The Lesson and Life–November 13, 2011

By Bob Stacy   “Mommy won’t love you if you do that.” “I’ll love you if you love me and do what you ought to do.” Perhaps you’ve heard such statements. Or perhaps you’ve made such statements. In each case, the kind of love spoken of is not the love God desires that we have […]

The Lesson and Life for November 6

By Bob Stacy   I remember well the day. My stomach churned and my heart seemed to do cartwheels. I had heard that something I’d said in the previous day’s sermon had really upset her. And she was not only a member of the church, she was a friend.   What Should I Do? “What should I […]

The Lesson and Life for October 30

By Bob Stacy  I sat alone on a camp bench thinking about the sermon I would preach that evening. An hour before I had spoken to the youth about the joy of the life of Christ. As I sat there deep in thought, one of the campers approached me and said, “Smile, Mr. Stacy. That’s […]