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Contemplating God

By David Timms   To contemplate God—to think deeply about his nature, his character, and his Word—may feel as familiar to most of us as nuclear physics. Of course, it’s not rocket science, but neither does it usually factor into our everyday experience. In the hustle and bustle of our lives, contemplation sounds like a […]

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Christ Under and On the Tree

By David Timms     Historians usually conclude that our Christmas tree tradition began when devout Christians in Germany first brought decorated trees into their homes in the 1500s. But in Australia in the 1970s, our family hadn’t quite caught on.  For some years, when I was a child, we simply placed our gifts under […]

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Ministering Angels Today

By David Timms   Angels have hit the big-time in the past few decades—not spiritually speaking, but in terms of television, movies, websites, gift cards, and trinkets. According to a 1993 Gallup Poll, 73 percent of Americans said they believed in angels. A year later, the Wall Street Journal ran a front-page story titled, “Long […]

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Created to Rule and to Reign

By David Timms   When 2-year-old Sally threw a tantrum in the middle of the store, her mother smiled rather weakly at the other shoppers. We’ve all seen (or shown) that awkward look of helplessness mixed with embarrassment. The young daughter saw a toy she wanted but her mom said, “No.” The histrionics that followed […]

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Choosing Your Hill

By David Timms   Churches divide over the craziest things.  One congregation split over new seating arrangements in their building. Another congregation fought over whether the Communion table should be front-and-center or placed to one side of the platform. Some dear saints have demanded preferential treatment in the parking lot, while others grumble because their […]