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In the Pit

By Brian Jennings A friend of ours is experiencing a family meltdown. It’s sad to watch. We feel frozen, unsure of what to do. We’ve encouraged her to seek professional help (her family is unwilling), but things have only eroded. Any other advice? Thanks for caring about your friend in a crisis. I’m sorry to […]

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By Brian Jennings How can I encourage people who are dealing with disadvantages? Pete’s legs aren’t shaped right. He has to wear clunky braces on them, walking is laborious, and he has a tough time making friends. It seems like the deck is stacked against him. He’s an underdog. School has never come easy for […]

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The Secret of Finding Friends

By Brian Jennings How do I find friends? This month’s question was asked by a fifth grader. She’s moved to a new neighborhood and new school this year. She wants to know how she’ll make new friends. This same question is on the minds of many adults too. And tragically, some adults have forgotten they […]

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Your Life Counts

By Brian Jennings How do I move beyond feeling like my life doesn’t count for much? You are not alone in wondering about the significance of your life. Maybe you think about it all day long, but it’s probably more apt to settle on your mind during quiet moments. Even when we’ve moved to a […]