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Victory Is Ours

By Bob Stacy   “I wish I could experience the Christian life as others do.” “Why can’t I get excited about living for Jesus?” “I pray that someday I’ll have the joy that I see in others.” “Jesus promised abundant life, but I don’t feel like I’m living an abundant life.” I’ve heard statements like these […]

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An Upper Room Experience

By Bob Stacy   Have you ever wondered about the last night Jesus spent with his disciples before he was crucified? He spent nearly three years with them night and day. He walked with them on the dusty roads of the countryside. He preached to the multitudes as his disciples stood aside and listened, too. […]

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Pictures in My Heart

By Bob Stacy   How thankful I am for the memories of people who have touched my life. To forget them would leave a deep, dark chasm in my story. I would be poorer because of it. Through the 78 years God has given me, thousands upon thousands of people have left their imprint upon […]

The Lesson and Life for November 27

By Bob Stacy   I’ve never heard a bird wonder about tomorrow’s food. I have yet to see a flower pace back and forth wondering if there’d be enough money to buy clothes for the upcoming social event.  And yet we toss and turn. We lie awake. We give worry permission to keep us from […]