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Learning to Let Go

By Evelyn Eng I didn’t notice when it happened, but I had become my Asian parents. I struggled deeply with learning how to let go. Asian parents want their children to always remain children. I needed to teach my parents how to let me go and to learn how to serve them in their old […]

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40 Days of Thankfulness

By Evelyn Eng My friend’s Facebook post caught my attention. She wanted to stop complaining and challenged her friends: “Who wants to join me?” “How long?” I asked. She only meant for the day, but I told her it takes 40 days to make a habit, and thus the challenge began for us both. “You’re […]

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Choosing to Believe: My Grief Journey

By Evelyn Eng   “Why not me? Love me.”  In My Best Friend’s Wedding, Julia Roberts plays Julianne, whose longtime best friend, Michael, is getting married to someone else. She does everything she can think of to get him to love her and change his mind. Just before he is to be married, Julianne asks […]