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Loving My Suburban Neighbors

By Amy Simon Like many other Americans, our family lives in a middle class suburb. Everyone has their own lawn, pools abound, and most families have two cars. Sharing our faith is extremely difficult—not because we’re persecuted as if we were in a Muslim or Communist country. We’re completely free to share our faith without […]

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Guard Your Yard

By Amy Simon    I grew up watching the consequences of unhealthy boundaries in my family. I’ve had my own boundary issues, along the lines of trying to please everyone and not saying no when I need to. That has its own consequences of feeling overwhelmed, used, and walked over.  Have you ever felt like […]

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Building Marriages That Last

By Amy Simon   Marriages fail every day. Christian and non-Christian couples struggle to keep their commitments to stay together until separated by death. Dysfunctional and broken marriages cause untold heartache not only for the adults involved, but also for children.  Christians know the institution of marriage is ordained by God (Genesis 2:24) and “should […]

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Building From Scratch

By Amy Simon   My husband builds model ships as a hobby. Usually he starts with a kit that contains all the necessary pieces; he just has to put them all together.  Recently he tried to build a model from scratch, with no kit to work from. There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach. […]