Divine Dialogue

By Vicki Edwards   Through prayer we have the amazing privilege of speaking with the Author of Life, the Creator of the Cosmos, the Designer of DNA. We were not created to live independently from God, but to live in complete dependence and in constant communion with him. Honesty Before God I have spent much […]


The Privilege of Prayer

By Sandy Quandt Prayer is a privilege. We should not take it lightly, nor should we neglect it. Prayer is a tool. It is used to take our praises, requests, thanksgiving, and repentance before the throne of God. Prayer is a lifestyle. It should become as natural to us as breathing. Prayer Is a Privilege […]


Love and Holiness

by Ian Stamps Have you ever known someone you would do anything for—someone you wanted to receive your very best because he or she had given you the very best? During my college years I had the honor of learning from Rick Chromey, who then served as the head of the education department at St. […]


Separate from the Pack

by Javan Rowe Moses saw the flames from a distance. The bush was burning but it was not consumed. His curiosity gave way to fear when he heard the voice of God saying, “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground” (Exodus 3:5). Moses knew then that he was […]