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In The World—March 1, 2015

By Christy Barritt   Man Looks for Stranger with Ex-Girlfriend’s Name A Canadian man will go on a world trip with a stranger bearing the same name as his ex-girlfriend. Jordan Axani, 28, had booked the trip of a lifetime with his then girlfriend, Elizabeth Gallagher, back in May of 2014. When the two broke […]

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In The World—February 22, 2015

By Christy Barritt Poll: Americans Support Gun Rights More than Gun Control  For the first time in decades, more Americans support gun rights than they support gun control. Furthermore, the majority of Americans believe gun ownership makes an individual safer. According to a new poll from Pew Research, 52 percent of Americans currently say it’s […]

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In The World—February 8, 2015

By Christy Barritt Loneliness Is a Disease A new study suggests that loneliness isn’t a symptom of a greater problem, but that loneliness itself is a disease. Loneliness expert John Cacioppo, who’s known as a pioneer in the field of social neuroscience, coauthored the study. His new research shows that the lonely brain is structurally […]

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In The World—February 1, 2015

By Christy Barritt Characteristics of Genuinely Friendly Churches Thom Rainer, President of LifeWay Christian Resources, analyzed data on what he calls GFCs or Genuinely Friendly Churches. He measured the Guest Return Rate of churches for his study. Rainer found that GFCs have a Guest Return Rate that’s six times greater than other churches, but only […]

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In The World—January 25, 2015

By Christy Barritt 5.8 Billion People Have Access to Bible  According to Wycliffe Bible Translators USA, an estimated 5.8 billion people now have all or some of the Holy Bible translated into their language. They also reported that the Bible is now in more than 2,800 different languages. Bob Creson, president and CEO of Wycliffe, […]