Living a Life Unleashed for God

by Karen O’Conner “Grammy, want to hear me play the Charlie Brown tune?” I nodded. “Of course.” My seven-year-old grandson Miles is taking piano lessons and he is passionate about it. No embarrassment about being a beginner and no reluctance about performing. He slid onto the piano bench in his living room and tapped just […]


Pursuing the Passions of Christ

by T.R. Robertson I never liked tea much. I still don’t. Iced tea could be found in our refrigerator every summer when I was growing up, but while the rest of my family sipped their brisk glasses of tea, I went for the lemonade. The girl I married likes tea. She prefers the hot variety. […]


Living in a Whatever World

by Alan Dowd We hear it all the time in our self-absorbed, apathetic, detached world: “Whatever!” Teenagers say it, with a melodramatic roll of the eyes, to their parents. Parents say it, with a weary wave of the hands, to their kids. At its best, it’s a verbal way of shrugging the shoulders. But at […]


The Ministry of Mentoring

by Dr. Bill Patterson Dan’s* eyes moistened as he talked about his conversion. “When I grew up, we were poor. Mom and Dad both worked. It seemed no one had time for children from my neighborhood. However, a leader in our church taught our mission group. Doug Smith* really cared. I could see it in […]