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Making the Most of Your Age and Stage

By Brian Jennings My life is panning out differently than I expected. How should I react to the place I’m in right now? Her shoulders slumped from the weight of her bags and grief. The moment she knocked on our door was the moment Raynisha Robinson (Ray Ray) morphed from friend and youth group kid […]

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Helping Kids Overcome

By Brian Jennings What should I do when I suspect something is wrong with a child? When my youngest daughter told us she had a headache, cough, and runny nose, we figured she’d caught the cold that was going around. But when we saw her bouncing on a toy and showing no signs of illness, […]

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Rite of Passage

By Brian Jennings What is a rite of passage ceremony and how can we use it to shape boys and girls into godly men and women? As a parent, I’ve swung and missed often. But I’d like to share what I consider a parenting homerun—one that a team of friends and family helped me hit. […]

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Making Room for Play

By Brian Jennings What role does playfulness have in the kingdom of God? The role of play in the life of a Christian is often overlooked and not discussed, but the truth is that healthy playfulness has a huge role in the kingdom of God. Yes, sometimes play can distract from learning. Yes, sometimes play […]