, 2015
“By Melissa Wuske Hilton Hotels Cut Porn Channels Hilton Hotels are cutting one of their amenities: pay-per-view ...”
Running Where Jesus Walked: A Student’s View of the Holy Land
“By Terry Magee Each year numerous organizations offer trips to the Holy Land, and most tours ...”
Never Stop Growing
“By Kelly Carr  A few weeks ago I was in conversation with faithful reader Alfred Taylor ...”
 A Beautiful Mission
“By Jamie Shafer “I never saw myself in this industry,” shared Sam Hills.It’s a special day ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for November 22, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack Think of one person you know who is not a believer in ...”
Prepare to Teach, Prepare to Learn
“By Jim Eichenberger “While we teach, we learn,” noted the 1st century Roman philosopher Seneca. In ...”
The Lesson and Life for November 22, 2015
“By Ashlea Massie Many men, women, and children are being led astray today by false teachers—all ...”
Thessalonica, Berea, and Athens—The Uniform Lesson for November 22, 2015
“By Dr. Mark Scott Acts 16 set the stage for the gospel going up and down ...”
From Foolish to Faithful
“By Deborah McLoed Have you ever felt like a fool where the Bible is concerned? I ...”
Become Relevant: 8 Tips from Jesus
“By Tyler McKenzie In Matthew 5 the truest preacher of all time began the greatest sermon ...”
Take Care of the Flock—Ezekiel 34
“By David Faust God leads his sheep by still waters, but low-character leaders poison the stream. ...”
What I’m Thankful For: 15 Years of Poverty and Disappointment
“By Jeanette Hanscome A week before Thanksgiving, I sat in my bedroom/office preparing to speak at ...”
Holidays and Family on the Field
“By Laura McKillip Wood Missionary families face the challenge of teaching their children about American culture ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for November 29, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack What is the best team you’ve ever been a part of? What ...”
Shine or Rain
“By Dr. David R. Downey The rains swept in yesterday, and I am looking out of ...”
Who’s at Your Table?
“By Kelly Carr Growing up, I thought Thanksgiving was an OK holiday, but I often pushed ...”
Teaching God’s Word—The Uniform Lesson for November 29, 2015
“By Dr. Mark Scott Our lesson title is taken from verse 11 of our text: So ...”
The Lesson and Life for November 29, 2015
“By Ashlea Massie Paul was a man led by God. He went from town to town, ...”
In The World—November 22, 2015
“By Melissa Wuske Study of the Pastoral Profession It’s no secret that ministry is a tough job, ...”
What if You Couldn’t?—Daniel 1–6
“By David Faust A friend in our church has been battling cancer, so he and his ...”
For This Family, We Give Thanks
“By Nancy Hoag My husband and I had been longing for a holiday around the table ...”
The Positive Witness of Lavish Generosity
“By Bob Russell Generosity has many benefits. It helps conquer greed. It lays up treasure in ...”
The Lesson and Life for December 6, 2015
“By Josh Cadwell Whenever we obey commands from God, we normally view it as a gift ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for December 6, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack 1. What would a perfect day of rest look like for you? Read ...”
The Sabbath Day—The Uniform Lesson for December 6, 2015
“By Dr. Mark Scott A certain workaholic said, “Thank God it’s Monday.” But even the most ...”
When God Has Your Money: 4 Signs Your Heart is in the Right Place
“By Lindsey Bell “All your church ever talks about is money.” I overheard someone saying this ...”
Financial Perspective
“By Kelly Carr  Money—it’s always on our minds. We work to earn enough for food, shelter, ...”
Mission: True Financial Freedom
“By Simon Presland “Count it down!” “Three, two, one . . . we’re debt free! Freeeedoooom!” If you’re ...”
In The World—November 29, 2015
“By Melissa Wuske Cross-Country Ride for Homelessness Spencer Nee rode from the Golden Gate Bridge to the ...”
The Price of Faithfulness—Hosea 1–14
“By David Faust Last summer my wife, Candy, and I vacationed at Yellowstone National Park, which ...”
Return on Investment
“By Christine Venzon When it comes to financial planning, I would love to see my assets ...”
It’s a Little Crowded
“By Kelly Carr  We strive to choose topics for The Lookout to help you grow deeper, ...”
Simplify Your Family Life
“By Bev and Phil Haas Our family life is busier than ever, and there’s no end ...”
Clearing the Clutter
“By Dr. Barry Thornton New homes grew from an average of 1,660 square feet in 1974 ...”
In The World—December 6, 2015
“By Melissa Wuske German Minister Baptizes Hundreds of Muslim Refugees “Will you break away from Satan and ...”
The Years the Locusts Have Eaten—Joel 1–3
“By David Faust Unless you understand some things about agriculture, it’s hard to appreciate the difficulty ...”
Being Satisfied with Less
“By Rachel Hamman Stories abound of people who quit their six-figure jobs in pursuit of a ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for December 13, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack 1. What is the most special Christmas gift you’ve ever received? What ...”
The Lesson and Life for December 13, 2015
“Devotional thoughts on Leviticus 22:17-25, 31-33 By Josh Cadwell Around my house my children know that there ...”
Acceptable Offerings—The Uniform Lesson for December 13, 2015
“By Dr. Mark Scott Someone rightly said, “Exodus is about getting God’s people out of Egypt ...”
A Simple, Childlike Heart
“By Karen Ward Robertson My peace is rumpled, Father. I’m afraid, disappointed, tired of struggling. So ...”
Standard Publishing Group LLC Announces Its Corporate Name Change to Christian Standard Media LLC
“Christian Standard Media LLC Will Continue to Produce and Market Christian Ministry Resources Such as ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for December 20, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack What family Christmas traditions are you using this year to focus on ...”
In The World—December 13, 2015
“By Melissa Wuske Rising Persecution Around the World According to Christian Freedom International (CFI), every five minutes ...”
Little Books, Big Lessons—The Minor Prophets
“By David Faust Little waves create far-reaching ripples. Small businesses stimulate the economy. Tiny babies bring ...”
Christmas Traditions to Make Your Holiday Special
“By Linda Gilden “What? No vegetable soup?” screeched my daughter as she lifted the lid on ...”
Reaching Out at Christmastime
“By Chad Rath The Christmas season is my favorite time of year. Some people bemoan how ...”
Dedication of the Firstborn—The Uniform Lesson for December 20, 2015
“By Dr. Mark Scott There is an old downward spiral to sin that goes like this: ...”
Love It or Loathe It?
“By Kelly Carr This season of preparing for Christmas can be fun or it can be ...”
The Lesson and Life for December 20, 2015
“Devotional thoughts on Exodus 13:13b-15 and Luke 2:22-32 By Josh Cadwell Throughout the Old and New Testaments, ...”
A Different Kind of Gift Exchange
“By Joy Crichton It was the Sunday after Christmas and our church family had returned from ...”
A Revealing Data Hack
“By Jacqueline J. Holness In December people begin reflecting on the best and worst parts of ...”
In The World—December 20, 2015
“By Melissa Wuske A New Kind of Weather Forecast Want a forecast that’s more than just a ...”
Jesus, Mighty God
“By Javan Rowe It is obvious from observing many Christmas celebrators that they miss the true ...”
Wonder of a Counselor
“By Dr. David Downey We are in a season of significance and joy! There are many ...”
The Facets of Christ
“By Kelly Carr Isaiah 9:6 is one of my favorite Scriptures describing Jesus. Appropriately, during this ...”
The Lesson and Life for December 27, 2015
“By Josh Cadwell At one point in life, I thought that if I went to church, ...”
Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for December 27, 2015
“By Michael C. Mack 1. Who is the most generous person you’ve ever known? What makes ...”
Jesus Is Our Peace
“By Kit Coons Christmas is like no other holiday. The smell of fresh evergreens, the sound ...”
Three Unexpected Gifts—Micah 5–7
“By David Faust After 40 years of marriage, it’s hard for me to surprise my wife. ...”
A Generous Gift—The Uniform Lesson for December 27, 2015
“By Dr. Mark Scott Generous gifts and humble deeds sharply contrast with shrunken hearts and hypocritical ...”
Rooted in Truth and Love
“By Jamie Shafer “We are a family business, but we like to think of ourselves as ...”
How to Have Childlike Faith in the New Year
“By Lindsey Bell When my oldest child was about 2, he was deathly afraid of storms. ...”
A Year of Rest
“By Tammy Darling Every year I fall for it: the promise of simplicity wrapped in a ...”
“By Mark Pratt I had been back six months before I decided to go out and ...”
Love After All These Years
“By David Faust Candy was only 20 years old when she became my wife. I was ...”
In The World—December 27, 2015
“By Melissa Wuske The Life-Saving Gift of Blood Most people have never heard his name, but James ...”
Get Engaged!
“By Kelly Carr This week we are introducing a new column to our 2016 Bible study ...”
The Lesson and Life for January 3, 2016
“Devotional thoughts on Genesis 29:15-30 By Elizabeth Matko Jacob encountered some tough family issues. No matter how ...”
The Old Testament’s Grand Finale—Malachi 4
“By David Faust It’s natural to feel a touch of melancholy when something comes to an ...”
A Different Approach
“By Laura McKillip Wood Christian work in India has a long history, including such well-known missionaries ...”
A Bride Worth Waiting For—The Uniform Lesson for January 3, 2015
“By Dr. Mark Scott Proverbs 13:12 says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire ...”
Where You Live for January 3, 2016—Questions and Activities for Small Groups
“By Michael C. Mack 1. What is your favorite romantic movie? Why do you like it?  Read Genesis ...”
The Lookout's 2014 Bible Reading Plan
“Use this guide to read through the Bible in 12 months. Follow David Faust’s comments ...”
Where You Live -- for January 12, 2014
“By Dan Lentz   1. If you had to give up one of the following, which would ...”
The Resurrection Differential--Acts 1-4
“By David Faust   Everyone has a burden to bear—and sometimes many burdens. Collectively, the people you ...”
The Thing Couples Fight About the Most
“By Bev and Phil Haas   I’m starting to think that my spouse and I should avoid ...”
In the World -- January 5, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Different States, Different Moods A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social ...”
Living as God’s People--The Uniform Lesson for January 12, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Luke does not specify the time and place when Jesus delivered the ...”
Spinning Straw into Gold: The Surrendered Life of a Servant
“  By Laury L. Davis   “It will sure be embarrassing if you don’t end up going,” my ...”
Learning the Art of Surrender
“By Michael C. Mack   The words were like a punch in the stomach: “I just don’t ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for January 12, 2014
“By Cindy Tuttle   Several years ago I was blessed when God sent a very special young ...”
New Year, New Adventures
“Kelly Carr, Interim Editor   There is so much potential in a new year, don’t you think? ...”
Committed Like Daniel
“By Don Dilmore   “Daniel, servant of the living God, has your God, whom you serve continually, ...”
Where You Live -- for January 19, 2014
“By Dan Lentz   1. Was there a popular group or an “in” crowd when you were ...”
Great Faith for Ordinary People
“By Kelly Carr, Interim Editor   Faith can be intimidating. It sounds like an attribute only the ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for January 19, 2014
“By Cindy Tuttle   Not long ago I had a friend request on Facebook from someone I ...”
The Root and the Fruit: Faith and Works
“By Victor Knowles   “Faith and works should travel side by side, step answering to step, like ...”
In the World -- January 12, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Part of Air Force Academy Oath Now Optional When cadets at the U.S. Air ...”
Enlarging Your Circle--The Uniform Lesson for January 19, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   The scene described in today’s text takes place in the third year ...”
Understanding Atheists
“By Jacqueline J. Holness   I honestly believe you can learn lessons from anyone—even atheists. Although it ...”
A Strange Sort of Joy--Acts 5:29-42
“By David Faust   A medical school student preparing to become a doctor refuses to receive training ...”
Seven Expressions of Faith
“By Victor Parachin   For 16 years, a Florida Keys treasure hunter named Mel Fisher searched for ...”
The Transformer
“By Steven Clark Goad   “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed ...”
Read Through the Bible in a Year
“Bible Reading Plan 2017 Use this plan to read through the Bible in 12 months. (The ...”
Sacrificial Lambs
“ Ruth O’Neil   When you read through the Bible, you probably notice new things you never saw ...”
In the World -- January 19, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Man Wants Ministry to Return Donations A man who donated hundreds of thousands of ...”
Doors of Opportunity
“By Jamie Shafer   From the first handshake, Lindsay Crane’s smile and friendly demeanor is immediately engaging. ...”
The Heartbeat that God Starts
“By Nancy B. Gibbs   There are many important topics that arise in our lives. We often ...”
Where You Live -- for January 26, 2014
“By Dan Lentz   1. Take out whatever set of keys you have with you. If you ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for January 26,2014
“By Cindy Tuttle   Years ago while my husband was a youth minister, we participated in the ...”
When God Shows Up
“By Guest Columnist Cathy Griffith   Today is Sanctity of Human Life Day, a day of remembrance—a ...”
Protecting Life Beyond the Womb
“By Ida Smith   As Christians, it is easy to say we are against abortion. But is ...”
Why Shouldn’t I?--Acts 8:36
“By David Faust   We don’t know the name of the chariot-rider who rolls across the scene ...”
Showing Compassion for the Poor--The Uniform Lesson for January 26,2014
“By Sam E. Stone   The parable we study today follows directly the story that Jesus told ...”
In the World -- January 26, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Gun Violence Increases in PG-13 Movies The amount of gun violence in movies rated ...”
Prayer That Doesn’t Give Up
“By Diane McLoud   One spring day, my small sons came home from McDonald’s carrying special kid’s ...”
What I Learned About Prayer from the New Testament
“By Delbert Teachout   When I was a small child, I received a book about prayer that ...”
A Time to Pray
“By Dr. Donald E. Phillips   Do you have reason to live? A purpose which gives motivation ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for February 2, 2014
“By Danielle Metz   I was wronged by someone once, and in my hurt I became very ...”
Hear and Do the Word--The Uniform Lesson for February 2, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Most Bible scholars believe that the James who wrote this epistle is ...”
Conversing with the Almighty
“By Kelly Carr   If you haven’t noticed, tons of books have been written about prayer. Formulas ...”
God Is Mysterious—and That’s a Good Thing--Acts 12
“By David Faust   Do you ever wish God would be a little less mysterious? Do you ...”
Five Gripes
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   Ever have one of those days when you feel like you ...”
Where You Live -- for February 2, 2014
“By Dan Lentz   1. Which of these communication styles most closely resembles you? • speak first; think later • speak ...”
Why Persevere?
“By Jason Rodenbeck   I sit in my home, enjoying the late afternoon with its deep yellow ...”
Midnight Songs--Acts 16
“By David Faust   Was the apostle Paul a tenor, a baritone, or a bass? The Bible ...”
Making Marriage Last
“By Bev and Phil Haas   We just had some friends tell us they’re ending their marriage. ...”
Where You Live -- for February 9, 2014
“By Dan Lentz   1. From your experience in the community you grew up in, what was ...”
Making Peace with Pain
“By Elaine Creasman   I’ve discovered a truth: when I run from pain, I tend to run ...”
Give Up or Play On?
“By Kelly Carr   Today is one of the most celebrated days in America—Super Bowl Sunday. Whether ...”
Triumphing Over Tragedy
“By Kathleen A. Barr   He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted . . . ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for February 9, 2014
“By Danielle Metz   We drive a 1994 green Toyota Corolla with a paint-barren hood and a ...”
In the World -- February 2, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Google and Bing Block Child Porn Child pornography will now be more difficult to ...”
Treat Everyone Equally--The Uniform Lesson for February 9, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Edwin Markham once said, “We have committed the Golden Rule to memory; ...”
Where You Live -- for February 16, 2014
“By Dan Lentz   1. Take a piece of paper and make a list of 10 activities ...”
In the World -- February 9, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Longest Married Couple Shares Advice After celebrating their 81st anniversary, a husband and wife ...”
A Good Imitation
“By Effie-Alean Gross   When we think of an imitation, we might visualize a fake copy of ...”
Intimidating Imitating
“By Kelly Carr   When my daughter was the tender age of 3, she was in a ...”
Getting to Know the Unknown God--Acts 17
“By David Faust   Ancient Athens was a center of classic art and philosophy, but by the ...”
Show Your Faith by Your Works--The Uniform Lesson for February 16, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Some Bible teachers suggest that Paul and James disagree with each other ...”
Do You Speak Christianese?
“By Jacqueline J. Holness   Chances are, if you grew up in the Christian church or have ...”
Living in His Light
“By Simon Presland   I admire my senior minister more than any other person I know. He ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for February 16, 2014
“By Danielle Metz   Have you ever felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit yet ignored him? ...”
Sent to Mentor
“By Karen Ward Robertson “Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they ...”
Control Your Speech—The Uniform Lesson for February 23, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   In today’s text, James returns to a subject introduced earlier in his ...”
From Sorrow to Song
“By Kimberly Davidson   Most days when we turn to the news, it seems like we’re living ...”
Shrinking the Giant
“By Javan Rowe   David placed the stone in his sling, righteous anger flowing through his veins. ...”
A Clear Calling
“By Jamie Shafer   A recent Gallup poll concluded that only 30 percent of American workers indicate ...”
Greatest Fish Story Ever Told—and All True
“By Dr. Bill Patterson   After I preached on Jonah at a conference, a man named George ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for February 23, 2014
“By Danielle Metz   The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman presents the idea that each of ...”
Give It Up--Acts 20:35
“By David Faust   It’s one of Jesus’ most famous quotes, but many don’t realize he is ...”
In the World -- February 16, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Janitor Saves Nursing Home Residents  A stay-at-home dad in California decided to work as ...”
“Come, Let Us Rebuild”
“By Kelly Carr   If someone asked your favorite Old Testament narrative, which would you choose?  In this ...”
Where You Live -- for February 23, 2014
“By Dan Lentz   1. Words are powerful. In this age of impersonal mass media and social ...”
Where You Live -- for March 2, 2014
“By Dan Lentz   1. When you hear the words “church building,” what image immediately comes to ...”
Faithful to the True King
“By Terry MacCabe   Faithfulness was once a virtue demonstrated in most every aspect of life. A ...”
Love, Faith, & Obedience
“By Arlene R. Graber   In 1850, agriculture in the south of the United States was booming ...”
Ten Great Works of Christian Literature
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   As with any kind of art, in literature there’s bad, good, ...”
The Inconvenient Gospel--Acts 24:25
“By David Faust   We’re into convenience these days. Why work if someone else will do it ...”
In the World -- February 23, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Fatherlessness Neurologically Harms Children A new study has proven what many people already knew: ...”
Stepping Back or Stepping Up?
“By Dr. Candace Wood   The 12 Israelite spies who were sent by Moses to get a ...”
An Eternal Kingdom—The Uniform Lesson for March 2, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   God made covenants with various individuals in Old Testament times, as well ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for March 2, 2014
“By Jerry Borton   Of course David would build God’s temple, right? He had the perfect resume.  David ...”
“Recite the victories of the Lord”
“By Kelly Carr   I’ll tell you a secret: though there are many great biblical narratives to ...”
Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?
“By Kelly Carr   To say I dislike conflict is an understatement. I despise politics because of ...”
Son of David--The Uniform Lesson for March 9, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Today’s lesson is based on three passages of Scripture. Psalm 89 affirms ...”
Can We Handle the Truth?--Romans 1
“By David Faust   If an exterminator discovers that your house has termites, do you want him ...”
In the World -- March 2, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Most Americans Don’t Trust Religious Leaders Each year Gallup releases a poll showing which ...”
Time Together Over Time
“By Bev and Phil Haas   It seems like our family is being pulled in so many ...”
One of Us Is Wrong
“By Steve Wyatt   “One of us is wrong . . .” An offense has happened. Right out ...”
Keys to Maintaining Christian Unity
“By Peggy Park   “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity. ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for March 9, 2014
“By Jerry Borton   Jesus is known as Immanuel, God with us. He entered our world at ...”
Where You Live -- for March 9, 2014
“By Dan Lentz   1. Of the following, which amazes you most and why? • clear starry night • surging ocean ...”
Are You Easily Offended?
“By T. R. Robertson   Christians in 21st century America have a reputation for being easily offended. ...”
Where You Live -- for March 16, 2014
“By Dan Lentz   1. If you had to describe the word justice to someone who was ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for March 16, 2014
“By Jerry Borton   I was born with Cerebral Palsy and now use a power wheelchair. I ...”
Getting to the Heart Wisdom
“By Cheri Lynn Cowell   My heart sank. I bit my bottom lip and shook my head ...”
Steps for Growing in Wisdom
“By Tammy Darling   In Proverbs 4:7 we are told, “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get ...”
Feeling Wise
“By Kelly Carr   “Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun ...”
Curious About the Classics
“By Jacqueline J. Holness   If you were a student in an average American public school system, ...”
Faith That Faces Facts--Romans 4
“By David Faust   Mindless Christianity isn’t biblical Christianity. The foundational rule of the Old Testament stated, ...”
Peter’s Report--The Uniform Lesson for March 16, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Two passages form the basis of today’s study. The first is from ...”
The Importance of Proverbs
“By Simon Presland   I’ve often wondered what it would have been like to be present in ...”
In the World -- March 9, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Police Officer Gives Sweatshirt to Homeless Man A New York City police officer was ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for March 23, 2014
“By Jerry Borton   What do you think of when you hear the word worship? For most ...”
Count Your Change--Romans 8
“By David Faust   When you purchase a hamburger in the drive-thru lane at a fast-food restaurant, ...”
Glorifying God with Your Family
“By Brian Jennings   I was pretty excited about my first opportunity to referee a basketball game. ...”
In the World -- March 16, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Last Comes Marriage? According to analysis by the National Center for Family and Marriage ...”
Making Unity a Reality
“By Kathleen A. Trissel   “Never do anything to embarrass yourself, your team, or your family” is ...”
Sticking Together as Siblings in Christ
“By Steven Clark Goad   Have you ever noticed how the kingdom of God is like the ...”
Where You Live -- for March 23, 2014
“By Dan Lentz   1. What is one of your favorite songs (any style, from any time ...”
Anchored Faith
“By Jamie Shafer   Emmy award winner Scott Swan anchors the noon and 5:30 p.m. newscasts of ...”
Friend or Foe?
“By Kelly Carr   Everywhere I look, there’s division and rivalry, clashing animosity and fierce antagonism. Unity ...”
Worthy Is the Lamb—The Uniform Lesson for March 23, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Revelation was written by the apostle John. While he was in exile ...”
Where You Live -- for for March 30, 2014
“By Dan Lentz   1. Most television shows are not broadcast live. They are recorded and edited ...”
Willing Messengers
“Kelly Carr, Interim Editor   Think of a time when someone made you feel special. Maybe it ...”
The Gospel Found in the Gospels
“By David Timms   The statistics are enough to alarm any Christian parent. One study suggests that ...”
Triumphant and Victorious—The Uniform Lesson for March 30, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Continuing this quarter’s study, “Jesus’ Fulfillment of Scripture,” we come to the ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for March 30, 2014
“By Keith Short   Excitement was building, and the entire town was looking forward to the coming ...”
Over the Rail
“By Laura L. Wood   I sat in the mall with my two preschoolers, my own infant, ...”
Listening with Both Ears--Romans 10:14-17
“By David Faust   The Malchus miracle is one of my favorite wonders recorded in the Bible. ...”
In the World -- March 23, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Three-Year-Old Collects 900 Teddy Bears for Sick Children  When Bennett Nester was diagnosed with ...”
Ten Great Christian Films
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   Everyone’s list of favorite films is different, including their list of ...”
Finding Hope
“How witnessing reopened my heart and helped me heal By Christy Heitger-Ewing   On a sunny afternoon last ...”
Biblical Principles for Financial Freedom
“By Karen O’Connor   Money, money! Cunning, conniving, confusing. Like food, we can’t live without it, but ...”
Giving the Gift of Honor--Romans 13:7, 8
“By David Faust   Can you see the love of God in the gritty courage of a ...”
In the World -- March 30, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Bill Could Curb Access to Student Data Washington lawmakers are considering a new bill ...”
Jesus Cleanses the Temple—The Uniform Lesson for April 6, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   The messages of two prominent Old Testament prophets provide background for today’s ...”
Don’t Lose Heart
“By Bob Russell   In the past few years I’ve preached to over 200 churches. Nearly everywhere ...”
The Freedom to Give
“By Kelly Carr   This issue is about financial freedom. Usually that term brings to mind budgets ...”
Where You Live -- for April 6, 2014
“By Dan Lentz   1. Do you go through some type of routine personal evaluation? (Examples: employer ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for April 6, 2014
“By Keith Short   It was a sad time in the life of one local church. For ...”
Finally Debt Free
“By Steven Clark Goad   “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to ...”
God Loves a Cheerful Giver
“By Victor M. Parachin   In a rural county, a handful of residents offered $45,000 in donations ...”
God’s Sandhogs
“By Philip Huber   We take fresh water for granted. For most, it is as simple as ...”
A Greater Grasp of Grace
“By Victor Knowles   My friend Norm remembers a revival meeting that he, his parents, and his ...”
An Epidemic
“By Bev and Phil Haas   We have good friends from church whose 20-year-old son was hospitalized ...”
In the World -- April 6, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Christians and the Death Penalty  Christians are divided along generational lines as to whether ...”
David Berkowitz: From Son of Sam to Son of Hope
“By Terrell Clemmons   The capacity crowd assembled in the Suffolk, Virginia, National Guard Armory for the ...”
Partners with God--1 Corinthians 3:9
“By David Faust   If you were asked to sing a duet, what musician would you select ...”
Where You Live -- for April 13, 2014
“By Dan Lentz   1. If you had to define yourself to someone who didn’t know you and ...”
A Messianic Priest-King--The Uniform Lesson for April 13, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   All of the Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah were fulfilled in ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for April 13, 2014
“By Keith Short   When our two boys were growing up, we encouraged them to read. There ...”
Beauty Out of the Ugly
“By Kelly Carr   Grace. It’s a word I’d heard for years without it having much impact ...”
Where You Live -- for April 20, 2014
“By Dan Lentz   1. What life experiences do you wish you had known more about before ...”
Jesus’ Storyline
“By Javan Rowe   When we purchase a highly anticipated novel, we would never read the introduction, ...”
The King of Kings Salvation Brings
“By T.R. Robertson   I wonder as I wander out under the sky, How Jesus the Savior did ...”
Evaluating our Spiritual Selfies
“By Jacqueline J. Holness   When Oxford Dictionaries announced that their word of 2013 winner was selfie, ...”
My Favorite Parade
“By Kelly Carr   Do you enjoy parades? I don’t consider myself a parade aficionado, but I ...”
The Results of Jesus’ Death
“By Candy Arrington   Following his death, Jesus’ followers huddled together behind locked doors, fearing what would ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for April 20, 2014
“By Keith Short   Sometimes we just do not understand what has happened or even why. These ...”
You Have the Right to Give Up Your Rights--1 Corinthians 6
“By David Faust   Common wisdom says the higher you climb on the organizational ladder, the more ...”
The Third Day--The Uniform Lesson for April 20, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Hosea prophesied during the eighth century BC, speaking to the people in ...”
In the World -- April 13, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Animal Rights Activists Petition Pope to Stop Releasing Doves A new petition is calling ...”
Make Easter Holy
“By Eva Juliuson   We can’t make Holy Week any more holy than it truly is. Our ...”
Not-So-Holy Holiday
“By Kelly Carr   Sometimes it’s hard to get emotionally built up for an annual event. When ...”
Fishing for Something New--How one man let faith guide his job transition
“By Jamie Shafer   As God transforms us, his light bursts through to all components of our ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for April 27, 2014
“By Keith Short   It was an early morning stroll along the beach. It was one of ...”
What Should the Resurrection Make of Us?
“By Donald S. Tingle   We know that the resurrection gives us hope for the future. God ...”
From Suffering to Glory--The Uniform Lesson for April 27, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Chapters 42–53 of Isaiah contain what are called the “Servant Songs.” Isaiah ...”
Where You Live -- for April 27, 2014
“By Dan Lentz   1. If you had your choice, which would you prefer? • planting a garden in ...”
In the World -- April 20, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Dating Preferences in 2014 The “2014 State of Dating in America” report was released ...”
Why the Resurrection Matters
“By Steve Wyatt   His name was Cleopas—and he felt hopeless. So did his friend.  These two friends ...”
Passed On--1 Corinthians 11
“By David Faust   On rainy days I wear a tan-colored raincoat. It’s a little too big ...”
More Than a Game
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   As I write this article, college football has just wrapped up ...”
In the World -- April 27, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Christian Singles and Sex  In a continuation from last week’s news item about dating ...”
Jesus Resists Temptation--The Uniform Lesson for May 4, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   This month concludes our study of “Jesus’ Fulfillment of Scripture,” as we ...”
Together on Purpose
“By Karen Ward Robertson   During a small group gathering, Brian told us about the difficult transition ...”
As If We Were Leaving--1 Corinthians 12-16
“By David Faust   I was raking my yard the other day when Jesse walked across the ...”
The Power of Encouragement
“By Kayleen Reusser   If you’ve never given much credence to the act of encouragement, consider that ...”
Spur One Another On
“By Kelly Carr   When we evaluate our lives, we may think about the big events that ...”
Faith in Community
“By Daniel Darling   I’ll never forget the bumper sticker I once saw affixed to a new ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for May 4, 2014
“By Chris Higgins   Our youngest son, who is now in college, was baptized when he was ...”
Where You Live -- for May 4, 2014
“By Dan Lentz   1. What’s the best job you’ve ever had? Were you ever tempted to ...”
Reading and Listening
“By Kelly Carr   My nose has been buried in books for as long as I can ...”
In the World -- May 4, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Developer Treats 50 Homeless to Elegant Dinner An Ohio developer recently treated a group ...”
Why Do We Trust Scripture?
“By David Timms   Relatively few people—even Christians—seem to trust the Bible anymore, if by trust we ...”
Letters from God--2 Corinthians 3:1-3
“By David Faust   Every day when I arrive home from work, there’s a pile of mail ...”
Talk with Me
“By Bev and Phil Haas   My husband and I need to talk with each other more, ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for May 11
“By Chris Higgins   In the history of the world there have been a lot of big ...”
Jesus’ Mission on Earth--The Uniform Lesson for May 11
“By Sam E. Stone   Each Gospel adds details and insights that help us better understand the ...”
The Old Testament: A Human/Divine Masterpiece
“By Doug Redford   The term Old Testament is not one that seems user-friendly. It contains two ...”
The New Testament: That You May Believe
“By Ruthanne (Candy) N. Arrington   Many of us process our experiences by keeping a journal or ...”
Where You Live -- for May 11
“By Dan Lentz   1. People build physical bridges over rivers and gorges as a way to ...”
“Just” a Mom?
“By Tammy Darling   Recently a good friend confided in me that she was struggling with being ...”
To Work or Not to Work?
“By Sandi Brown   When I was a little girl, I pictured myself being the type of ...”
A User-Friendly Look at Proverbs 31
“By Marcia Hornok   How practical is Proverbs 31:10-31 for modern women?  She burns the candle at both ...”
A Call for Healthy Living
“By Jacqueline J. Holness   I read a Facebook post by gospel singer Mandisa about why she ...”
Strong Women
“By Kelly Carr   I come from a family of strong women. I’m very blessed to have ...”
In the World -- May 11, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   FDA Considers Allowing Three-Parent Babies In February, a U.S. advisory board within the Food ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for May 18, 2014
“By Chris Higgins   In his fascinating book, The Greatest Stories Never Told, Rick Beyer recounts the ...”
Light and Momentary Troubles--2 Corinthians 4:16-18
“By David Faust   Twice in 2 Corinthians 4 the apostle Paul says, “We do not lose ...”
Jesus’ Teaching on the Law--The Uniform Lesson for May 18, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   While Jesus was teaching in Galilee some 50 miles away from them, ...”
Where You Live -- for May 18, 2014
“By Dan Lentz   1. What’s your favorite family tradition? What is involved? How often do you ...”
Hope on the Home Front
“By Jamie Shafer   Doug Hedrick has learned to thrive in the midst of living a dual ...”
Renewed, Recharged, Revived
“By Mark Snavely   I knew nothing of the North American Christian Convention until I began attending ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for May 25, 2014
“By Chris Higgins   A few years ago I was approached by an elderly lady in a ...”
In the World -- May 18, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   German Homeschool Family Permitted to Stay in U.S. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security ...”
Provisions for the Journey
“By Dan Hamilton   They were bone tired. For weeks now the team had been pressing on ...”
Concern for All the Churches--2 Corinthians 11:28
“By David Faust   If you think your life is filled with hassles and headaches, imagine how ...”
The Greatest Commandment--The Uniform Lesson for May 25, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Today we study Jesus’ answer to a question about the greatest commandment. ...”
NACC: Is It for You?
“By Marcy Levering   The words North American Christian Convention conjure up many different emotions in ...”
Why Attend NACC 2014?
“By Guest Columnist Dick Alexander   Military leaders talk of “mission creep”—military action launched with a clear ...”
Where You Live -- for May 25, 2014
“By Dan Lentz   1. Think about things you love to do. Then think about things you ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for June 1
“By Paul Cole   Have you ever disappointed God? As Christians, we know that we have failed ...”
Where You Live -- for June 1
“By Michael C. Mack   1. What excuses do people tend to make for putting their own ...”
This Belongs To . . . Answering Hard Questions About Special Needs
“By Gillian Marchenko   I sit in a hospital cafeteria, a half-eaten chicken sandwich and a bottle ...”
Meeting Every Need
“By Kelly Carr    I know a lot of amazing parents, but this issue’s topic brings some ...”
Obey the Lord--The Uniform Lesson for June 1, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   After returning from Babylonian exile, the Jews laid the foundations for the ...”
Does Insecurity Rule the World?--Galatians 1–3
“By David Faust   I have a theory. You can disagree with it if you want. My ...”
It’s Not All Bad--Part 1: Video Games
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   I recently read a quote about a man who fears the ...”
Does Noah Belong to the Church?--The Gospel, Inclusion, and Disability
“By Vangie Rodenbeck   For 10 years now, since he was diagnosed with autism, I have lived ...”
In the World -- May 25, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   “Sundays Are the Worst” Website Invites Conversation A new website called “Sundays Are the ...”
WOW Club
“By Sue Tornai   The faint scent of rubbing alcohol greeted Dan Brown when he entered Stanford ...”
The Trip of a Lifetime
“By Kelly Carr   Summer is coming. Do you have any trips planned?  Some of my favorite memories ...”
In the World -- June 1, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Pastor Launches WikiWorship  A pastor in North Carolina has launched an interactive website where ...”
Be Good to the Body--Galatians 5 & 6
“By David Faust   Amid all the talk about health care these days, God calls us to ...”
After an Affair
“By Bev and Phil Haas   My wife and I are trying to get our marriage back ...”
Where You Live -- for June 8, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. Describe something you have created, built, or rebuilt. Did others help ...”
Who’s Following Your Example?
“By Bob Mize   My goal in writing this article is to motivate kingdom people to disciple ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for June 8, 2014
“By Paul Cole   During the month of June each year, we see many precious promises made ...”
Trust God’s Promises--The Uniform Lesson for June 8, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Only 38 verses long, Haggai is the second shortest book of the ...”
Disciple-Making Disciples
“By Tyler Edwards   All living things grow. It is a natural part of life. Think of ...”
Discipleship in the Local Church
“By Rachel Hamman   When Jesus gave his disciples the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19, 20, he ...”
God’s Blueprint for Marriage
“By Simon Presland   After a recent service at my church, a young man approached me holding ...”
In the World -- June 8, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Minister Hopes to Transform Strip Club into Church A New York City minister is ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for June 15, 2014
“By Paul Cole   As Christians we want to live holy lives because God commanded us to ...”
Church and the Second Amendment
“By Jacqueline J. Holness   It has been argued that guns are as American as apple pie ...”
As You Wish
“By Nick Burczyk   “Aaaas yooooou wiiiiiish!” This was the cry of Westley (a.k.a. the Dread Pirate Roberts) ...”
What Does It Mean to Be a Godly Wife?
“By Karen O’Connor   “An excellent wife . . . is far more precious than jewels. The ...”
Where You Live -- for June 15, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. When’s the last time you caught a sickness from someone? How ...”
One Plus One Equals One--Ephesians 2-4
“By David Faust   God created mathematics, so he can do unusual things with it: • With 100 warriors ...”
Live Pure Lives--The Uniform Lesson for June 15, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Judah had been conquered, Jerusalem burned, the temple demolished, and the people ...”
Love and Marriage
“By Kelly Carr   Celebrating 33 years of marriage last month, assistant editor Sheryl Overstreet and her ...”
Every Good Gift
“By Jamie Shafer   What can a college graduate do with a secondary education or geology degree? ...”
Because of Dads
“By Kelly Carr   Today when talking to my neighbor about our family backgrounds, she said, “You’re ...”
Hope for a New Day--The Uniform Lesson for June 22. 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   This is the concluding lesson in our studies about rebuilding the temple ...”
In the World -- June 15, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Majority of Adults Say Church Not Important  A new poll by The Barna Group ...”
Our Father’s Fridge
“  By Alan W. Dowd   I always suspected they had kept all that stuff. I remember how ...”
Out of Control--Ephesians 5 and 6
“By David Faust   Do you realize how much of life is outside your control?  You can carry ...”
Where You Live -- for June 22. 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. If you were a superhero and could have just one super ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for June 22. 2014
“By Paul Cole   Today I turned 65. I was supposed to write this article on hope ...”
If I Could Do It All Over Again
“By T. R. Robertson   When my boys were young we loved to read the comic strips ...”
Before She Says “I Do”
“By Dale Reeves   Almost 28 years ago at Humana Hospital in Clear Lake, Texas, my wife ...”
Pursue Unity in Christ--The Uniform Lesson for for June 29, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   For the next two months we will study passages from 1 and ...”
The Forgiven
“By Javan Rowe   I have heard it said that we are very forgiving people. This is ...”
Whatever Happens, Rejoice!--Philippians 1
“By David Faust   The apostle Paul wrote, “In all things God works for the good of ...”
How Can I Forgive Her?
“By Courtney Newbery   I was leisurely pushing my cart down the pickle and condiment aisle when ...”
The Process of Forgiveness
“By Vicki Edwards   “Let it go.”  That was it: the sum total of my husband’s advice on ...”
It’s Not All Bad Part 2: YouTube
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   I’m proud of my son, Bryan. Last year he found a ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for June 29, 2014
“By Melissa Wuske   One Sunday my church focused on personalities by breaking into groups based on ...”
Forgiveness—You’re Not Alone
“By Kelly Carr   Forgiveness—who can say they are good at it? Who claims it’s a skill ...”
Where You Live -- for June 29, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. Who was your sports or movie hero when you were a ...”
In the World -- June 22, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Seminary Graduates in Record Debt A new study has found that many seminary graduates ...”
Coincidence or God-Incident?
“By Bob Russell   Have you ever noticed how often in the Bible that “it just so ...”
Glorify God with Your Body--The Uniform Lesson for July 6, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   First-century Corinth was not an easy place for a Christian to live. ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for July 6, 2014
“By Melissa Wuske   Food is pretty much the only way I reward myself for anything. A ...”
Where You Live -- for July 6, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. How did you learn about “the birds and the bees”? How ...”
Sacrificing for Freedom
“By Kelly Carr   While thinking about the topic of freedom, I spoke with Matt Braden, former ...”
Preserving America’s Religious Freedom
“By H. Lynn Gardner   As a child, Dr. Garland Bare lived in Tibet until Communists forced ...”
In the World -- June 29, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Jesus Chalk Drawing A church in Texas wanted to gain a world record by ...”
The Lookout for June 29, 2014
“We hope you enjoy celebrating our country’s freedom this week. Fireworks, family, food—however you spend ...”
How the Bible Shaped the New Nation
“By Candace Wood   “Proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants” (Leviticus 25:10). Can you ...”
How Can the Church Change the Country?
“By Dr. Bill Patterson   In every country where Christianity has gained a strong foothold, major change ...”
How Are You Doing—Really?--Philippians 3 and 4
“By David Faust   Personal greetings used to be formal: “Good morning.” “Welcome.” “It’s a pleasure to ...”
Hollow or Holy?--Colossians 2:8-10
“By David Faust   Early one morning not far from my house, a towering tree tumbled swiftly ...”
Where You Live -- for July 13, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. What personal freedom is most vital to you?   Read 1 Corinthians 8.   2. ...”
Help From Heaven
“By Victor Knowles   Fourth grade was terrible for me. Our family had moved from a small ...”
Exercise Freedom with Caution--The Uniform Lesson for July 13, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Paul’s first letter to the church in Corinth was prompted by a ...”
The Lookout for July 6, 2014
“This week The Lookout will be at the North American Christian Convention. If you’re heading ...”
Questions About Estrangement
“By Bev and Phil Haas   My daughter married into a family with money and has decided ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for July 13, 2014
“By Melissa Wuske   Our culture runs on freedom of expression, so not-very-well-directed good intentions are everywhere.  As ...”
Do You Know the Holy Spirit?
“By Cheri Lynn Cowell   Most of us can give a long list of the things we ...”
The Mysterious Member of the Trinity
“By Kelly Carr   It was an odd moment, but I remember it distinctly: I was walking ...”
In the World -- July 6, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   College Students with Involved Fathers More Likely to Graduate  College students with fathers who ...”
The Mysterious Member of the Trinity
“By Kelly Carr   It was an odd moment, but I remember it distinctly: I was walking ...”
More of Him, Less of Me
“By Karen Ward Robertson   It all started with a murder when I was 9 years old.  The ...”
In the World -- July 13, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Census May Change Some Questions After pushback from the public, the U.S. Census Bureau ...”
Staying Put
“By Anne Wilson   At some point in our journey of faith, many of us lie awake ...”
Where You Live -- for July 20, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. What is the most important lesson you’ve ever learned from the ...”
Louder Than Words
“By Jacqueline J. Holness   “I’d rather see a sermon than hear one any day.” This is ...”
Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?
“By Kelly Carr   “Who are the people in your neighborhood—the people that you meet each day?” ...”
Your Neighborhood Mission Field
“The Lookout--July 13, 2014 This week we look at people who are making a difference in ...”
The Ongoing Relevance of the Second Coming--1 Thessalonians
“By David Faust   Why are Christians these days so reluctant to talk about the return of ...”
You Have a Mission
“By Tim Harlow   My daughter Becca was 4 when we lost her on a beach in ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for July 20, 2014
“By Melissa Wuske   Last year I was overpaid by clients three times. One duplicate check and ...”
Getting Outside the Walls
“By Chris Barras   On Tuesday, January 12, 2010, a devastating earthquake struck southern Haiti. Like many ...”
Overcome Temptation--The Uniform Lesson for July 20, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Paul guided the Corinthians to live as a community of believers. In ...”
Seek the Good of Others--The Uniform Lesson for July 27, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   From the day that the church began in Jerusalem, God endowed certain ...”
Paper with Purpose
“By Jamie Shafer   Both Tim and Sarah Gosnell have full-time jobs and full personal lives in ...”
Playing Second Fiddle
““He must become greater; I must become less.” —John 3:30”
Quiet Ambition--1 Thessalonians 4:1-13
“By David Faust   Unchecked ambition is an ugly trait. It makes people pushy and self-promoting. Ruthless ...”
The Call of Humility
“By Dr. Donald E. Phillips   There once was a humble, faithful person who never missed church ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for July 27, 2014
“By Melissa Wuske   Last year my church started using small group discussion occasionally during Sunday morning ...”
Where You Live -- for July 27, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. Have you ever been in a situation where you did not understand ...”
Helping Others Succeed
“H. Lynn Gardner   Famed basketball coach John Wooden defined success as “knowing you made the effort ...”
In the World -- July 20, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Kids Experience Fewer Traumas When Raised by Mom and Dad  A new report released ...”
Assistant to the Regional Manager
“By Kelly Carr   I was a huge fan of the TV show The Office. One character ...”
When Others Hardly Notice
“By Danny R. Von Kanel   In many years of living, I have always served in a ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for August 3, 2014
“By Betty B. Gray   Susie and Janie, 5-year-old playmates, lived next door to each other and ...”
In the World -- July 27, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Church Sings in Airport During Layover When members of Harmony Hill Baptist Church in ...”
Learning to Slow Down
“By Karen O’Connor   Sooner or later we all have to learn the art and discipline of slowing ...”
Where You Live -- for August 3, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. Give an example of compassion you’ve seen lately. Or describe an ...”
Life Is a Marathon—Pace Yourself
“By Tammy Darling   Even those of us who aren’t avid in the sport of track and ...”
Why Waiting Isn’t All Bad
“By Lindsey Bell   I don’t like to wait.  My guess is, neither do you.  Our you-can-have-anything-you-want-and-you-can-have-it-now culture has ...”
Honoring God by Working Well--2 Thessalonians 3:6-13
“By David Faust   Someone sent me a list of the best things to say if you ...”
Growing in Patience
“Coming up in August you’ll find: • The Not-So-Perfect Church • Raising Righteous Kids, Parts 1 & 2 • No More ...”
It’s Not All Bad --Part 3: Smarter TV Plots
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   I’ve often talked about what’s bad in mass media. In this ...”
Moving Too Fast
“By Kelly Carr   Perhaps you’ve seen this little party favor toy that kids receive: a disc ...”
Comfort in Times of Trouble--The Uniform Lesson for August 3, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Last month’s lessons were all based on Paul’s first letter to the ...”
Where You Live -- for August 10, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. Share a time when you intended to do something for someone ...”
Tied for Worst--1 Timothy 1:12-17
“By David Faust   Can you imagine a conversation between King David and the apostle Paul?  “I consider ...”
The Beautiful Bride?
“By Eva Juliuson   The first time I truly believed that my husband loved me was when ...”
The Curmudgeon and the Congregation
“By T. R. Robertson   I’ve decided to stop being the church curmudgeon. In my teens and 20s ...”
In the World -- August 3, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Minister Refused Surgery U.S. minister Saeed Abedini was denied a much needed surgery. The Iranian-born ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for August 10, 2014
“By Betty B. Gray   Corrie ten Boom is one of the characters that I love to ...”
A Permanent Solution
“By Mark Taylor, Publisher   “The temporary becomes permanent.” Dale McCann, senior minister at the first church ...”
Forgiveness and Restoration--The Uniform Lesson for August 10, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Paul’s first letter to the Corinthian church contained many things that were ...”
How to Love an Imperfect Church
“By Daniel Darling   So by now you’ve discovered that the church you attend is imperfect. The ...”
Keeping Tabs on Your Teen
“By Bev and Phil Haas   Like most parents we want to protect our kids from the ...”
The Not-So-Perfect Church
“No church is perfect. But WE are the church! So let’s commit ourselves to building ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for August 17, 2014
“ Betty B. Gray   Recently at a large convention, I was putting up my Encourage Me Ministry ...”
Treasure in Clay Jars--The Uniform Lesson for August 17, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Paul’s suffering is mentioned throughout this second letter to the Corinthians, especially ...”
Faithful Sayings--1 & 2 Timothy; Titus
“By David Faust   A wise axiom says, “You cannot train a horse with shouts and expect ...”
The Supreme Court Upholds Prayer
“By Jacqueline J. Holness   A Supreme Court ruling earlier this year is a reminder that Christians ...”
Help Children Study and Memorize Scripture
“By Betty Aldridge    What if I offered you 12 exciting, new, and creative methods that will ...”
The B-I-B-L-E
“By Kelly Carr   If you grew up going to church, do you recall Bible songs you ...”
From Feelings to Action
“By Victor Parachin   When she was in sixth grade, Stephanie Taylor heard about a police dog ...”
Wireless Parenting
“By Jamie Shafer   Anyone with children knows that parenting is not for the faint of heart. ...”
Where You Live -- for August 17, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. Dr. John Henry Jowett said, “Ministry that costs nothing accomplishes nothing.” Do ...”
Raising Righteous Kids--Part 1
“Thanks for all you have done and continue to do to help new generations of ...”
In the World -- August 10, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   False Myths About Divorce Rates  Christian researcher Shaunti Feldhahn recently did an eight-year investigative ...”
Dear Mom and Dad
“By Rachel Friel   Dear Mom and Dad,    I thank my heavenly Father for both of you each ...”
Creating Meaningful Spiritual Moments for Your Family
“By Mike Berry   Even though the sun was shining and the temperature had reached a warm ...”
But As for You--2 Timothy 3
“By David Faust   As our society drifts farther from God, what will it be like 10 ...”
Raising Righteous Kids, Part 2
“Every day is filled with moments that God can use to encourage young people to ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for August 24, 2014
“By Betty B. Gray   In 2002 my best friend and I had the chance to visit ...”
An Appeal for Reconciliation--The Uniform Lesson for August 24, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   In the section of 2 Corinthians just before today’s printed text, the ...”
More than a Soapbox
“By Jamie Shafer   Although Wendy Childress’ first visit to Colombia, South America, was short, its impact ...”
In the World -- August 17, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Stranger Raises $35K for Exonerated Prisoner When a Brooklyn man was exonerated after serving ...”
30 Days of Praying for My Son
“By Sarah Robinson   I decided to spend 30 days in focused prayer for my son. I ...”
Where You Live -- for August 24, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. What’s your all-time, favorite love song? If you’re willing, sing a ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for August 31. 2014
“By Betty B. Gray   Once you have been to Haiti you never forget the unbelievable poverty. ...”
What? Me Worry?
“By Simon Presland   I recently read that more than 40 million people in our society suffer ...”
Run to the Roar
“By Patricia Ennis   If you walk into a room and the conversation stops, what is your ...”
Where You Live -- for August 31. 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. What thoughts or feelings do you have when a preacher, missionary, or ...”
Addicted to Worry
“By Kelly Carr, Editor   Looking over my lifetime, I’d pinpoint one issue that has most often ...”
Fix Problems Before They’re Too Big--Titus 2:15
“By David Faust   Doesn’t the word prefix sound like it means to fix something ahead of ...”
Generosity in the Midst of Poverty--The Uniform Lesson for August 31. 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Despite the problems noted in 1 Corinthians (such as division, pride, and ...”
Overcoming Worry
“By Kathleen A. Trissel   Has anyone ever told you, “You have control issues”? Worry is a ...”
It’s Not All Bad--Part 4: Smarter TV Techniques
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   We’ve been doing a series on what’s good in mass media. ...”
In the World -- August 24, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Foster Mother Receives Financial Gift A foster mother living in California received a tremendous ...”
No More Worries!
“Coming up in September you’ll find: • Vertical: A Peek at the 2014 International Conference on Missions • Confirm ...”
The Big Easy
“By T. R. Robertson   In the early 1970s, my family lived in a small town in ...”
Rest or Stress?
“We hope you get to enjoy rest from your work on Labor Day. Take a ...”
The Value of Sabbath
“By Joyce Long   Reddish-orange glints streak the evening sky, casting dancing shadows on the most holy ...”
In the World -- August 31, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Americans Get Enough Sleep  The Bureau of Labor Statistics released their annual Time Use ...”
Biblical Ways to Overcome Stress
“By Charles Gerber   Stress is all around! It cannot be avoided on this planet. Just turn ...”
Take a Deep Breath
“By Kelly Carr, Editor   Labor Day is a big weekend here in Cincinnati. There’s a huge ...”
Where You Live -- for September 7
“By Michael C. Mack   1. When have you been a part of a “Welcome Home” celebration? ...”
A Prayer for Teachers
“By Bob Russell   The summer is ending and school is resuming in most places. This is ...”
Charge It to Me--Philemon
“By David Faust   What amazes you most about Jesus? Are you astonished by his power over ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for September 7, 2014
“By Nathan Kline   I love seeing renewal, especially in the city. The renewal of the Over-the-Rhine ...”
A Vision of the Future--The Uniform Lesson for September 7, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Even while the people of Israel were living as exiles in Babylon, ...”
Fully Human in Every Way--Hebrews 2:14-18
“By David Faust   No section of the Bible portrays the superiority of the Lord Jesus Christ ...”
When Your Kids Leave Home
“By Bev and Phil Haas   Our kids are two and a half years apart. The youngest ...”
Go Vertical
“By Dave Butts   Going vertical will change your life. And Columbus, Ohio, is the place this ...”
In the World -- September 7, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Parents Value Grades over Kindness A new study by a researcher at Harvard has ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for September 14, 2014
“By Nathan Kline   There I was, standing before hundreds of people, crying my eyes out because ...”
Answer to Prayer at ICOM
“By Sam Gill—Guest Editorial   I grew up in the city of Lahore, Pakistan, that has more ...”
Hope for the Future--The Uniform Lesson for September 14, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Jeremiah is often called “the weeping prophet” because of the sad news ...”
Impact of ICOM
“By Laura McKillip Wood   Last November, my husband and I packed our kids into the back ...”
Where You Live -- for September 14, 2014
“  By Michael C. Mack   1. If you could develop a “new and improved” version of something, ...”
The ICOM Challenge
“By Karen Wingate   “Are you a missionary?” The question hung in the air between me and the ...”
A Little Bit More
“By Kelly Carr, Editor   Our household joined the international excitement over the World Cup this summer. ...”
Anticipation of a New Future--The Uniform Lesson for September 21, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Despite all that was going on around them, the people of Israel ...”
Called to Be Like God
“By Cheri Lynn Cowell   The news traveled fast. “Did you hear? John answered the call.” In ...”
What’s the Good Word?
“By Jacqueline J. Holness   Although I attended church and Sunday school probably since a few days ...”
In the World -- September 14, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Homeless Find Innovative Shelters in Vancouver A Vancouver charity found a unique way to ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for September 21, 2014
“By Nathan Kline   I’m a sucker for musicals. My wife and I love going downtown to ...”
God Is Not Unjust--Hebrews 6:10
“By David Faust   NFL quarterbacks and senior ministers have something in common: Both of them get ...”
Faith Wrestler
“By Javan Rowe   I stared in amazement at the wrestler facing me, trying desperately to hide ...”
Where You Live -- for September 21, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. What’s the most illogical thing you’ve ever done (at least as ...”
The Essence of Goodness
“By Steve Wyatt   My favorite teaching style is biographical. I love to take the full story ...”
Nourishing Resources from The Lookout
“LET’S BE FRIENDS ONLINE: Twitter: @LookoutMagazine Facebook: search The Lookout Magazine or use this direct link   SPREAD THE ...”
Confirm Your Calling—Part 1
“In this issue of The Lookout, we begin a 3-part series looking at the calling ...”
In the World -- September 21, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Global Prayer Vigil for Saeed Abedini  A global prayer vigil for Saeed Abedini has ...”
Where You Live -- for September 28, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. Use the following sentence to tell us about your week: The ...”
Choosing Self-Control
“By Tammy Darling   A  quick look at our society leads me to wonder, where is self-control? ...”
Finding My Motivation
“By Kelly Carr, Editor   This week as we continue to look at our calling from God ...”
Never Give Up
“By H. Lynn Gardner   In the struggle to live for God in this fallen world, who ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for September 28, 2014
“By Nathan Kline   Recently I embarked on an adventure I wasn’t sure I could complete: I ...”
Simply Sweet
“By Jamie Shafer   Built with hard work, faith, and a lot of frosting, Confectioneiress has been ...”
Growing in Knowledge
“By Victor Knowles   “Knowledge is indispensable to Christian life and service,” said John Stott. “If we ...”
Future Peace and Joy--The Uniform Lesson for September 28, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   In last Sunday’s lesson Jeremiah was being held in a courtyard prison ...”
Confirm Your Calling--Part 2
“Continuing our series on our calling from 2 Peter 1:1-11, we delve into knowledge, self-control, ...”
Bow In--Hebrews 10:19-25
“By David Faust   Do you ever struggle to find the right balance between engagement and disengagement? ...”
Reaching Up
“By Ginger Peters   Paige Cannon reaches up, above the major trials that have befallen her. Life ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for October 5, 2014
“By Jeanette Hanscome   When my attorney emerged from the courtroom, I expected her to tell me ...”
It’s Not All Bad—Part 5: Smarter Film Techniques
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   We’ve been doing a series on what’s good in mass media. ...”
Can’t We All Just Get Along? (Practicing Mutual Affection)
“By Riane Konc   If I want to get good and angry about something, all I have ...”
Called by (Nick)Name
“By Jennifer Hinder   Nicknames are typically affectionate, silly pet names given to us by our friends ...”
Confirm Your Calling—Part 3
“We finish off our series on calling by looking at godliness, mutual affection, and love.”
Yet I Will Rejoice—The Uniform Lesson for October 5, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   All that is known of the Old Testament prophet Habakkuk is found ...”
A Beautiful Masterpiece
“By Kelly Carr   In our final issue concerning our calling from God, as discussed in 2 ...”
In the World -- September 28, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Americans Concerned About Eating Habits According to a new report from Barna, Americans ...”
Where You Live -- for October 5, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. When have you had to wait for God to answer you?   Read ...”
Finishing the Race—Hebrews 12:1, 2
“By David Faust   For years I’ve had a hard time understanding people who run marathons. Why ...”
Where You Live -- for October 12, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. What do you think is worse: the conviction of an innocent ...”
When I Stopped Saying Yes
“By Nancy Hoag   Setting boundaries may sound simple enough on paper, but what if it’s a ...”
Setting Healthy Boundaries
“In this issue you’ll find: • What the Bible Says About Setting Healthy Boundaries • When I Stopped Saying ...”
I Know That My Redeemer Lives--The Uniform Lesson for October 12, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   This is the first of three lessons highlighting key passages from the ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for October 12, 2014
“By Jeanette Hanscome   When I didn’t see Deanna at church, I knew something was wrong. She ...”
Small Deeds Done--James 1:19-27
“By David Faust   The short letter of James is a favorite of many Bible readers because ...”
Parenting with Choices
“By Bev and Phil Haas   Everything is a battle with my son. If I say, “Do ...”
Guard Your Yard
“By Amy Simon    I grew up watching the consequences of unhealthy boundaries in my family. I’ve ...”
What the Bible Says About Setting Healthy Boundaries
“By Karen O’Connor   I remember the day I learned about relationship boundaries—not from a book or ...”
In the World -- October 5, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Sudan Bans Construction of Christian Churches The Sudanese government has banned the construction of ...”
Setting Up a Perimeter
“By Kelly Carr   It seems to be human nature to not want to be restricted. Cole ...”
Moving Past Grief
“By Ruthanne N. Arrington   When my father-in-law had a heart attack, I spent lots of time ...”
Where You Live -- for October 19, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. If you could ask God any “why” question, what would it ...”
The Marijuana Debate
“By Jacqueline J. Holness   The use of marijuana in American culture has long been associated with ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for October 19, 2014
“By Jeanette Hanscome   I was working at a preschool the year of the O.J. Simpson murder ...”
I Will Call on God—The Uniform Lesson for October 19, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Last week’s study focused on Job 19. After that section, more attacks ...”
In the World -- October 12, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Minister Invents Prayer App A 25-year-old youth minister in Lubbock, Texas, has created an ...”
Foot in Mouth: What NOT to Say to Someone in Grief
“By Courtney Newbery   As she walked into the room, eyes puffy from crying, my normally chatty ...”
Choosing to Believe: My Grief Journey
“By Evelyn Eng “Why not me? Love me.” In My Best Friend’s Wedding, Julia Roberts plays Julianne, ...”
Beyond Understanding
“By Kelly Carr   I first stared into the face of grief when I was 5 years ...”
Filling the Empty Boxes—James 4:13-17
“By David Faust   Ordinary objects seem more valuable when they aren’t readily at hand. Did you ...”
Free Will & Tough Love
“By Kelly Carr   In the past few years, friends of mine have persuaded me to read ...”
Where You Live -- for October 26, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. When was a time you put your foot in your mouth ...”
Confront or Don’t Confront?
“By Sandi Brown   In the days my husband and I were in Bible college, I imagined ...”
In the World -- October 19, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Bill Introduced to Protect Faith-Based Adoption In August U.S. Representative Mike Kelly and Senator ...”
Things Too Wonderful for Me--The Uniform Lesson for October 26, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Today we consider the closing section of the book of Job. Last ...”
Tough Love
“• How do you love the unlovable? • When should you confront and when should you not? Dig in ...”
Loving the Unlovable
“By Tyler Edwards   Some people are just harder to love than others. It sounds harsh, but ...”
Love is a Battlefield
“By Steve Wyatt   There’s a war going on inside me, a fight that’s been raging for ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for October 26, 2014
“By Jeanette Hanscome   My sister held up the sequined V-neck sweater and laughed. I could only ...”
Loving Without Seeing--1 Peter 1:8
“By David Faust   When my son, Matt, was a toddler, he was curious about the Lord. ...”
How Do Christians Apply Faith at Work?
“By Jamie Shafer   Colossians 3:17 challenges us: “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, ...”
Are You a Lion Tamer?--1 Peter 5:8
“By David Faust   The radio broadcaster Paul Harvey created a popular essay called “If I Were ...”
Christian Film on the Rise (Part One)
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   I’ve talked before about how Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for November 2, 2014
“By John H. Corbin   During each summer Olympic Games, the marathon race is the last event. ...”
“By Kelly Carr   For 124 years, The Lookout has provided Christian adults with true-to-the-Bible teaching and ...”
A Defeated Foe
“By Simon Presland   The Flip Wilson Show was a popular variety show in the 1970s that ...”
Waging the War of the Worlds
“By Doug Redford   The Bible begins with God’s creative activity, including a paradise that was shattered ...”
God’s Glory Filled the Temple--The Uniform Lesson for November 2, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   This month we consider “Visions of Grandeur,” looking primarily at Ezekiel’s prophecies.  G. ...”
In the World -- October 26, 2014
“South American Family DNA Assists Alzheimer’s Research A South American family has volunteered to be a ...”
Protect Kids from the Occult
“By Ruth O’Neil   Not everyone agrees with me on what I allowed or did not allow ...”
Where You Live -- for November 2, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. Would you rather go to a home show or take an ...”
In the World -- November 2, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Britain’s Most Popular Baby Boy Name Britain has a new most popular name for ...”
I Will Remember
“By Kelly Carr   I tend to shy away from negative information. Is that war movie based ...”
Remembering the Persecuted Church
“Election Day is this week. No matter who or what you’re voting for, recognize the ...”
Prosecuted and Persecuted
“By Dr. Barry Thornton   Since the time of Christ and subsequent to the fourth century, governmental ...”
Where You Live -- for November 9, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. Would you rather follow detailed instructions or wing it?   Read Ezekiel 43:13-21.   2. What’s your ...”
Marked with an X
“By Laura McKillip Wood   In 2013 a church in a village near Juba, the capital of ...”
Change—the Unwelcome Guest--1 & 2 Peter
“By David Faust   I’ve experienced a lot of change this year. After 12 years as president ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for November 9, 2014
“By John H. Corbin   The specifications and dimensions listed in Ezekiel for building the altar were ...”
Craving Encouragement
“By Bev and Phil Haas   Lately my husband and I have noticed that our daughter seems ...”
Resources for Standing with the Persecuted Church
“By T. R. Robertson   As you read this issue of The Lookout magazine, our hope is ...”
The Altar Offers Hope--The Uniform Lesson for November 9, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   At this point in our study, Ezekiel had witnessed the measuring of ...”
New View of Veteran’s Day
“By Kelly Carr   As I mentioned last week, I often avoid negative information. As you might ...”
Water from the Sanctuary Gives Life—The Uniform Lesson for November 16, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Last week’s study ended with Ezekiel 43:21. After that Ezekiel was given ...”
Give Thanks—It’s Good for You
“By Jacqueline J. Holness   While Christmas is the “most wonderful time of the year,” our culture ...”
Loving Scripture
“By Javan Rowe   I love reading the Bible. Sounds like an obvious statement for a Christian ...”
The Power of God’s Word
“Do you love Scripture? Do you read it regularly? This week dwell on the power ...”
Combat Cuisine
“By Patricia Ennis   I once had a minister who consistently stated, “No Bible, no breakfast!” As ...”
What Happens When We Focus on God’s Word
“By Lindsey Bell   As I stared at the pregnancy test lying on the bathroom counter, I ...”
In the World -- November 9, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   How Black and White Christians Think About Race The protests and riots in Ferguson, ...”
Where You Live -- for November 16, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. What’s the best adventure involving water you’ve ever experienced?   Read Ezekiel 47:1-12.   2. Pretend your ...”
Recall the Words—2 Peter 3:2
“By David Faust   Some recalls are bad. Automobile manufacturers issue recalls when they discover defects in ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for November 16, 2014
“By John H. Corbin   In the great state of Kentucky, most of our country roads follow ...”
Called to Return
“By Riane Konc   “The needs around the world are so significant that you should go unless ...”
Making Faith an Everyday Business
“By Jamie Shafer   Dawid and Justyna Wawrzyniak are passionate about following God’s plans, and they believe ...”
Healthy Trends in Short-Term Missions
“By Donovan Weber and Bill Weber   Millions of people spend millions of dollars to travel the ...”
Where You Live -- for November 23, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. What are you most thankful for in terms of your inheritance? (Examples: ...”
Tales of the Not Forgotten
“By Beth Guckenberger   “I’m hungry!” The cries for more food were ringing in Edgar’s ears. He ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for November 23, 2014
“By John H. Corbin   Once while vacationing in Jamaica, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet ...”
Should We Love the World?—1 John 2:15-17
“By David Faust   The Bible’s golden text informs us that “God so loved the world” (John ...”
In the World -- November 16, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   New Words Admitted into Dictionary New words have been admitted into the online dictionaries ...”
On a Mission for Chile
“By Kelly Carr   When I first supported Chile Mission founded by Jack and Janine Swanson, I ...”
Inheritance Marks a New Beginning—The Uniform Lesson for November 23, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Our final lesson from Ezekiel brings us to the largest section of ...”
Finding Our Way to Thailand
“By Adam Griffith   My wife, Kristy, and I have been on the mission field in Thailand ...”
My Most Memorable Thanksgiving
“By Jill Davis   My mother loved family. The Thanksgiving when I was 10, she eased into ...”
Why God Deserves our Thanks
“By Dr. Bill Patterson   An amazing encounter took place on Jesus’ last trip to Jerusalem. As ...”
Stressed and Blessed--1 John 5:4
“By David Faust   Are you ready for a break? Sometimes Jesus had his disciples “come apart” ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for November 30, 2014
“By John H. Corbin   Allow me to introduce you to a person who truly rejoices over ...”
“Enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving this week. No matter how you spend your time, we hope you ...”
Good News Brings Rejoicing—The Uniform Lesson for November 30, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   God called on the people of Israel to rejoice. Though they still ...”
Living Thank-You Notes
“By Kelly Carr, Editor   My mom always taught me to send thank-you cards for gifts received. ...”
Where You Live -- for November 30, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. What is your level of joy at this holiday season?    Read Isaiah 52:1, ...”
Christian Film on the Rise (Part Two)
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   Last time I told you that, earlier this year, Christian filmmaking ...”
In the World -- November 23, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Homeless Elderly Prayed and Got Help An elderly couple living inside their car in ...”
Stressed and Blessed--1 John 5:4
“By David Faust   Are you ready for a break? Sometimes Jesus had his disciples “come apart” ...”
The Well of Wonder
“By Tammy Darling   A crackling campfire with flames reaching for the stars stirs up thoughts of ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for December 7, 2014
“By Tyler McKenzie   Incarnation, the Christmas paradox: majesty dressed in humility, God’s Son growing in Mary’s ...”
Fighting for Joy
“By Audrey Hector   As a mental health therapist, I recognized the signs of depression in others—yet ...”
In the World -- November 30, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Obamacare May Cover Abortions A new report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) ...”
Contending for the Faith—The Book of Jude
“By David Faust   Jude’s 25-verse letter is one of the shortest books in the Bible, but ...”
Worship Christ’s Majesty—The Uniform Lesson for December 7, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   The letter to the Hebrews does not tell us the name of ...”
The Battle for the Mind
“Coming up in December’s issues of The Lookout: • Striving for Purpose • Worship • Christmas Joy • Facing Your Future”
What Does a Preacher Do?
“By Bob Russell   Ever question what a preacher does all day long? Ever wonder why so ...”
Where You Live -- for December 7, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. In 60 seconds write down the titles of as many Christmas songs ...”
A Journey from Heartache to Hope
“By Doug Redford   Baseball fans recognize that the number 42 is a very important one in ...”
Cultivating a Positive Attitude
“By Candy Arrington   Occasionally we hear stories of generosity, kindness, or heroism. These stories warm our ...”
The Ministry of Empathy
“By Kelly Carr   In August when news broke that beloved actor Robin Williams had committed suicide, ...”
What Christians Do—Revelation 1–5
“By David Faust   The New Testament portrays the early church with stark realism, and the picture ...”
Selfless Image
“Dr. Barry Thornton Forrest Gump, at the grave of his beloved Jenny, lamented life’s design: “I ...”
Hold on to Jesus
“By Sylvia Schroeder   I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the cloud of witnesses from Hebrews ...”
Enjoying Family Time
“By Bev and Phil Haas   I’m looking forward to the upcoming holidays. The main reason is ...”
Where You Live -- for December14, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. What different styles of worship have you experienced in your lifetime? calm ...”
Striving for Purpose
“Are you struggling to find purpose in some aspect of your life? Is it learning ...”
In the World -- December 7, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Domain .church Grows in Popularity More congregations across the country are adopting .church domain ...”
Seek and You Shall Find
“By Simon Presland “Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for December 14, 2014
“By Tyler McKenzie   Well it’s Christmas season, isn’t it? Look around—all the things that resemble sanity in ...”
What’s the Point?
“By Kelly Carr   One of the novels I read this year was written from the perspective ...”
Make a Joyful Noise—The Uniform Lesson for December 14, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Psalm 95 begins with a call to sing praises to the Lord. ...”
The Lamb-Shepherd—Revelation 7:17
“By David Faust   What makes the book of Revelation so intriguing? Why are some Bible readers ...”
In What Ways Do You Worship?
“By Kelly Carr   What setting most often inspires your worship of God?  • Do you enjoy exalting him ...”
Speak, Lord, Your Servant Is Listening
“By Pati Page   It is no small thing that the God of the universe who dwells ...”
Where You Live -- for December 21, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack   1. How well are you prepared for Christmas—physically (home decorations, cooking food)? ...”
Authentic Worship
“By Javan Rowe   There is much confusion today in the area of worship. Many seem to ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for December 21, 2014
“By Tyler McKenzie   It’s AD 14, Jesus will be 20 soon, and Caesar Augustus, the emperor ...”
O Worship the King
“By Steven Clark Goad   Somehow I’ve managed to avoid the worship wars that have raged over ...”
In the World—December 14, 2014
“By Christy Barritt   Ebola Outbreak Could Hit 1.4 Million by 2015 The Centers for Disease Control and ...”
“Whether you are making a joyful noise or treasuring up all these things in your ...”
Give Glory to God—The Uniform Lesson for December 21, 2014
“By Sam E. Stone   Of the four Gospel writers, Luke is the one who gave the ...”
Contraceptive Controversy
“By Jacqueline J. Holness   It’s that time again—the end of another year. The last month of ...”
An Ode to Joy
“By Kelly Carr Christmas week is finally here! How has the season been treating you? Maybe this ...”
Faithful Living in Everyday Business
“By Jamie Shafer Never underestimate the power of everyday conversations to make a lifelong impact. Mark ...”
Where You Live -- for December 28, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack1. When in your life have you been the most terrified? What was ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for December 28, 2014
“By Tyler McKenzie Why do you believe in Jesus? What’s your motive? Do you believe in ...”
Lost and Found Christmas
“By Sue Tornai After the Cherub Choir’s dress rehearsal, I headed over to the nursery to ...”
Keys to an Extraordinary Christmas
“By Danny R. Von Kanel Christmas—it’s the magical holiday that radiates joy and goodwill every December. ...”
The Joy of Christ’s Birth
“By Victor KnowlesBeing a shepherd was probably a fairly grim slog. Bethlehem was not Rome. ...”
Blessed Rest—Revelation 14:9-14
“By David Faust We are, indeed, a restless generation.Physically RestlessAccording to the Centers for Disease Control ...”
Worship God’s Son—The Uniform Lesson for December 28, 2014
“By Sam E. StoneWith the feeding of the 5,000 in the third year of Jesus’ ...”
Christmas Joy
“Have a wonderful Christmas, worshipping the incarnation of our powerful, loving God.”
In the World -- December 21, 2014
“By Christy Barritt “Amazing Grace” Headed to Broadway?A new production about the real-life story behind the ...”
Where You Live -- for January 4, 2014
“By Michael C. Mack1. Who first taught you how to pray? Read Luke 11:1-13. 2. Of all the things ...”
Getting Past Your Past
“By Karen O’ConnorWhat a relief it is to read this beautiful Scripture from Isaiah and ...”
On the Right Side of History
“By David FaustAfter writing a magazine column every week for nearly 19 years, I have ...”
Facing Your Future
“As you finish up 2014, we hope you can look back on the year and ...”
The Lookout's 2015 Bible Reading Plan
“Use this plan to read through the Bible in 12 months. Readings for each day ...”
Stronger Together
“By Kelly CarrIt’s the end of another year, and it’s been a different one for ...”
How Should We Respond?
“By Dr. Charlie W. StarrFor most of this yearI focused on positives in media. I ...”
In the World -- December 28, 2014
“By Christy BarrittNew Facebook Feature Reaches Out to Friends after DisasterFacebook is unveiling a new ...”
I Know Who Holds the Future
“By Patricia EnnisA new year is rapidly approaching and with it the opportunity to deepen ...”
Jesus’ Model for Prayer—The Uniform Lesson for  January 4, 2014
“By Sam E. StoneThis month’s lessons focus on “Learning to Pray.” What an appropriate topic! ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for January 4, 2014
“By Miguel LaraWhen you get on your knees to pray to God, what do you ...”
Imitating Christ--The Uniform Lesson for January 13, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone Paul’s epistle to the Philippians reads more like a personal letter than ...”
A resolution that leads to gladness
“By Shawn McMullen OK. What is it this year? Lose weight? Reduce stress? Read your Bible? ...”
The Translation of Grace
“By Dr. Barry Thornton  During the first few weeks of my first preaching ministry in Ohio, ...”
Where You Live -- for January 13, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. Some things in life give you energy; other things sap your energy. ...”
In Search of the Pure Church
“By Gary D. Robinson   While reading Eugene Peterson’s insightful commentary on David, I was struck by ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for January 13, 2013
“By Ray Stites    Why do we do what we do? We were driving on an interstate highway. ...”
The pivotal personality-- Matthew 1-3
“By David Faust   Of all the billions of people who have walked on the face of ...”
Grace That Truly Amazes
“By Simon Presland  You’re doing God’s work, but you are accused of doing everything except working ...”
In the World -- January 6, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   Arizona Ordered to Fund Planned Parenthood A federal judge ruled in October that Arizona ...”
Keeping the communication lines open
“By Bev and Phil Haas We’re looking for tips that will help us keep the communication ...”
In the World -- January 13, 2013
“By Christy Barritt Canadian School Continues to Give Out Free BiblesA Canadian public school system will ...”
To Change a Life
“By Sarah Van Horn What does it take to change a life? Change a church? Change ...”
Lasting value
“By Shawn McMullen It’s one of the most unattractive items in our kitchen, but we continue ...”
Where You Live -- for January 20, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. Outside of church, work, school, and home, what other “extracurricular” activities take ...”
Tag! You’re It!
“By Robb Faust “Tag! You’re it!” The sound of kids playing in the backyard is one ...”
The Legend of VBS
“By Kelly Carr Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there was a beautiful ...”
Winning the battle with temptation-- Matthew 4:1-11
“By David Faust I asked members of a Bible college faculty to take a piece of ...”
What will you do in the New Year?
“By Jacqueline J. Holness Few things cause us to reflect on life and legacy like sickness ...”
Knowing Jesus Christ--The Uniform Lesson for January 20, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone This month’s lessons are all taken from Paul’s letter to the Philippians. ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for January 20, 2013
“By Ray Stites  “Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you,” are words to ...”
In the World -- January 20, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   Montana Passes Parental Notification Law  Voters in Montana approved a law in November that ...”
Where You Live -- for January 27, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. What is one of the most daring things you have done in ...”
Standing firm in Christ--The Uniform lesson for January 27, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   In his personal letter to the church family at Philippi, the apostle ...”
The surprising power of the second mile-- Matthew 5:38-48
“By David Faust   Why are the hamburgers square at Wendy’s? Founder Dave Thomas insisted, “We don’t ...”
Merging faith and work
“By Jamie Shafer As Bryan Weese contem-plated the potential merger his law firm was facing, he ...”
A simple pro-life principle
“By Shawn McMullen   In a third world country, a heartsick mother gingerly cradles her infant son. Having ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for January 27, 2013
“By Ray D. Stites Mature models! If there is an oxymoron in the fashion world, “old ...”
Life-Giving Compassion
“By Ava Pennington   The Christian community has taken a stand on the issue of abortion. To ...”
Life: Its Beauty and Value
“By Tammy Darling “You knit me together in my mother’s womb. . . . My frame ...”
Compelled by Faith and Love: LifeChoices of Joplin, Missouri
“By H. Lynn Gardner At the LifeChoices annual banquet in 2010, Christian recording artist Rebecca St. ...”
Finding a Way Out
“By Christine E. Miller Part of the glory of living is that each moment is dynamic. ...”
Help for heavy hearts
“By Shawn McMullen   I am now the most miserable man living. If what I feel were ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for February 3, 2013
“By Darryll Davis   I was close to being “Top Gun” at the police target range. It ...”
Helping the Hurting
“By Peggy Park There’s no quick fix for depression. My single sister, June, lived with my ...”
Where You Live -- for February 3, 2013
“By Dan Lentz 1. Pass around a box of crayons. Ask group members to select a ...”
Willing and able--Matthew 8 & 9 *
“By David Faust A general called his troops together and said, “The bad news is, we’re ...”
The problem with fundamentalists
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr  I’m writing this article two days after the September 2012 Prime ...”
Coping With Crisis
“By Danny R. Von Kanel John’s world collapsed. He lost his job with the downturn in ...”
In the World -- January 27, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   Church Fights for Tax Exemption Christ Church Pentecostal in Nashville, Tennessee is taking the ...”
Focused solely on Christ--The Uniform Lesson for February 3, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone Although the apostle Paul himself did not plant the church in Colossae, ...”
Building From Scratch
“By Amy Simon My husband builds model ships as a hobby. Usually he starts with a ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for February 10, 2013
“By Darryll Davis I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live” (Galatians 2:20, King James Version). ...”
The church: a valuable parenting resource
“By Shawn McMullen I know many Christian parents who are deeply committed to raising children who ...”
Raised with Christ--The Uniform Lesson for February 10, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone If you had lived in first-century Colossae, you would have seen much ...”
Raising Christian Kids: A Toolbox for Beginners
“By Rebecca Waters When her 8-year-old son was the victim of a neighborhood bully, Linda wanted ...”
Is the Lord a home-wrecker?--Matthew 10:34-39
“By David Faust I love my kids. Yes, I still call them “kids” even though they’re ...”
When your child asks about baptism
“By Bev and Phil Haas Our oldest child is nine years old and wants to be baptized. ...”
Mentors and Models
“By Mary J. Davis   That Sunday morning in February 1972 was a wonderful and exciting day ...”
In the World -- February 3, 2013
“By Christy Barritt Christian Organization Calls on World for HelpThe Christian Association of Nigerian-Americans (CANAN) is ...”
Where You Live -- for February 10, 2013
“By Dan Lentz 1. If your life were a pie, what would its pieces look like? ...”
Too tired to serve?-- Matthew 11 & 12
“By David Faust He appointed twelve that they might be with him and that he might ...”
Biblical Principles of Racial Reconciliation
“By Delroy Brown Since its founding in 1989, Toowoomba International Christian Church in Queensland, Australia has ...”
Clothed with Christ--The Uniform Lesson for February 17, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone In the first two chapters of Colossians the apostle Paul demonstrated the ...”
In the World -- February 10, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   City to Remove Cross from Seal Following legal threats from an atheist foundation, the ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for February 17, 2013
“By Darryll Davis October 12, 2012 was a sad day for me. After 15 years of ...”
Loving while disagreeing
“By Jacqueline J. Holness I’m a sucker for romantic love. I always have been and always ...”
Deliberately Diverse
“By Rebecca Waters and Darryll Davis On the night before Jesus died he expressed his highest ...”
A reason to reconcile
“ By Shawn McMullen Jesus prayed that his followers would be united, even as he and the ...”
Where You Live -- for February 17, 2013
“By Dan Lentz 1. Think of a tragic news headline you’ve seen in the past couple ...”
My Son Onesimus
“By Steven Clark Goad   “You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, for ...”
“Share your message with more than 30,000 readers every week when you advertise in The ...”
In the World -- February 17, 2013
“By Christy Barritt Americans Likely to Become More ReligiousSurveys conducted recently by Gallup found that 40 ...”
Disciplined for life---The Uniform Lesson for February 24, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone When reading Colossians, it is important to remember that this is another ...”
Marketplace missionary
“By Jamie Shafer   Not having grown up in the church, Chuck Proudfit’s outlook on living the ...”
A minor miracle?--Matthew 15:31-38
“By David Faust There is no such thing as minor surgery. If you are the patient ...”
Reflections on forgiveness
“By Guest Columnist Dr Daniel R. Altman I still remember that day—a powerful moment as I ...”
Where You Live -- for February 24, 2013
“By Dan Lentz 1. If your group has been together for a while, take turns guessing ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for February 24, 2013
“By Darryll Davis  I’m not quite sure why, but when I think of discipline, I think ...”
Forgiveness: Its Benefits and Blessings
“By Conover Swofford “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people” (Galatians ...”
What the Bible Says about Forgiveness
“By Victor Knowles Forgiveness is the greatest need in the world today. We are living on ...”
Forgiving the Unrepentant
“By Ruth O’Neil Many families have at least one member who seems to be a thorn ...”
What would I have done?-- Matthew 19:16-30
“By David Faust I like to think I would have been different.When I read Bible stories ...”
In the World -- February 24, 2013
“By Christy Barritt Congress Among Least Trusted ProfessionalsA new Gallup survey shows that only one in ...”
Nine Biblical Principles to Help You Manage Your Money
“By Ronica Stromberg After learning a money management principle as a child, I paid for most ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for March 3, 2013
“By Tony Sullivan Later it would be called “the scream heard ‘round the world.” However, that ...”
Putting on an act
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr I was dressing for work while watching Good Morning America. Tom ...”
Daniel’s vision of change--The Uniform Lesson for March 3, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone The genuineness of the prophetic message of Daniel was sanctioned by Jesus ...”
Who are you serving?
“By Shawn McMullen   Most of us have made poor financial decisions at some point in our ...”
Avoiding the Danger Zone
“By Alan W. Dowd Sometimes I wish the only version of the Beatitudes was Matthew’s. After ...”
Where You Live -- for March 3, 2013
“By Dan Lentz 1. Have everyone draw a fuel tank gauge on a piece of paper ...”
Lessons from an Unlikely Source
“By Ava Pennington Christians are to be light in a dark world. Salt in a corrupt ...”
Taking Christ to the Community
“By Kayleen Reusser  In 2011 seven schools in the East Allen County School district of Fort ...”
In the World -- March 3, 2013
“By Christy Barritt Americans at 13-Month LowEarlier this year, Gallup’s Life Evaluation Index, which measures how ...”
Daniel’s prayer--The Uniform Lesson for March 10, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone “The events of Daniel 9 were triggered by the reading of Scripture,” ...”
Small Church, Big Mission
“By Tyler Edwards Your church may be small. Your God isn’t. Smaller churches will typically have ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for March 10, 2013
“By Tony Sullivan “Sir, we found a prayer journal at our gate at the airport. We ...”
What’s Good About the Smaller Church?
“By Jerran Jackson Small churches operate differently from big churches. The church of Christ on earth ...”
Where You Live -- for March 10, 2013
“By Dan Lentz 1. What does the phrase, “I’m sorry,” mean to you? Is being sorry ...”
They moved—and planted a church
“By Shawn McMullen  I’ve known Gene and Frances Hester most of my life. Longtime members of ...”
Serving together as a couple
“ByBev and Phil Haas Our minister has asked my husband and me to lead a small ...”
‘The Lord needs them’-- Matthew 21:1-11
“By David Faust   Jesus sent two disciples, saying to them, “Go to the village ahead of you, and ...”
Gabriel interprets Daniel’s vision--The Uniform Lesson for for March 17, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone The type of prophecies that Daniel gave to the Jews are frequently ...”
What Christ’s Sufferings Teach Us About God
“By H. Lynn Gardner  From the pristine perfection of Heaven, Jesus came to earth to live ...”
What is worse than being a hypocrite?-- Matthew 23
“By David Faust Hypocrisy isn’t the only sin, but it’s a particularly destructive kind of evil. ...”
Rethinking money management
“By Jacqueline J. Holness   I don’t know about you, but I would rather think about doing ...”
In the World -- March 10, 2013
“By Christy Barritt 250,000 Sign Petition to Label Westboro Baptist a “Hate Group”More than 250,000 people ...”
Where You Live -- for March 17, 2013
“By Dan Lentz 1. Name three items that are on your “bucket list” (the list of ...”
A context for suffering
“By Shawn McMullen I was asked to speak to a men’s prayer group on the topic, ...”
Why We Suffer
“By Kathleen A. Trissel When we suffer we want to know why, but few answers are ...”
Embracing Suffering
“By Steven Clark Goad God washes the eyes with tears until they can behold the invisible ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for March 17, 2013
“By Tony Sullivan To say that 1998 was not a good year for our family would ...”
In the World -- March 17, 2013
“By Christy Barritt Marriage Declines in AmericaAccording to The State of Our Unions, a joint publication ...”
God’s Unchanging Nature
“By Ava Pennington Benjamin Franklin suggested the only things certain in life are death and taxes. ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for March 24, 2013
“By Dr. Barry Thornton I carry a laminated picture of my wife in my wallet. It’s ...”
Anywhere we go-- Matthew 25:31-46
“By David Faust I grew up on a farm in Ohio, and my wife grew up ...”
Where You Live -- for March 24, 2013
“By Dan Lentz 1. Describe mealtime when you were growing up. Did your family sit down ...”
The Lord’s Supper--The Uniform Lesson for March 24, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone To the Jew, Passover was the most important of all the annual ...”
Holy, Holy, Holy
“By Simon Presland As I sit at my computer, hands poised over the keyboard, I’m ready ...”
No second-class Christians
“By Jamie Shafer   For Ray Hilbert, Truth@Work cofounder and CEO, it seems all paths have been ...”
Our unique God
“By Shawn McMullen God is unique. He is “above all gods” (Psalm 95:3) because he is ...”
The Meaning of “Was”
“By Steve Wyatt Jesus Christ exists beyond time. He had no beginning and will never experience ...”
Unexpected Extravagance
“By Joyce Long   The tension pressed around them like thick, suffocating humidity. Jesus and his disciples ...”
Heaven . . . on earth?
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr Last November I saw two movies that offered answers to the ...”
Watch and Pray
“By T.R. Robertson They went to a place called Gethsemane, and Jesus said to his disciples, ”Sit ...”
What grows in the garden?-- Matthew 26:36-46
“By David Faust I have a special appreciation for the early spring. Maybe it’s because I ...”
The Lord lives--The Uniform Lesson for March 31, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone This quarter’s theme, “Undying Hope,” focuses this month on the resurrection of ...”
The Father was there
“By Shawn McMullen We see Jesus Christ as the focal point of the final week, the ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for March 31, 2013
“By Dr. Barry Thornton I was ministering to a church in northwest Indiana in the late ...”
Where You Live -- for March 31, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. As you’ve grown older, what has changed most about your personality? (Examples ...”
In the World -- March 24, 2013
“By Christy Barritt Planned Parenthood Receives Millions from GovernmentAccording to Planned Parenthood’s annual report, the organization ...”
An Upper Room Experience
“By Bob Stacy Have you ever wondered about the last night Jesus spent with his disciples ...”
Where You Live -- for April 7, 2013
“By Dan Lentz 1. Complete the following statement:  “People might be surprised to find out that ...”
In the World -- March 31, 2013
“By Christy Barritt Group Distributes Bibles in Public SchoolsWorld Changers of Florida recently distributed Bibles at ...”
Living in the Light of Christ’s Return
“By Victor Knowles The Mayans were wrong, dead wrong. I’m writing this article three days before ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for April 7, 2013
“By Dr. Barry Thornton Former Illinois basketball player and Portland Trailblazer rookie Meyers Leonard got a ...”
Christ’s Resurrection Gives Us Hope
“By H. Lynn Gardner  Our 34-year-old son died in a truck accident in 1999. Four months ...”
The Lord appears--The Uniform lesson for April 7, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone This month’s lessons continue to emphasize the Christ-ian’s undying hope. Today we ...”
‘Do you believe this?’-- Matthew 28
“By David Faust My dad died on St. Patrick’s Day in 2011. His death wasn’t surprising, ...”
The relevance of Easter
“By Bob Russell The resurrection of Jesus Christ occurred nearly 2,000 years ago. Yet the reality ...”
Astounding affirmations
“By Shawn McMullen I’m thankful for the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. His sacrifice makes ...”
What Should We Make of the Resurrection?
“By Donald S. Tingle I wasn’t there 2,000 years ago when Jesus’ followers claimed he rose ...”
Shifting gears--Mark 1:32-35
“By David Faust   Today most cars shift gears automatically, but drivers who grew up prior to ...”
Why the NACC?
“By Rod Huron  Would you like to be simply a Christian? A Christ follower. No more. ...”
NACC 2013: praying victoriously!
“By Guest Columnist Chris DeWelt Our Lord and Savior has gained the victory! Prayer is the ...”
The Lord sends the Spirit--The Uniform Lesson for April 14, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone Jesus had told his disciples that he would send the Holy Spirit ...”
Building your child’s self-esteem
“By Bev and Phil Haas I often hear about the importance of boosting a child’s self-esteem. ...”
In the World -- April 7, 2013
“By Christy Barritt Majority of Americans Feel Religious Freedom Is Declining in U.S.Fifty-one percent of American ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for April 14, 2013
“By Dr. Barry Thornton “God is more interested in our availability than our ability.” The wisdom ...”
Where You Live -- for April 14, 2013
“By Dan Lentz 1. Do you tend to be a person who is intrigued, or annoyed ...”
Victorious!--A Preview of the 2013 North American Christian Convention
“By Matt Proctor Life is hard.Someone wrote that 10 years ago, our world had Bob Hope, ...”
Come Home!
“By Kelly Carr When was the last time you went home? Perhaps it was just last ...”
Where You Live -- for April 21, 2013
“By Dan Lentz 1. What is your favorite book (other than the Bible)? What is your ...”
Embracing Peace
“By Tammy Darling Peter slept. Not unusual, unless you consider the fact that Peter was in ...”
Walk in Joy
“By Karen Joy Robertson “Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for April 21, 2013
“By Dr. Barry Thornton One of my favorite reality TV series is “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” ...”
The Lord will return--The Uniform Lesson for April 21
“By Sam E. Stone The apostle Paul founded the church in Thessalonica on his second missionary ...”
Laced with Love
“By Javan Rowe   Paul’s list of spiritual fruit in Galatians 5 is such a hopeful part ...”
Bearing spiritual fruit
“By Shawn McMullen If you grew up in the church, you may have memorized the list ...”
When leaders fall
“By Jacqueline J. Holness   When I heard recently that the author of one of my favorite ...”
In the World -- April 14, 2013
“By Christy Barritt Church Donations DownWhile charitable donations have increased over the past three years, church ...”
Gathering the lame--Mark 3:1-6
“By David Faust He had a withered hand. We don’t know why. Maybe he was born that ...”
The Beautiful Outcome of Patience
“By Mary J. Davis One spring day, one of my students at the Christian preschool and ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for April 28, 2013
“Dr. Barry Thornton Need I say that postage prices have soared over the years?  And yet ...”
Not weakness, but strength
“By Shawn McMullen   Most of us are familiar with the nine Christian character traits Paul calls ...”
Truly Kind
“By Karen O’Connor On a hot day, what could be more refreshing than a cold drink? ...”
Where You Live -- for April 28, 2013
“By Dan Lentz 1. If you could think about your past week’s experiences as items you ...”
Opportunities on the path
“By Jamie Shafer For Stella Walker, a national vice president with Arbonne cosmetics, life has been ...”
Trusting God in treacherous times-- Mark 6:17-29
“By David Faust   If this story were made into a movie, it would be rated R. ...”
The Lord will triumph--The Standard Lesson for April 28
“By Sam E. Stone   Paul wrote his first letter to the church in Thessalonica to encourage ...”
For Goodness’ Sake
“By Cheri Lynn Cowell Just what do we mean when we say something is good? We ...”
In the World -- April 21, 2013
“By Christy Barritt Proposed Bill Requires Behavioral Health Assessment for Students A bill has been proposed in ...”
Living hope--The Uniform Lesson for May 5
“By Sam E. Stone Two letters from the apostle Peter have been preserved for us in ...”
Where You Live -- for May 5, 2013
“By Dan Lentz 1. If you had the freedom and resources to take a class or ...”
In the World -- April 28, 2013
“By Christy Barritt Americans Want to Keep Charitable DeductionsThe majority of Americans strongly oppose a proposed ...”
Faithfulness That Keeps Us Going
“By Chuck Sackett “Why didn’t someone tell me it was going to be this hard?” Mike ...”
Walking trees and growing faith-- Mark 8:22-26
“By David Faust It’s not unusual to read in the Scriptures that “some people brought a ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for May 5, 2013
“By Joni Wood A long time ago I read a Dear Abby column titled, “Welcome to ...”
“By Dr. Bill Patterson Roy Jones explained his car accident to his insurance agent. “I started ...”
The Narnian order of things
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr One of the great schisms of our time goes mostly unnoticed ...”
Gentle Warriors
“By Simon Presland Few words seem as ugly, destructive, and painful as cancer. Gentleness, on the ...”
Gentle Christians
“By Shawn McMullen It’s next to last in Paul’s list of spiritual fruit (see Galatians 5:22, ...”
‘Not so with you’-- Mark 10:35-45
“By David Faust “It’s what Italians do,” he says when you dine at his home and ...”
The Eldership in an Opinionated Age
“By Thomas Walters   The 21st century is a tough time to be a leader. The shortcomings ...”
Our best advice to boost your marriage
“By Bev and Phil Haas Our marriage needs a boost. The honeymoon is a distant memory ...”
Where You Live -- for May 12, 2013
“By Dan Lentz 1. Would you say you have a good memory, or a poor memory? ...”
Who Should Be an Elder?
“By Jerran Jackson A small congregation near ours was served by two elders. One died. No ...”
In the World -- May 5, 2013
“By Christy Barritt Transgenders Allowed in Public School BathroomsAccording to new rules being enforced in Massachusetts ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for May 12, 2013
“By Joni Wood Hope seems elusive here on earth. In this life we hope for many ...”
Sure hope--The Uniform Lesson for May 12, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone This second letter from the apostle Peter to the churches (see 3:1) ...”
Five Star Elders
“By Dr. Barry Thornton Many of us have known men in churches we have attended who ...”
Leading like the perfect shepherd
“By Shawn McMullen Elders of the church are “shepherds of God’s flock” (1 Peter 5:2). Just ...”
Where You Live -- for May 19, 2013
“By Dan Lentz 1. Talk about a recent act of voluntary service that made you feel ...”
Giving her all--Mark 12:41-44
“By David Faust Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched ...”
In the World -- May 12, 2013
“By Christy Barritt Department of Justice Argues Against Traditional MarriageThe U.S. Department of Justice filed a ...”
Making Sense of Mother’s Day
“By Sandi Brown   Mother’s Day. The mere thought of the day approaching sent me into a ...”
Revisiting the “holy huddle”
“By Jacqueline J. Holness In my first essay for The Lookout, I stated that one of ...”
“By Shawn McMullen   You won’t find Jochebed in lists of popular names for baby girls, but ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for May 19, 2013
“By Joni Wood Two years ago my husband and I eagerly pursued teaching assignments in China. ...”
Biblical Models of Motherhood
“By Dr. Candace Wood What It Means to Be a MotherWhat pictures come to mind when ...”
Changing the World Your Home
“By Lynn Cowell Hit the alarm. Make breakfast.Pack lunches. Read God’s Word. Work out. Work. Make dinner. Collapse. Does your mom schedule read ...”
Active hope--The Uniform Lesson for May 19, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone Persecution was common for the church of Peter’s day. His two letters ...”
Paul on preaching
“By Shawn McMullen   I’ve known many powerful preachers in my lifetime, but none can hold a ...”
In the World -- May 19, 2013
“By Christy Barritt Marriage Education BillFlorida legislators are proposing a bill that would approve the creation ...”
Preaching in Acts: From Pentecost to Prison
“By T.R. Robertson More than one-fourth of the book of Acts is taken up with sermons. ...”
Patient hope--The Uniform Lesson for May 26, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone When doubters and cynics ridicule the church today, it is nothing new. ...”
Where You Live -- for May 26, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. Which one of the following situations could you tolerate best? Which one ...”
The power of the pulpit--Mark 12-14
“By David Faust Preaching holds such an honored role in church history that the pulpit has ...”
Blessings on the road
“By Jamie Shafer When Tina Chance initially shared her plans with friends, they laughed in surprise ...”
What Do You Expect?
“By Chuck Sackett Traveling along the Danube, I was enthralled as Dr. Robert Lowery explained the ...”
Beautiful Feet
“By Vernon Eldridge I can think of several words to describe the appendages at the ends ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for May 26, 2013
“By Joni Wood Writing these articles about hope has been one of the hardest assignments I’ve ...”
Decisions, Decisions
“By Tammy Darling “How will I serve God with my life?”“What career should I pursue?”“Where should ...”
In the World -- May 26, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   Chicago Public Schools Expand Sex Education A new policy approved by the Chicago Board ...”
Worship and respond--The Uniform Lesson for June 2, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   This quarter we will consider God’s people and worship, learning from Isaiah, ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for June 2, 2013
“ By Tito Pel After my wife and I were married in 1986, we lived in an ...”
Messing up, then rising up-- Mark 14:66-72
“By David Faust The Bible’s utter honesty is one reason I believe it is true and ...”
Graduation: A Time of Change and Challenge
“By Linda Gilden I checked the camera one more time. I looked through the viewfinder to ...”
Help Us Improve The Lookout
“By Shawn McMullen We’re looking for ways to make The Lookout more useful to our readers. ...”
Where You Live -- for June 2, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. Talk about something you’ve seen lately you thought was inspiring. (Examples may ...”
Integrity for a Lifetime
“By Conover Swofford   Integrity means living our lives according to a certain code of values. The ...”
The illustrating man
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr One of the most underrated writers in the history of American ...”
Getting Along Starts with Me
“By Guest Columnist Danielle Metz I am a wife, a homemaker, and by the time you ...”
Heaven’s Heroes
“By Alan W. Dowd   My wife and I were reorganizing our bookshelves—another wild weekend at the ...”
Building Marriages That Last
“By Amy Simon   Marriages fail every day. Christian and non-Christian couples struggle to keep their commitments ...”
In the World -- June 2, 2013
“By Christy Barritt News Media Considered Less ReliableRecently the Pew Research Center released its annual report ...”
Where You Live -- for June 9, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. Many companies and organizations have adopted three-word slogans. For instance, the clothing ...”
For the Love of the Crowd--Mark 15 & 16
“By David Faust   In the first century, a cross usually drew a crowd. Onlookers gathered to ...”
The Lesson and Life --for June 9, 2013
“By Tito Pel   In studying world history, I learned that some ancient emperors actually ordered certain ...”
Worship with Thanksgiving--The Uniform Lesson for June 9, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   The apostle Paul told Christians, “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks ...”
Finding and Taking Time for Yourself
“By Bev and Phil Haas   Q: I’ve been trying to set aside time for myself, but ...”
Marriage Maintenance
“By Rick Ezell   A young minister was to perform his first wedding ceremony. Fearing he might ...”
My Road to Contentment
“By Karen O’Connor   “I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, ...”
Worship with Meaning--The Uniform Lesson for June 16, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   Each week our lesson planners include a devotional reading that is parallel ...”
In the World -- June 9, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   “Stomp on Jesus” Lesson Brings Criticism to University Earlier this year, a professor at ...”
God’s Treasure in Your Heart--Luke 1 and 2
“By David Faust   Biblical authors came from many different walks of life. Moses and David were ...”
Lessons from a Mazda
“By Amy Storms   If you happened to have been in southwest Missouri on a certain fall ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for June 14, 2013
“By Tito Pel   Having been in the ministry more than 20 years, I have heard many ...”
Where You Live -- for June 14, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. What is your preferred method of long-distance communication (phone, letter, e-mail, text, ...”
Where Else Can We Go?
“By Shawn McMullen   In John 6 Jesus fed a crowd of 5,000 men (plus women and ...”
Keys to Contentment
“By Karen Joy Robertson   A dear friend lived her final years in overwhelming pain, intensified by ...”
Taking Christ to Work
“By Jacqueline J. Holness   I love summer. I love hot, sunny weather. And even though we ...”
The Gift of a Godly Father
“By Candy Arrington   The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; I have a ...”
Where You Live -- for June 23, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. Divide your numeric age by three. Then think about your life in ...”
“By Shawn McMullen   Albert Barnes suggested the psalm was written “when was entering on domestic ...”
Worship in the New Creation--The Uniform Lesson for June 23, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   In this final lesson from Isaiah, we study part of his prophetic ...”
Men’s Night Out
“By William Butterfield   “Men’s Night Out Tuesday at 6:30.” So goes the announcement every month to ...”
The Heroism of Jesus--Luke 4
“By David Faust   We know heroism when we see it. We try to capture it with ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for June 23, 2013
“By Tito Pel   Christians are blessed with the privilege of coming before the throne of God. ...”
In the World -- June 16, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   Atheist Group Planned Outreach to Christians An atheist group, claiming to be participating in ...”
Building the Huddle
“By Jamie Shafer   Recently, as a couple was sharing their story with me, the husband referred ...”
Biblical Examples of Godly Fathers
“By Victor Knowles   Sir Francis Bacon said, “It is a reverent thing to see an ancient ...”
In the World -- June 23, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   FCC Considers Revamping Indecency Policy The Federal Communications Commission is considering loosening its standards ...”
Driving into Smoke--Luke 5
“By David Faust   I once had a frightening dream in which I was driving a car ...”
“Where You Live -- for June 30, 2013   By Dan Lentz   1. If your group doesn’t normally ...”
Churches That Serve
“By Greg Herriford   After 18 years of organizing and participating in hundreds of short-term mission trips, ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for June 30, 2013
“By Dennis Messimer   Recently we were at our friend Jim’s house, enjoying homemade ice cream. Among ...”
Churches That Support
“By Marvin Garrison   Handling snakes, dining on ethnic foods, playing driveway basketball with 50-year missionary veterans, ...”
The Comic Rascal
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   Have you ever wondered what Bilbo Baggins (from Tolkien’s The Hobbit) ...”
Restoring Joyful Worship--The Uniform Lesson for June 30, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   Continuing this quarter’s theme, “God’s People Worship,” we now turn from Isaiah ...”
Churches That Send
“By David Empson   I think Family Feud is one of the funniest game shows on television. ...”
Why They Do What They Do
“  By Shawn McMullen   Why do missionaries do what they do? Why do they travel thousands of miles ...”
Change From the Inside Out
“By Shawn McMullen   Like many Christians, I’m alarmed by the rapid spiritual decline of our nation. ...”
Let God’s Freedom Ring!
“By Tonja Talley   The children stood 225 strong. Following the pledge to the American flag, the ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for July 7, 2013
“By Dennis Messimer   About 15 years ago at a conference in South Africa, we were told ...”
Do the Unexpected--Luke 6:27-33
“By David Faust   Do you ever experience déjà vu—the eerie feeling that you have seen or ...”
Where You Live -- for July 7, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. What short-term goal do you expect to complete in the next month? ...”
America Needs Christianity
“By Steve Yeaton   On Thursday night, February 28, 2013, Jeff Bush of Seffner, Florida was lying ...”
In the World -- June 30, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   America Becoming Post-Christian Even though most Americans refer to themselves as Christians, there is ...”
Should Christians Be Patriotic?
“By Bob Russell   This coming Thursday is July 4th. While we still go through the motions ...”
Restoring the Temple--The Uniform Lesson for July 7, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   This is the second week of studies from the book of Ezra. ...”
Remembering and Preserving America’s Christian Heritage
“By Bill Patterson   Shortly before the Soviet Union broke apart, a missionary obtained permission to distribute ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for July 14, 2013
“By Dennis Messimer   The first time I saw her, she was dressed all in black. Her ...”
Raising Godly Children
“By Bev and Phil Haas   What can we do to make sure our children grow up ...”
Those Who Are with Us
“By Shawn McMullen   The nation of Aram was at war with the nation of Israel. (You ...”
To Win Is to Honor Him
“By Kelly Carr   Sometimes it’s the day-to-day accomplishments that keep us going. After three days of ...”
Living Outside of Nain--Luke 7:11-17
“By David Faust   “Jesus went to a town called Nain, and his disciples and a large ...”
Victory Is Ours
“By Bob Stacy   “I wish I could experience the Christian life as others do.” “Why can’t I ...”
Victorious Churches
“By Phil Claycomb   “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” A mentor shared this insight ...”
In the World -- July 7, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   Anti-Bullying Presentation Makes Students Uncomfortable An anti-bullying presentation at a New York middle school ...”
Dedicating the Temple--The Uniform Lesson for July 14, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   Worship with both song and sacrifice was once again practiced by the ...”
Where You Live -- for July 14, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. Name a past project that seemed nearly impossible to complete but that ...”
In the World -- July 14, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   High Black Voter Turnout Propelled Obama’s 2012 Win According to data analysis by the ...”
Where You Live -- for July 21, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. Select one group member at a time and have the rest of ...”
Fasting and Prayer--The Uniform Lesson for July 21, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   The book of Ezra is composed of two sections: chapters 1–6 record ...”
Negotiating with God?--Luke 9:57-62
“By David Faust   Do you ever try to negotiate with God? The Lord invites us to talk ...”
Psalm 37: A Psalm of Trust
“By Kayleen Reusser    A young Christian friend of mine learned that his cancer treatments had stopped ...”
Psalm 42: A Psalm of Hope
“By Conover Swofford   Several years ago a group of six neighbors were going through different but ...”
The Church and Mental Illness
“By Jacqueline J. Holness   During Easter weekend I watched The Undershepherd, a provocative movie about a ...”
Why we read the Psalms
“By Shawn McMullen   The collection is called Praises in the Hebrew text. Later it became known ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for July 21, 2013
“By Dennis Messimer   When Nehemiah went to Jerusalem, he prayed and fasted (Nehemiah 1:4) and then ...”
Psalm 23: A Psalm of Comfort
“By Javan Rowe   The level of despair I witness around me can be disheartening, especially when ...”
Shout for Joy to the Lord!
“By T.R. Robertson   Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come before ...”
Unity Begins with “U”
“By Tammy Darling   How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! It ...”
Sorry, This Won’t Fit on a Hallmark Card
“By Steve Wyatt   My parents grew up in Heaven. Well, “almost Heaven.” You can’t hear me ...”
Why We Need the Psalms
“By Shawn McMullen   As a child, I memorized the twenty-third psalm (King James Version) in Sunday ...”
In the World -- July 21, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   Most Trusted People in America A new survey by Reader’s Digest magazine listed “The ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for July 28, 2013
“By Dennis Messimer   In the 1950s, church leaders in South Africa set up a program that ...”
Caring in the Workplace
“By Jamie Shafer   A car pulls into a driveway on a neighborhood street. The driver steps ...”
What Makes Jesus Smile?--Luke 10
“By David Faust   When you picture Jesus, is there a frown of disapproval on his face? ...”
Giving Gifts for the Temple--The Uniform Lesson for July 28, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   Today’s lesson is the last of five studies in the life and ...”
Where You Live -- for July 28, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. When you are on the Internet, what websites do you frequent? What ...”
Divorce: A Biblical Overview
“By George L. Faull   God’s idea of marriage is for a boy and a girl to ...”
Protecting Your Marriage from Divorce
“By Sandi Brown   The word divorce may seem foreign to most happily married couples. But it ...”
Caring for Single Parents
“By Sarah Robinson   The number of single-parent households is a growing statistic in the United States. ...”
Temptation in Oz
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   My expectations for a March movie are usually pretty low. All ...”
Dealing with Divorce: What Would Jesus Do?
“By Shawn McMullen   Charles M. Sheldon’s fictional classic, In His Steps, was first published in 1897. ...”
In the World -- July 28, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   NYC Includes Bisexuals in New Teen Pregnancy App The New York City Health Department ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for August 4, 2013
“By Bob Hightchew   When I was young, I remember two days that were always special in ...”
Eat, Drink, and Be Wary--Luke 12
“By David Faust   The apostle Paul debated Epicurean and Stoic philosophers in first-century Athens (Acts 17:18). ...”
Feast of Tabernacles--The Uniform Lesson for August 4, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   Nehemiah went to Jerusalem in 444 BC. Ezra had been there 13 ...”
Where You Live -- for August 4, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. What was the last event you participated in about which you can ...”
What Are You Doing About Biblical Illiteracy?
“By Guest Columnist Jonathan Underwood   It’s mid-summer, but many people are already anticipating the fall ...”
School Days--Let's Pray!
“By Eva Juliuson   Who says you can’t pray in school? Every day prayers go up to ...”
In the World -- August 4, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   Peace Corps OKs Gay Couples to Volunteer The largest government-run volunteer organization in the ...”
Community of Confession--The Uniform Lesson for August 11, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   Today’s lesson comes immediately after last week’s text (Nehemiah 8:2, 3, 13-18). ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for August 11, 2013
“By Bob Hightchew   “If you would have just told me the truth about what you did ...”
Is Homeschooling For you?--The Value of Home Education for Christian Families
“By Karen O'Connor   Have you been thinking about homeschooling your children but aren’t sure it’s right ...”
Partnerships That Work
“By Laura Wood   The public education system in the United States faces challenges from every side. ...”
The Touch of the Master’s Hand--and Ours--Luke 13:10-17
“By David Faust   Did you shake someone’s hand at church last Sunday? Did someone give you ...”
Grandparenting at a Distance
“By Bev and Phil Haas   I’m shattered that my son-in-law has taken a job that will ...”
Where You Live -- for August 11, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. Show the group a unique form of ID that you routinely carry ...”
A Lifestyle of Worship
“By Simon Presland   A non-believing friend recently asked me, “Why does God want to be worshipped? ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for August 18, 2013
“By Bob Hightchew   Homecoming celebrations are special events. They allow you to see people you have ...”
Where You Live -- for August 18, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. What’s your favorite way to celebrate a special accomplishment? As a reward ...”
Christians and the Court
“By Jacqueline J. Holness   It is amazing how one can ignore segments of the Bible until ...”
The Heart of Worship
“By Karen Wingate   The Melk Abbey, a 15th century monastery nestled in Austria’s Danube River Valley, ...”
Dedication of the Wall--The Uniform Lesson for August 18, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   The first part of the book of Nehemiah describes the rebuilding of ...”
Worshipping God’s Way
“By Pam Binkley   Worship is an expression of our love and reverence for God. Not only ...”
Why We Worship
“By Shawn McMullen   Worship is a vital component of the Christian life, whether we engage in ...”
In the World -- August 11, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   Religion Losing Influence A recent Gallup poll revealed that 77 percent of Americans believe ...”
God, the Seeker-- Luke 15
“By David Faust   Lost. That has to be one of the saddest words in the English ...”
Worshipping God in Silence
“By Michael C. Mack   “Your inner life is like a banana tree filled with monkeys jumping ...”
Where You Live -- for August 25, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. Ask each group member to name a television show he or she ...”
In the World -- August 18, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   Suicides on the Rise According to the Centers for Disease Control, suicide deaths have ...”
Capturing Life Through a New Lens
“By Jamie Shafer   Some of the greatest inspirations in life are fueled by the stories of ...”
The Art of Biblical Meditation
“By Cheri Lynn Cowell   Say the word meditation to many Christians, and images of cross-legged yoga ...”
Contemplating God
“By David Timms   To contemplate God—to think deeply about his nature, his character, and his Word—may ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for August 25, 2013
“By Bob Hightchew   A church hired a young minister. The church was small, running less than ...”
Sabbath Reforms--The Uniform Lesson for August 25, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   The conclusion of the book of Nehemiah emphasizes how reform happens. James ...”
Our Lives Are Signposts--Luke 17:1-3
“By David Faust   While driving toward scenic Hocking Hills State Park in central Ohio, I got ...”
Search Me
“By Shawn McMullen   Search me. Since the early 1900s the phrase has been used to say, ...”
Churches That Change Communities
“By Debbie Amend   The example and teachings of Christ are, by far, the driving vision and ...”
Taking Christ to the City
“By Terry MacCabe   A Facebook friend recently posted, “How can we worship with a homeless man ...”
In the World -- August 25, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   Low Public Support for Affirmative Action  An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll asked 1,000 ...”
Where You Live -- for September 1, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. Give group members pieces of paper and ask them to write their ...”
Building Walls with Music
“By Mike Helm   “It’s the coolest sound—it’s what excites me the most. All the hammers out ...”
God Creates--The Uniform Lesson for September 1, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   During the next two months we will study highlights from the book ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for September 1, 2013
“By Doug Shamblin   I enjoy living in the country. I love to wake up in the ...”
A Strange Brand of Happy
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   I don’t usually get to review movies before they come out. ...”
Living Like Yeast
“By Shawn McMullen   Born in London in 1615, the Puritan Richard Baxter entered the ministry at ...”
Out On a Limb--Luke 19:1-10
“By David Faust   Zacchaeus climbed a tree to see the Lord, but Jesus went out on ...”
Where You Live -- for September 8, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. How did you meet your spouse? If you are single, what words ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for September 8, 2013
“By Doug Shamblin   In the wedding scene of the movie The Princess Bride an impressive clergyman ...”
Choosing Christ, Choosing Singleness?
“By Valerie Long   Today barely half of the young adults in America are married. And this ...”
Recognizing Spiritual Abusers-- Luke 20:45-47
“By David Faust   They looked sharp. They dressed well. Crowds greeted them with respect. Their names ...”
Take Time to Honor Your Minister
“By Shawn McMullen   Although October is a month away, it will be here before we know ...”
In the World -- September 1, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   Professor Requires Class to Wear “Rainbow” Ribbons A professor at a community college in ...”
Raising Honest Kids
“By Bev and Phil Haas   Our daughter has just entered kindergarten and is starting to become ...”
Singleness from Eternity’s Perspective
“By Pat Ennis   As a Christian woman trained as a home economist, I never expected to ...”
God’s Image: Male and Female--The Uniform Lesson for September 8, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   “First Things” is the theme that ties this quarter’s lessons together, using ...”
Ministering to Singles in Your Church
“By Don Hooper   I grew up in a great church in rural central Ohio. I spent ...”
“By Shawn McMullen   I’ve attended the International Conference on Missions (ICOM, formerly the National Missionary Convention) ...”
“Nation Will Rise Against Nation”--Luke 21
“By David Faust   Jesus predicted, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom” (Luke 21:10), ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for September 15, 2013
“By Doug Shamblin   We have been told that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. ...”
Glorifying God Globally
“By Jair Castillo   For the past 25 years, my wife and I have faithfully attended ICOM ...”
ICOM for Everyone
“By Emily Empson   ICOM (International Conference on Missions) is coming to Kansas City, Missouri, November 14-17. ...”
Where You Live -- for September 15, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. When you were younger, which of the following games did you enjoy ...”
In the World -- September 8, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   Digital Reading Habits A new study by the Barna Group on the topic of ...”
Knowledge of Good and Evil--The Uniform Lesson for September 15, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   What a difference a day makes! When last week’s text concluded, everything ...”
ICOM: Rich History, Exciting Future
“By Keith Wood   When Mr. and Mrs. John Chase of Los Angeles, California opened their home ...”
Getting Married Later
“By Jacqueline J. Holness   By the time you read this column I will be 40 years ...”
The Path of Purity
“By Shawn McMullen   The path of purity is clearly marked, but it doesn’t get much traffic ...”
Life Mission
“By Jamie Shafer   Regardless of our position in the workforce, God has called us to a ...”
Legalism or Holiness?
“By Simon Presland   So I tell you this, and insist on it in the Lord, that ...”
Where You Live -- for September 22, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. Ask everyone in the group to choose a number silently from 1 ...”
In the World -- September 15, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   Researchers Discover Surprising Facts About Atheists Researchers from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga ...”
An Everlasting Covenant--The Uniform Lesson for September 22, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   God created Adam and Eve and placed them in the Garden of ...”
Unfinished Spaces
“By Danny R. Von Kanel   Many Christians function with unfinished spaces in their walk with the ...”
The Pattern of This World
“By Alan Dowd   To get an idea of how sex-soaked our culture is, try to look ...”
Fighting Temptation—From Our Knees--Luke 22
“By David Faust   Temptation is “common to mankind” (1 Corinthians 10:13), and we’re all at risk.  Temptation ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for September 22, 2013
“By Doug Shamblin   Our county seat is known for flooding since it is located on the ...”
CIB: The Compressed International Bible
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   Last March, well known producer Mark Burnett and his actress wife, ...”
Where You Live -- for September 29, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. Bring a box of toothpicks and gumdrops to your meeting. Form smaller ...”
The Cross Still Stands--Luke 23
“By David Faust   There’s no escaping the cross. As the Latin word for cross suggests, it ...”
Leadership Lessons from the Apostles
“By Victor Knowles   “Late in the afternoon the Twelve came to him” (Luke 9:12). The Twelve. ...”
Mondays with Roy
“By T.R. Robertson   For nearly two years, from the first Monday in September 2004, until the ...”
Give Us Godly Leaders
“By Shawn McMullen   Recently I came across two stories that illustrate the importance of leadership and ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for September 29, 2013
“By Doug Shamblin   It’s fun to watch children build towers out of dominoes, jenga sticks, Lego ...”
Lead Them Like Jesus
“By Lindsey Bell     I’m a stay-at-home mom. There are some weeks I don’t see anything except ...”
In the World -- September 22, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   VBS Remains Popular Though the numbers have dropped some in recent years, Vacation Bible ...”
God Scatters the Nations--The Uniform Lesson for September 29
“By Sam E. Stone   After Noah and his family came out of the ark, they sought ...”
God Revealed in Nature
“By Ida Smith   It is said that an artist creates from the beauty within. Similarly, the ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for October 6, 2013
“By Andy Sims   Okay, I’ll admit it. I love Disney princess songs.  On a recent trip we ...”
What General Douglas MacArthur Learned About Effective Evangelism
“By Bob Russell   General Douglas MacArthur led the U.S. military forces in Japan following World War ...”
Creation Ministries: Spreading the Word
“By Karen Wingate   John Clayton, former president of an atheistic association, used to ridicule preachers for ...”
With Open Eyes--Luke 24
“By David Faust   The English architect Sir Christopher Wren rebuilt more than 50 church buildings after ...”
Creation by the Hand of God
“By Ken Henderson   It was sort of strange the way God triggered my years of creation ...”
All Nature Sings!
“By Shawn McMullen   This is my Father’s world,  and to my listening ears  all nature sings, and round ...”
The Promise of a Future--The Uniform Lesson for October 6, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   For the past four weeks we have noted highlights from the opening ...”
Where You Live -- for October 6, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. Ask group members to list every place they’ve lived for more than ...”
In the World -- September 29, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   Indiana City Sued for Approving Cross Display The city of Evansville, Indiana is being ...”
Four Ways to Encourage Your Preacher
“By Steve Yeaton   Yes, the title of this article is a blatant rip-off of a popular ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for October 13, 2013
“By Andy Sims   I met Santiago on my first trip to Cuba. The house church he ...”
Growing Up PK
“By Steve Wyatt   “Hello. My name is Steve and I’m a PK.” It’s a chronic condition, this ...”
Leading at Home
“By Bev and Phil Haas   At work I’m the guy in charge, but at home I ...”
Encouraging Our Encouragers
“By Sarah Mae Ratliff   I’m often encouraged by the words my minister speaks and by the ...”
Down-to-Earth Communication from God--John 1
“By David Faust   Communication is a meeting of meanings—conveying information in order to gain a common ...”
In the World -- October 6, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   No Religious Freedom for For-Profit Corporations A three-judge panel for the U.S. Court of ...”
A Promise to Sarah--The Uniform Lesson for October 13, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   When God originally called Abram (as he was then known) to leave ...”
Where You Live -- for October 13, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. What is one dream you had in your younger years that is ...”
A Refuge for Ministers
“By Shawn McMullen   It is where God appeared to Abraham, promising the land (thus the term, ...”
Racism and the American Church
“By Jacqueline J. Holness   For many people, birthdays are a time for celebration and reflection. I ...”
Blessings for Ishmael and Isaac--The Uniform Lesson for October 20,2013
“By Sam E. Stone   Abraham is described in Scripture as an example of faith, and he ...”
Happy Are the Humble--John 3 and 4
“By David Faust   Years ago my high school guidance counselor urged me to speak up for ...”
In the World -- October 13, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   College Bans Intelligent Design The president of Ball State University has forbidden faculty members ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for October 20,2013
“By Andy Sims   I’ve been to my fair share of flea markets, antique malls, and auctions. ...”
Biblical Promises for Stress-Free Living
“By Karen O’Connor   I remember well the day my sister called to say our father was ...”
Where You Live -- for October 20,2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. Begin your group time by talking about your place in your family. ...”
Pathway to Peace
“By Steven Clark Goad   Like all weak men he laid an exaggerated stress on not changing ...”
Seven Ways to Manage Stress
“By Rick Ezell   Anne Marie, age 34, a manager with a large food distribution company, complained ...”
Remember . . .
“By Shawn McMullen   Nineteenth-century physician, psychologist, and philosopher William James observed,  “The greatest weapon against stress ...”
Business as Mission
“By Jamie Shafer   C. Neal Johnson’s résumé is nothing short of remarkable. His background includes experience ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for October 27, 2013
“By Andy Sims   On a recent trip I was privileged to baptize five women off the ...”
Where You Live -- for October 27, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. Name something you’ve done lately for the very first time. How did ...”
Discipleship from the Old Testament to the New
“By Dr. Barry Thornton   One of Leonardo da Vinci’s works now hangs, in all its brilliance, ...”
Do You Want to Get Well?--John 5
“By David Faust   Crowds have personalities, just as individuals do. Excited crowds cheer at ballgames. Jovial ...”
The Disciple Jesus Loved
“By Javan Rowe   The apostle John has always intrigued me. We know much about Peter because ...”
The Blessing Passes to Jacob--The Uniform Lesson for October 27, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   Last week’s lesson concluded with Isaac becoming extremely prosperous (Genesis 26:13). He ...”
In the World -- October 20, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   Atheism Declining A new study claims that the world is more religious now than ...”
The People God Chooses
“By Shawn McMullen   God does significant work through insignificant people. The men Christ called to be ...”
"Come and See"--The Story of Philip
“By Joyce Long   Poison ivy makes me crazy. It itches. I scratch it. Then it spreads. ...”
What About the Leftovers?--John 6
“By David Faust   Do you like to eat leftovers? Some foods (homemade soup, for example) taste ...”
Where You Live -- for November 3, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. When you were young, did you ever want to be president of ...”
A Super Movie
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   Jane Curtin once ended a very old Saturday Night Live skit ...”
Simon Peter: Fisherman and Faithful Follower
“By Dr. Bill Patterson   “Go tell his disciples and Peter,” the angel said to the women ...”
'Disciple' Is a Verb
“By J. Michael Corley   Five crows sit on a fence. If one crow decides to fly ...”
God Prepares for Deliverance--The Uniform Lesson for November 3, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   In our study of Genesis we saw God appear to Abraham (Genesis ...”
Matthew: A Lesson in Security
“By Arlene Graber   Capernaum was a flurry of activity. The city, on the northern shore of ...”
In the World -- October 27, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   Taxpayers No Longer Funding Georgia Abortions The Georgia Department of Community Health voted to ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for November 3, 2013
“By Delvin R. Sweeney   “Does Jesus Care?” The words of the hymn speak to the question ...”
The People God Uses
“By Shawn McMullen   The crisis grew from a reasonable request (1 Samuel 25:1-35). Nabal of Carmel ...”
The Church Can Tackle Human Trafficking!
“By Tammy Darling   While I had been interested in the human trafficking problem and financially supported ...”
Scarlet Hope: Setting Captives Free
“By Shawn McMullen   Most of us think of human trafficking as the buying and selling of ...”
In the World -- November 3, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   Genders M, F, and . . . X? German government officials have added a ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for November 10, 2013
“By Delvin R. Sweeney   Some days are naturally memorable. Other days require special effort to make ...”
Trying to Do the Impossible--John 7:37-39
“By David Faust   Do you ever feel like you are attempting the impossible?  We serve a God ...”
Emily Hill and Stop Traffick Fashion: Using Unique Skills, Abilities, and Gifts to Fight Human Trafficking
“By Melissa Anne Wuske   Emily Hill first heard about human trafficking when she was 22. She ...”
Beginning of Passover--The Uniform Lesson for November 10, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   “The deliverance of Israel from the bondage of Egypt was at hand; ...”
Hope for the Hopeless
“By Laura L. Wood   The once-hidden problem of human trafficking has taken the limelight in recent ...”
Where You Live -- for November 10, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. Answer all three questions: What is your favorite meal of the day? What is ...”
Reclaiming America: Encouraging a Nation to Turn Toward God
“By Jamie Shafer   Alison Lorkowski says God prepared her for the journey she has been on ...”
Beyond the Nightly News: Venezuela
“By David Linn   When you hear about Venezuela in the news, what comes to mind? Maybe ...”
The End of the World
“By Tim Woodroof   Bedraggled men wear signs announcing it. Ministers with over-heated imaginations write novels visualizing it. ...”
Beginning of Freedom--The Uniform Lesson for November 17, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   Last week we reviewed the institution of the Passover meal when the ...”
Unleashed for the Unreached
“By Kelsey McMullen   As I drive through the streets of Louisville, Kentucky I see church buildings ...”
A Big World with Big Problems
“By Andy Rodriguez    What’s the biggest problem in the world today? The question was posed a few ...”
Where You Live -- for November 17, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. Give each group member a piece of paper and something to write ...”
Fulfilling the Commission
“By Shawn McMullen   Before he ascended into Heaven, Jesus said to his disciples, “But you will ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for November 17, 2013
“By Delvin R. Sweeney   If you grew up in a church youth group, you most likely ...”
“In the World -- November 10, 2013   By Christy Barritt   Majority of Americans Want the Bible in ...”
Believable Words, Significant Deeds--John 9
“By David Faust   The bantering boxer Muhammad Ali insisted, “It’s not bragging if you can back ...”
Beginning of the Tabernacle--The Uniform Lesson for November 24
“By Sam E. Stone   In the account of the building of the tabernacle, one refrain stands ...”
In the World -- November 17, 2013
“By Christy Barritt   Permits for Baptisms? This summer, the National Park Service began enforcing a policy in ...”
The Greatest Miracle
“By Shawn McMullen   If you like resurrection stories, the Bible is the book to read. Accounts ...”
The Grip of Death
“By Steven Clark Goad   “If someone dies, will they live again? All the days of my ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for November 24
“By Delvin R. Sweeney   When I was in grade school we broke ground on a new ...”
Dealing with the Death of a Friend--John 11
“By David Faust   Where can you find hope in times of grief? Just ask King David: ...”
When Your Wife Dies—Ten Coping Tips For Men
“By Victor Parachin   We were married 47 years when Grace died, leaving a huge hole in ...”
Out of the Shadow-Lands
“By Gary D. Robinson   One night, in a large house in Northern Ireland, a young boy lay ...”
Where You Live -- for November 24
“By Dan Lentz   1. When you open a package and its contents require some assembly, which ...”
Helping Kids Form a Biblical Worldview
“By Bev and Phil Haas Our church encourages parents to help their children develop a biblical ...”
The Lesson and Life -- for December 1, 2013
“By Tom Cash   “Christmas can’t come soon enough!” Have you heard this from others? Or, like ...”
Where You Live-- for December 1, 2013
“By Dan Lentz   1. What are you doing today that you did not expect to be ...”
The Angel Foretells Jesus’ Birth—The Uniform Lesson for December 1, 2013
“By Sam E. Stone   For the next two months our lessons are taken from Luke’s Gospel, ...”
C. S. Lewis’s Enduring Legacy
“By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   This month marks the 50th anniversary of the death of C. ...”
In the World -- November 24, 2013
“By Christy Barritt