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Fostering Dialogue Between Science and Religion

By Cheri Lynn Cowell As my neighbor and I walked around the neighborhood, she shared how her fourth grader was struggling with his teacher over the creation/evolution debate. Her son started strong, but as the weeks passed she’d watched helplessly as his faith in what he believed was challenged.  “How can I encourage my son […]

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Called to Be Like God

By Cheri Lynn Cowell   The news traveled fast. “Did you hear? John answered the call.” In our family that could only mean one of two things. Either he joined the military or answered the call into the ministry.  As I grew older the church shifted my view of calling to include other full-time Christian […]

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Do You Know the Holy Spirit?

By Cheri Lynn Cowell   Most of us can give a long list of the things we know about God, and maybe an even longer list of what we know about Jesus. But the list grows short when it comes to the third person of the Trinity. Outside of seminaries, we rarely teach about the […]

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Getting to the Heart Wisdom

By Cheri Lynn Cowell   My heart sank. I bit my bottom lip and shook my head in disbelief as I read the letter. My good friend was on the phone weeping over the accusations another friend of ours had leveled in the two-page indictment I was reading. I knew that a third person—a person […]

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The Art of Biblical Meditation

By Cheri Lynn Cowell   Say the word meditation to many Christians, and images of cross-legged yoga students in sweatpants or tie-dyed hippies with crystals and incense appear. Sadly, like many of our beloved Christian symbols and practices, the practice of meditation enjoyed by the church through the ages has its share of artificial counterparts.  […]