Anxiety about the future

Home Life by Bev and Phil Haas My young son seems very sensitive about world events and has begun to personalize them. Now he worries that something disastrous is going to happen to us. What can I do to reassure him? Like adults, children have all sorts of strong feelings about what is happening around […]


As It Was . . . So It Will Be

by Victor Knowles When was the last time you thought seriously about the return of Christ and the final judgment? Often we get so caught up in daily living we seldom think about end-time events. When I was 12 years old we had a “morning watch” at Christian Service Camp. Before breakfast we would scatter […]


God Holds the Future

by Eva Juliuson Our imaginations can run wild when it comes to what the future holds. We worry about it; dread it; plan for it. We can become obsessed with it. People flock to horoscopes and fortune tellers to determine how many children they might have, or what position they will achieve. Movies taunt us […]


The Church and the Future

by Terry MacCabe Today’s church must understand the times we live in and know how to prepare for upcoming challenges. Weíre told in 1 Chronicles 12:32 that the men of the tribe of Issachar had such insight. Itís difficult enough to understand the present, but as we begin a new decade the church not only […]