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Colts, Palm Branches, and Pieces of Silver

By David Timms   Confusion marked that first Palm Sunday. To the casual observer, it looked fairly straightforward. Jesus, the renowned teacher from about 70 miles to the north, was riding into Jerusalem on a colt—a young horse. According to Luke’s account of the event (Luke 19:29-40), Jesus’ disciples lined the road ahead of him […]


Living in Goodness, Truth, and Love: Third John

By David Timms   Of all the New Testament documents—27 total—John’s third letter is the shortest. Comprising 219 words in the original Greek, it fills just one page. It doesn’t mention Christ, faith, salvation, sin, or the second coming. It’s not a sermon, nor a doctrinal defense against heresy. It contains no intricate theology. Instead, […]


The Power of Blessing

By David Timms   Words matter. What others say to us can inspire or crush us. What we say to others can have a similar impact. We all remember the labels people gave us when we were young, especially the hurtful labels. Based on considerable research, Dr. John Gottman of the University of Washington has […]