Week 15
Study Questions

Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. If you were to find the proverbial magic lamp and were granted three wishes, what would they be? Were any of your wishes related to safety/security? How about desires/appetites? Did any relate to deeper understanding/relationships? 2. Give yourself one minute to make two […]


Week 15 Application |
Dying To . . .

Death isn’t a joking matter, but the word dying has found its way into our vocabulary as a common form of exaggeration. Do you ever say, “I’m dying to get home and take a hot shower”? Maybe you’re feeling weary at work, so you exclaim, “I’m dying to take a vacation,” or “If the boss […]


Week 15 Mission |
Not Your Typical Miracle

Who is not fascinated by the miracles recorded in the Bible? Much like the crowds who followed after Jesus, these extraordinary signs create wonder and amazement in us as well. They are one of the distinguishing hallmarks that set the biblical record apart from all other writings, ancient or modern. Biblical miracles had a specific […]


Week 15 Character |
The Triumphal Entry

For three years, Jesus had taught his disciples incredible truths. Dispelling falsehoods found in the manufactured faith of the religious elite in Jerusalem, Jesus instructed his chosen men in the matters they would take to others after his death. Now, this hour—the hour of his death—had drawn near. With all the determination of a Hebrew […]