Three books on angels

By Dr. Charlie W. Starr    I seldom read New York Times best sellers. I’m “trendy” when it comes to movies, but not so much with books. I’m even less likely to read a book with religious themes that’s been approved by the New York Times. Books like that usually have as much value as […]

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Refreshing One Another

By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   What makes the hard times tolerable? I don’t mean the heartbreaking trials nothing can make good. I’m talking about those more than mild but less than terrible times we constantly face: things like receptions, yard work, and committees.  One thing makes such times bearable: refreshments! Meetings at work are […]

Once upon a prison

By Dr. Charlie W. Starr    The surprise hit of the 2011-12 television season was Sunday night’s Once Upon a Time. It is literally half fantasy and half realistic mystery because it takes place in two worlds: a fantasyland where all our favorite storybook characters live and a town in Maine where those characters have […]

What we can learn from mythology

Dr. Charlie W. Starr    Among our favorite stories are some we call “mythological.” Our culture is currently fascinated with new myths about werewolves and vampires (Twilight), and with classical myths about ancient Western gods (Clash of the Titans, Thor, Immortals). Five Percy Jackson and the Olympians books followed by two spinoff series are currently […]

A year of Christian-themed films

By Dr. Charlie W. Starr    While spending last year writing a series on the purpose of art for The Lookout, I missed opportunities to talk about several movies, especially those featuring Christian themes. I’ve said before that the trend took off with The Passion of the Christ, and I’m happy to see that it […]