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Forgiveness: An Act of Love

By Charles Gerber Why is it so difficult to forgive someone? We are supposed to forgive. This is God’s plan. The truth is that forgiveness is a very difficult process, but also a very healthy one. Forgiveness and love are the best two witnesses of Christianity.  Jesus taught us to pray for God to forgive […]

The essential substitute

By David Faust    It’s all right with me when the restaurant’s menu says “no substitutions.” Usually the chef’s recipe is fine the way it is. Anyway, substitutes seldom equal what they replace. Stand-ins command little respect. We call them bench-warmers, understudies, back-ups, second-fiddles. Schoolchildren try to get away with more mischief and do less […]

More than one way to forgive

The Editor’s Desk By Shawn McMullen Saul was not a perfect ruler. It didn’t take him long to succumb to arrogance, jealousy, and anger. Still, he did a few things right in his early days as Israel’s first king. He displayed an admirable humility when the prophet Samuel anointed him (1 Samuel 9:21). And he […]

Release Your Burden

Release Your Burden

by Peggy Park Anthony rode on a long train trip through Eastern Europe. He clutched a heavy bag on his lap throughout the journey. Upon disembarking the conductor inquired, “Why didn’t you put that bag down?” “I didn’t know there was a place to put it,” Anthony replied. Sometimes even Christians forget to put down […]

Playing Games With God

Playing Games with God

by Bob Hostetler Despite how we act or how much we hope, it is impossible to outwit God. Two men leaned over a kitchen table one Saturday afternoon playing Scrabble®. It was mid-December 1979 and, so the story goes, one of them wondered aloud, “Think how many Scrabble games have been sold.” The other added, […]