Where you Live—Questions and Activities for Small Groups for September 20, 2015

By Michael C. Mack When is civil disobedience acceptable and appropriate?  Read Acts 5:27-29, 33-42.  There are two groups in this passage: the apostles and the Sanhedrin members. Match each group with the appropriate emotional response: blaming boldness, defiance, fury, joy, resentment, jealousy (also see v. 17). What do each group’s emotional responses tell you […]


A Strange Sort of Joy–Acts 5:29-42

By David Faust   A medical school student preparing to become a doctor refuses to receive training about how to perform abortions. As a result, he gets a lower grade in the class—the only time he earns anything less than an A. A young woman falls in love with a handsome boyfriend who says all […]