Week 51 Study |
Light Has Dawned

People speak unscientifically about sunrise—technically the sun does not rise. But the sun does “rise” at first very incrementally. Then, almost before it can be observed totally, the sun is “up” and light floods the landscape. Maybe Isaiah thought about a sunrise as he predicted the coming of the Messiah in our text today.  Predictive […]

Week 51 Character |
Who Is Jesus?

Have you ever thought about why there’s so much glitter at Christmas? Why the thousands of watts of lights?  Little children color rainbows with as many crayons as they have in their box to approximate the innumerable colors they see in the sky (of course there are far more than seven.) At Christmastime we who […]

Week 50 Study |

The first Christmas was scary. It troubled Mary (Luke 1:29). It took a dream from God to convince Joseph that God was behind it (Matthew 1:20). And the shepherds were all but undone by it (Luke 2:8, 9). Somewhere deep down in ourselves we realize that we do not deserve this divine visitation. King Ahaz […]