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In the World — June 3, 2012

By Christy Barritt   Bus Ad from Atheist Group Rejected A request by an atheist group to place banner advertisements promoting atheism on city buses in the county of Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, has been rejected. The group is now arguing that its rights to freedom of speech are being denied. The NEPA Freethought Society wanted to […]

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In the World — May 27, 2012

By Christy Barritt   Wrongful Birth Lawsuit in Favor of Parents An Oregon couple was recently awarded $2.9 million in a “wrongful birth” lawsuit. The Portland couple claimed they would have aborted their Down syndrome baby if doctors had not been “negligent” in their prenatal care. The couple argued that they continued their pregnancy based on […]

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In the World — May 20, 2012

By Christy Barritt   Medical Journal Promotes “After-Birth Abortion” Two academics who published an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics believe that if abortion is legal, then terminating the life of a newborn baby should also be. They argued that newborn babies are “morally irrelevant” and ending their lives is no different than abortion. […]

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In the World — May 13, 2012

Public Divided Over Birth Control Insurance Mandate A national survey found that, of the Americans who are aware of the controversy over a proposed federal rule requiring employers to provide coverage for birth control as part of their health care plans, 48 percent of them supported an exemption while 44 percent said religiously-affiliated institutions should […]

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In the World–March 11, 2012

By Christy Barritt   Kindness and Social Networking Sixty-nine percent of American teens who use social networking sites like Facebook say their peers are mostly kind to one another while online. This is according to a new study by Pew Research Center. Eighty-eight percent of teens said they have witnessed people being mean and cruel […]