Week 27 Character | Living Blamelessly

In my late twenties I became hungry for truth. Not just the world’s idea of truth, but God’s. I dug deep into Scriptures and soaked up verses that taught me about God’s loving character, Jesus’ sacrifice, and my identity in Christ. I absorbed so much biblical truth that my eyes were opened to a whole […]


Week 26 Character | Taking It Personally

Could the rumors be true? The Jerusalem church sent Barnabas to investigate what was happening in Antioch. Only a few brave disciples obeyed Jesus’ command (Acts 1:8) to go beyond Jerusalem, beyond the Jews, beyond their prejudice and comfort. These courageous men from Cyprus and Cyrene shared the good news with the Greeks and it […]


Week 25 Character | The Kind Christian

Have you ever been the recipient of kindness with no strings attached, leaving you feeling extremely grateful? I certainly have but wonder if those moments could be more prevalent today and question how often I really extend that type of blessing toward others. Paul wrote about the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22, 23. […]