What Should We Make of the Resurrection?

By Donald S. Tingle   I wasn’t there 2,000 years ago when Jesus’ followers claimed he rose from the dead. What should I make of the story?  At first glance it seems preposterous—even impossible—that someone could rise from the dead, never to die again. And yet followers of Christ throughout the world claim that is […]


Astounding affirmations

By Shawn McMullen   I’m thankful for the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. His sacrifice makes forgiveness possible. His resurrection makes Heaven attainable. I’m also fascinated by the unmistakably supernatural events that surrounded Jesus’ death and resurrection—a series of events that authenticated Christ’s finished work on the cross, astounded eyewitnesses, and continue to amaze […]


Christ’s Resurrection Gives Us Hope

By H. Lynn Gardner    Our 34-year-old son died in a truck accident in 1999. Four months later, tests revealed I had a terminal lung disease. A few years later my wife learned she had breast cancer. Such events test one’s faith and hope.  Facing death makes one think seriously about the meaning of life […]


Living in the Light of Christ’s Return

By Victor Knowles   The Mayans were wrong, dead wrong. I’m writing this article three days before December 21, 2012, the day the world is supposed to come to an end—according to the Mayan calendar. To be sure, the world as we know it will come to a fiery end some day (2 Peter 3:10). […]

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Raised in Glory

By Flora Reigada   When African-American scientist and man of faith George Washington Carver asked God to tell him the mysteries of the universe, he believed God replied by saying that such knowledge is for him alone. Carver then asked God to tell him the mysteries of the peanut. The hundreds of products Carver went […]