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Where You Live for January 1

by Dan Lentz 1. Have you ever had to suffer for doing the right thing? (Some examples are: you received a lower grade when you could have easily cheated, you turned down a promotion that would have taken you away from your family, you seemingly weakened a relationship for speaking the truth in love.) Talk […]

History at the crossroads

Another Look by David Faust We stand at a crossroads every day. Each sunrise confronts us anew with Joshua’s challenge: “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve” (Joshua 24:15). If you doubt the importance of personal choices, turn back the pages of the calendar and notice how decisions made in the past still […]

The purpose of art part 13: in retrospect

Christians and Culture by Dr. Charlie W. Starr In my previous 12 columns I’ve taken us through a solid primer on how Christians should approach the arts. If you missed an issue, you can find it at, or on my website ( I’m concluding the series with a review of some of the important […]

The Lesson and Life for January 1

by Matt Thompson How easy is it to allow your “yes to be yes” in your walk with Christ? Have you ever heard others say they will do whatever it takes to move up in life, even if it means veering from the right path? In my first job after college, I heard coworkers lie […]