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  1. Judith Kempf January 3, 2016 Reply

    Please include the scriptures in the text of the weekly Sunday School Lesson as in the past. Since there are so many different translations used by class members, it was very difficult to follow as individual passages were read from participant's Bibles today. Respectfully submitted.

  2. William Cox January 25, 2016 Reply

    I absolutely agree with Judith Kempf. I am now having to print copies for our members from an internet Bible so we can read them together.

  3. Kim Murray January 31, 2016 Reply

    I am very disappointed that the scripture has been removed from the lesson. It is very hard to follow now. So many people pick these papers up to read, that don't have a Bible. Please add it back!

  4. Kelly Carr February 15, 2016 Reply

    To those of you who have commented above: Thank you so much for sharing with The Lookout how beneficial the weekly printed Scripture is to your lesson study. Because many readers told us how much they value and miss the printed Scripture, we are bringing it back as soon as possible. Because of our production schedule, the first three months of The Lookout have already been printed. But we plan to bring the printed Scripture back in April. Please look for it then. We appreciate you bearing with us as we iron out these changes. Sincerely, Kelly Carr Editor, The Lookout

  5. Max R. Hickerson July 24, 2016 Reply

    Kelly, so glad to know of your ministry with Steve !! Sheryl, since I preached at Clovernook-1960-1978, I know many friends at Christ 's Church. You all are doing a great work for God. Is Wendell Dunn still an elder ? I wrote an artlcle recently- 8 more words for 2016. They are - Aim High,Work hard,Serve well,Love much. Would these fit somewhere in 2016 or 2017 ? Still accepting $ articles for Nov.26 and Dec.3? A resume of Cameron's book on ABC's of Money--just a suggestion. Please tell Mark that I said hello !! May God continue to bless you all and your ministry. MRH

  6. Rhonda Wiese January 9, 2017 Reply

    Our church is using the Lookout Bible Reading plan 2017. They didn't announce this until Sunday. They are suggesting we read the week of January 8th this week. Can I somehow adjust the plan to start with those readings, and do the catch up week on my own. It would be so much more easily read, if you could tell me how to do that, as opposed to the plan starting me automatically at day ones readings. Thanks for any help you can provide. Rhonda Wiese

  7. Rick Willis March 21, 2017 Reply

    The Sanctuary Movement of In the World for March 26 expressed a sentiment I couldn't agree with. Yes, we should do all we can to minister to immigrants, but that doesn't mean the government shouldn't do their job of ensuring people go through the documentation process. If the immigrant refuses, they are the ones tearing families apart, not the government.

  8. Lee Williford August 16, 2018 Reply

    I am unable to locate lesson information for August 19, 2018. Lesson 33 comes up with the information for August 26.

    • sheryl August 17, 2018 Reply

      While we’ve been promoting and explaining this change since June in The Lookout, we realize some may have not read the articles we’ve published. Starting Sunday, August 19, The Lookout’s weekly Bible studies will be based on our own unique scope and sequence, reflecting our commitment to the inspired, inerrant, and infallible Word of God. This new plan will guide students through a systematic, six-year study of God’s Word with commentary, application, and questions for personal reflection and group discussion. We hope this new Bible study approach will be a blessing to students and teachers alike. To introduce as many as possible to our new format we’re making the first four weekly editions available free of charge. The apostle Paul reminded us, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:16, 17). Our prayer is that God will use this new format to equip many students and bless many congregations.

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