Week 02
Daily Reading

MONDAY Reading for Today: Matthew 4:1-11 Acts 4:23-37 Psalm 7 Genesis 18–20 Psalm 7 Have you ever been accused of something you didn’t do? Managing our emotions during such times of injustice can be challenging. In this Psalm, David appears to have been falsely accused and he immediately pled his case before the Lord, asking […]


The Word of God to All Nations

Perhaps you’ve noticed something different about this issue of The Lookout. I’m referring to the size of the publication, of course. When we relaunched The Lookout last year, we chose to publish it in a size comparable to the size of a standard Bible. That change has served its purpose well. However, in our ongoing […]


Making God Smile

Ephesians 5:10 is one of those Bible verses that is not even a complete sentence: “and find out what pleases the Lord.” That’s the entire verse, but what a powerful challenge and noble calling!  Similar language in other translations (New American Standard Bible, English Standard Version) implies that it is to be an ongoing search […]


Issue 01 | 2019

Take a look at the brand new FREE digital magazine! Flip through the pages! Download and open it on your mobile device to write notes and interact! Click the verses to read them online! We want The Lookout to be even more user-friendly than it’s ever been before – AND now it’s FREE! This new digital […]