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Evaluation Questions for August 13, 2017

By David Faust These questions coordinate with Engage Your Faith and This Week with the Word. Sunday School Lesson Text Acts 8:26-39 1. With whose story do you personally relate more—Philip or the Ethiopian? Why? 2. Why do you think the Lord called Philip to leave a fruitful ministry in a Samaritan city and travel […]


Why Shouldn’t I?–Acts 8:36

By David Faust   We don’t know the name of the chariot-rider who rolls across the scene in Acts chapter 8, but we know a lot about him:  • He was a prominent government leader, presumably well-off and well-educated, “an important official in charge of all the treasury” for the queen of Ethiopia (Acts 8:27).  • He […]


Where You Live — for October 21, 2012

By Dan Lentz   1. Distribute pieces of paper and ask group members to list as many organized professional, club, sport, and group activities they can think of that they have participated in during their lifetime (some examples are band, 4-H, labor union, sports team, Rotary club, ladies Bible study, PTO, and so on). When […]