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For Goodness’ Sake

By Cheri Lynn Cowell   Just what do we mean when we say something is good? We tend to throw that word around with little thought. When we call something good we could be making a moral judgment, such as when someone performs a good deed. We could also be talking about choosing good over […]

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Reaching the Younger Generation with the Gospel

By Cheri Lynn Cowell   Recent national surveys by the Barna Group have determined the three most common perceptions of Christians today are anti-homosexual (an image held by 91 percent of young non-Christians), judgmental (87 percent), and hypocritical (85 percent).  In their seminal book, UnChristian (Baker, 2007), a summary of their three-year study of how […]

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Mind Worship

By Cheri Lynn Cowell   Intellectual and snob were companion words in my childhood home. When someone displayed intellectual acuity, whether haughtily or not, they were considered snobs, “and everyone knows a good little Christian girl does not want to be seen as a snob.” I was told these know-it-alls were simply trying to make […]

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The Supremacy of Love

By Cheri Lynn Cowell   If a billboard that read “School of Love” were erected on your church’s lawn, what changes would need to be made to fulfill this mission? Does the community surrounding your church identify it as the place where one learns how to really love? First Corinthians 13 is known as the […]