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Drop Your Jar and Set Others Free

By Anne Wilson As a ’90s kid, there were only a few singers most blonde, blue-eyed girls dreamed of becoming—and at the very top of my list was Celine Dion. I ran all around my house pretending to be her sidekick; I knew every word and music video cue. No matter what I was doing, […]

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Beginning the Journey into Parenthood

By Anne Wilson I had a conversation with myself this morning, and it went like this: “My son’s 20-month appointment is coming up. I should probably research what vaccines he’s going to get, but I’m seeing Jayla today and I need to remember not to talk about it because she is very offended about vaccines.  […]

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An Athlete on Purpose

By Anne Wilson After his failed Olympic hockey tryout in 1982, Paul Kobylarz found himself coming face-to-face with his limitations and searching for his identity all over again. “It was the worst and best year of my life,” Paul says. “The better I performed, the more I liked myself. My self-worth depended on my performance. […]

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Staying Put

By Anne Wilson   At some point in our journey of faith, many of us lie awake at night, wondering if we’re doing what God has called us to do. Sometimes those late-night conversations lead to questions like, “God, is this what you want me to be doing? Is this where you want me to […]