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Depression: A Family Illness

By Gillian Marchenko A few years ago, I gave up on life. It’s hard to admit as a mom and as a Christian, but it is true. At the end of 2011 and into 2012, I stopped functioning. I found myself in bed with a debilitating depression, wrecked with pain and constantly battling with suicidal […]


Depression’s Causes and Cures

By Kathleen A. Barr   My spirit rejoices in God my Savior (Luke 1:47). We’ll call her “Grandma Joy.” She was enthusiastic, caring, vibrant, and gracious. She loved the Lord and demonstrated her love for him in many ways. Concerned and compassionate, she attracted people like a magnet.  I was surprised when, one day, Joy […]

Is depression good for the soul?

By Shawn McMullen The title of the BBC News Magazine article caught my attention: “Is depression good for you?” The author noted, “A leading psychiatrist says that depression is not a human defect at all, but a defense mechanism that in its mild and moderate forms can force a healthy reassessment of personal circumstances.” Depression […]


Overcoming the Holiday Blues

by Kayleen Reusser My dad died August 25, 2005, the result of an unsuccessful surgery to repair an enlarged aortic aneurysm. Without the surgery the aneurysm could have burst, killing him at any time. The months following his death were a blur. I worked in a college library and had to immediately return to work […]