Global Evangelism

New Strategies in Global Evangelism

by Greg Swinney When Jesus spoke with his disciples following the resurrection he sandwiched three words in the middle of his final challenge. They may seem daunting and overwhelming, and for some the three words sound like the theme song from Mission Impossible. We tend to quickly pass over the three words: “Of all nations.” […]

Confesions of a Nosy Neighbor

Confessions of a Nosy Neighbor

by Joy Crichton When we returned home after 10 years as missionaries to South Africa, my husband and I longed to reach our neighbors for Christ. Daily we drove by the 40 houses in our neighborhood and knew what we needed to do first: We needed to make friends. We’d been teenagers in the 80s […]


Making the Truth Visible

by Karen Wingate A Chinese church leader once met with some American businessmen. “How do you share Christ in your workplace?” he asked one man. “We couldn’t do that!” came the horrified answer. “We would get fired.” The Chinese man quietly asked, “And the problem with that is . . . ?” Every Christian’s primary […]