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Week 04 Study | A Strong Faith

Reading Daniel 7-12 is somewhat like reading Jonah 3, 4. We rarely do it. These are often neglected chapters because they are difficult chapters. But they contain important content for both comings of Christ. Daniel would need a strong faith to receive these teachings. This text might be appreciated more thematically if we move backwards […]


Week 04 Study Questions

Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. List some occult practices people might use to try to get a glimpse of the future (examples include horoscopes, psychics, and palmistry). When people pay for such readings, they are usually told positive things, or at least things within their control. Why do […]

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Week 04 Mission | Make Disciples . . . Me?

Its history is far reaching. Some call it a “primordial condiment,” available to humankind from the beginning. An interesting fact about salt–when it is released from its container and it finds moisture of any kind, it always influences the environment in which it is found. When sprinkled on our roast beef and mashed potatoes, it […]