Week 50
Study Questions

Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. What comes to mind when you think of these words: overhaul, makeover, restoration? Give an example of things that have gone through one or more of those radical changes. 2. When have you said, “It’s just too small for me anymore” or “It […]


Week 50
Mission |
Christmas Witness

Can you feel it? Can you sense it? Stores are bustling with shoppers hunting down that special gift, radio stations are playing non-stop holiday music from years gone by, and trees with bright lights and beautiful ornaments are glowing in homes across America. Without a doubt, the Christmas season is here.  I enjoy this time […]


Week 50
Character |
A Tale of Two Boys

Two boys were born in the same hospital 10 months apart, their early lives tragically similar, yet they turned out differently. What made the difference?  Charlie’s Story When Kathleen, 16 and unmarried, gave birth to him November 12, 1934, he was listed as “no name Maddox.” The place: Cincinnati General Hospital.  She married soon, but […]


Week 50
Daily Reading

MONDAY Reading for Today: John 16:25-33 Revelation 6 Job 31:24-40 Amos 3–4 John 16:25-33 Loneliness is a liar. It can cause our thoughts to veer into dangerous territory. It tells us God is no longer with us. It tells us we have no one to lean upon. It whispers that just as our friends have […]


Week 49 Study |
Whole Truth

The basis for discerning the whole truth of a matter is assessing “testimony.” Geologists look at the testimony of rocks. Paleontologists look at the testimony of bones. Astronomers look at the testimony of stars. Mathematicians look at the testimony of numbers. Inspired Bible writers looked at the testimony of God’s mighty acts in history.  In […]